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Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Jun 20, 1:26 PM
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Clione no Akari
Clione no Akari
Jun 17, 1:30 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Jun 17, 1:23 PM
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Boku wa Mari no Naka
Boku wa Mari no Naka
May 4, 6:00 AM
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Ten Count
Ten Count
May 4, 5:40 AM
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Yurayura, Yureru
Yurayura, Yureru
May 3, 12:09 PM
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Kellyybanannax Jun 23, 8:21 AM
sry ;-; I'm inviting everyone ;-;
mutsukii Jun 23, 6:45 AM
jeff is nice aswell!
and ik! same with clay tho ;-;

and alright, gonna send you mine as soon as im finished!
mutsukii Jun 22, 10:55 PM
yeah I also like to do quizzes sometimes on there aswell lol
and yes I love horror stuff! especially zombies lol
and yes!! i love 13rw! zach is my favorite ;) #demasians

I think I like young hobi more~ lookwise I mean! but he is still beautiful til this day :)
and yah I hate that hat ;-;

also alright, I guess we can both start our cards and whenever i'm finished, I will send you them o3o
and you can just open the topic if youre done already or well open it after you're finished :3

and uhhh idk? I always opened my solo editions without notifying anyone and I have never gotten a message about it being wrong soooo I guess we can just open it?? im not sure tho
DarthInvader Jun 22, 9:04 PM
Heyo, doing alright. Pretty tired. WAtching the little mermaid atm in a sw. how goes summer?
mutsukii Jun 22, 12:01 PM
well that seems like a nice school life for her lol

and ohhh I read on quotev, idk why haha but its pretty chill there and there are some good ones but i also read on, idk ao3 tho and yeah I read mainly stuff with at least a little bit of romance but I also really love horror stuff, idk im just a horror fan in general
and also mainly anime + k-pop but also stuff like maze runner, hunger games, the 100, 13 reasons why and all that stuff lol

and ikkk

you gotta love hobi like this~ he looks so good!! ofc he looks good today aswell but idk his no more dream looks are probs my fav

and yeah same!! i was so happy they rekt all of them lol

and yeah aomine was nice! honestly all of them are amazing! and alright, whenever i'm finished with my cards; do you want me to send you them via pm, comments orrr discord or idk
mutsukii Jun 22, 7:42 AM
we have like 1 dude in class who joined our class late (3 weeks ago) and he has been here for 2 whole days so far lol

and yeah! im very picky with fanfictions aswell lul basically all the same things as you mentioned are factors that can destroy a fanfic for me :c I mean, I love reading fanfics but idkkkk bad grammar just hurts so much ;-; and sameee, I cant bring myself to write anything mean so I also just leave otl where do you read fanfics and which kind of fanfics do you mostly read?

and yeah but honestly, j-hope looked p damn good with that black hair, styled up lol and ikk!! tho namjoon still wears some weird clothes sometimes likeee his hat, YOU KNOW THAT ONE WEIRD ROUND HAT - i dont like it at all but if he is happy with it, im happy! andd d yES thats why i was like a proud mom!! and they won against so many big people aswell! ;-; they deserved this!!

and neat! knb is also one of my all time favs! especially hanamiya ;)) i love him to death ;-; would you like to open the edition whenever we're done with the cards or do you want me to do it?
mutsukii Jun 22, 2:59 AM
yeah ikr, I sit in the middle during another class so rip and yeah we sit in pair aswell otl the guy sitting next to me is like never there tho so I sit alone basically lul and yeah im glad I have these friends! I didnt have a lot of friends that like anime before this school

and yeahhhh, i'm like really sensitive with fanfics tbh likeee it needs to have good english or otherwise i'm not able to enjoy it tbh D: no matter how good the plot is uwu and yeah we dont speak english over here aswell just have some classes sometimes but its basically nothing at all tbh and yeah I have a friend who writes fanfictions aswell but I dont think she publishes them? she's in a group with other people and they write their fanfiction there (in german tho? I never read one of them so idk otl)

and yess!! especially after finding out they wanted to give up after N.O didnt do so well! im glad they sticked to being idols!! they got so far from there on! ;-; im so proud of them, like a proud mom or smth lmao especially after they won the billboard awards!! MY CHILDREN GOT SO FAR even tho all of them are older than me but shhh

and yes! im glad he is still in BTS and that he is still our precious leader! im so proud of my bby boiii

and i looked through your profile n stuff; since sereshay is already doing a haikyuu edition - how about a kuroko no basuke edition? o3o
mutsukii Jun 21, 11:22 AM
yeah same, wouldve loved a seat in the back so I can hide more stuff otllll but my teacher wouldnt let mee :c I live in a dorm here at my school and I have 2 guys come over like every other evening so we can watch anime together haha it's pretty nice to have found people with the same interests irl! and yeah but hooorayyy for selfish people i guess lol

andd ohhhh i'm too uncreative for fanfics lol but I love reading them, theyre my guilty pleasure tbh haha
but ik that feeelingggg, its the same for me uwu I had that problem with videos aswell at the end and im glad I got out of that pressure idk

AND IKIKK DAESUNG IS SO CUTE, HE DOESNT DESERVE ANY HATE ON HIS LOOKS :c and i know!! korea is so out of control with their beauty standard over there, its exhausting otl I wish I had that strength to survive over there with all these judging people so that makes me even more proud BTS!! my precious babies didnt give up ;-;

his lips are so beautiful lol thats why i recognize him everywhere! same with daesung - he has also wonderful lips lol
idk i guess bigger lips are hot to me??

and idk! whatever you'd prefer! i'm up for both! but uhmmm idk, do you play any of these idol games? like ensemble stars, idolish7, yumeiro cast or aichuu for example? o3o
DarthInvader Jun 21, 8:41 AM
Haha, I'm looking forward to the 600 one. how are you doing?
mutsukii Jun 21, 6:48 AM
ah btw I forgot to ask: would you be up for a dual edition in majestic altair? o3o
idk about the theme though :c
mutsukii Jun 21, 5:17 AM
well when I'm too lazy to do work at school, then I tend to do other stuff likeeee being on myanimelist otl
sadly I sit in the front so I gotta be careful but I havent been caught once soooo worked so far! well I have a lot of people in my class who like anime so I got this going for the guys being nice to me lul especially since one of my interests is games, that makes it easier.. sometimes at least - sometimes it makes things harder lul bUT ANYWAY I wish I could send you some guys from my class because theyre all pretty nice at the end and they started to give some shits about kpop because of me :) but ik! I kinda want BTS to be really popular because they deserve it but on the other side I just kinda want them for myself kinda so basically im really selfish lul

and ik! the videos are so frickin inspirational! really artistic! I wish I was as creative as the video director! and idk why but I just love the blood, sweat & tears MV to death! it's like the most beautiful thing i've ever seen and if you read all these conspiracy theories about it, its so much more beautiful and interesting than it already is!

and I will! my mom actually liked that song so I guess that works! BS&T is so amazing, I hope I get her to like them more with it!

and yessss gotta spread #TOPDESERVESBETTER everywhere so people give him the love he deserves in these hard times! and also #TOPSMOMDESERVESBETTER because his mom is also having a hard time right now!

and i loveeeee BMTH! theyre one of my favorite "normal" (-aka non-korean) bands! and well I did video editing for like uhhhhh 5 years? or 6 years? but then I got just too busy to continue it and I havent gotten the motivation to pick it up again! and yeah I like being a CM on here more aswell, its way more chill tbh but sometimes I feel like its easier to express some art through videos with effects otl

yeah its awful! if youre not 100% hot and flawless, you're out! you're on the ugly list. either gonna get a plastic surgery or fuck off. I think thats a really shit standard over there :/ AND OMFGG I wouldve loved to get in there, tell the MC that Daesung is the most beautiful person and that I appreciate him, punch the MC and then leave otl my poor precious bby boi ;-; he doesnt deserve this! D: he is so beautiful! and his smile is so damn pure!!

and I confused jungkook and V at the beginning aswell lol but also with jin in there otl
namjoon was the only one I was always confident with!
mutsukii Jun 20, 11:45 AM
yeah I have school til the 28th July but then im free til the end of september sooo i'm alright with it lol and well she is also the first person who I know who likes kpop irl! like my class dont mind kpop after I keep talking about it and showing them about it (theyre all males except me n another person) so im kinda rip in there with finding more fans in there lol but im known as the "girl who likes all the asians" in there because I have a friend in there who doesnt mind K-Pop so I talk with him a lot abt it kinda otl and im gonna look it up after my answer ;b

and ikrrr! i loveeeee jimins short video! its amazing! all of BTS videos are so aesthetic and nice to look at, eyegasm everytiem. especially blood, sweat and tears! THE MV WAS SO BEAUTIFULLLLEUUU and especially with jimins beginning dance like jedgjhsdjg

and woah! i wish my mom would be like this lul i should really show her some mvs! maybe she comes to like them more then otl and ikrrrrrr in my class they also keep saying they look like girls and that makes me want to punch them all like y'all look soooo manly in here otl

and IKR! I mean he didnt kill anyone neither did he hurt someone! (other than himself ;___;) so he sure as hell doesnt deserve this treatmeant! and well if VIPs cant stay and still love him because of that, I think they should just leave like buhhh byeeeh TOP DESERVES BETTER 2k17 #TOPDESERVESBETTER

I didnt do vines but I did amvs a few years ago and honestly its all just practice! so im sure if you'd really wanted to, you could make videos! I wish I was still active with editing videos because I wouldve loved to do a BTS one but I havent edited in like 2 years?? or smth soooo idk not really back into it since im more into the card making thing rn otl also i didnt now the bts can can remix but lmaoooo that was amazing lul I love this FMV!

and yes! wonho is amazing! I totally get his popularity however idk I guess I just like the underappreciated ones better? lol It just happens automatically otl - like both rap monster & daesung were on the official "ugliest k-pop" stars :/// (ALSO HERE; WHY KOREA - THESE PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS FFS) - honestly I love idols but I really wish South-Korea would treat them a lot better! :/ and yeah I was really confused with BTS at the beginning tbh but I watched a lot of stuff from them because I really liked them so I easily remembered their names, thankfully!
mutsukii Jun 20, 3:50 AM
sorry for the late reply, I went to bed and I couldnt answer before because of school otl and I have the left version! i wanted to buy the right version first but my friend got the right version so I was like "alright let me change mine so we can look at both concept photos" she got V as a card! and I got my Jimin in there! :b and nope! havent seen their profiles! i should look at them tho! my smol child jimin ;-; so pure and THE WORLD DOESNT DESERVE JIMIN PLS he is 2 good for all of us! D:

and ikkkk! lie is just so beautiful! just like chimchim himself ♡ and ikrrr! their new music (tho old one aswell) is so amazing! idk what it is but something just makes their music really special! AND OFC THEY ARE ALL SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL ASWELL! and i made my parents listen to the wings album and they didnt like boy meets evil but liked the other stuff :b I also showed my aunt a picture of all the guys and she thought all of them looked good! however she thought jimin looked the best :) I was really happy for him in that moment!

and yeah! im glad his mother spoke out and went against them! idk why they would do smth like that when his mother is literally fearing if her child is gonna wake up again or not :/ and I really hope he did wake up!!! I hope he is gonna recover soon and that the other members are gonna be there for him aswell! and no, i dont think she is free of charges? i think she got a lot lighter charge tho? idk why she sold him out tbh - especially since she is in it with him :/ probably just wanted publicity or smth.

aaaand yessss i really dont like the cute concept! i mean, i like cute things n stuff buuuuuttt idk its just 2 much for me :c I prefer less cute music! BP is really amazing! and also I do like some songs of girls generation since they have a few exceptions (run devil run for example)! and omg! ikrrr but lisa isss sooooo goood loookinggg!

and ohhh! i love these vines with edits! or generally edits on yt otl - yeah wonho is like the most popular one but he is really pretty and has a beautiful voice so I get it! andd ikrrrrrr remembering all these foreign korean names is so hard sometimes!
DarthInvader Jun 19, 11:14 AM
Hey there thank you for the delivery. Loving the cards. In the future, would you kindly deliver to the delivery storage that I recently made today. I appreciate it. Have a nice day!
mutsukii Jun 19, 10:43 AM
since i drifted off again in my answer lol yes i have 2 albums! i might buy some more in the future! i have the YNWA & Wings album :) i might get some older albums if I find them for a better price! i just buy mine on amazon! idk where youre from but maybe look on amazon from your country? :/ and ikkk! i watch a lot of videos from BTS on yt and sometimes the comments are really mean to one or more of the members and sdgjhsdgh my cute babies pls dont be rude to them :(((
and I read something about "fans" calling jimin fat, which ended up with him starving himself for a while :c YES THIS PURE CUTE GUY, he cares so much about the others! he is the first one to go to them if he feels like smth is wrong! (for example: rapmon crying a hella lot and jimin being there to comfort him!)

AND YES HOBI'S DANCING THO LIKE BRUHVVV he is sooooo good! loved him in boy meets evil! also speaking of wings before i LOVE. LOVE their solo songs! especially jimins and v's! like omfgggg lie and stigma are sooooo good! and NAMJOONS "REFLECTION" SOLO SONG MADE ME CRY THE FIRST TIME I HEARD IT WHY and yess!!! im happy he tries is best so much ;-; anddd omgggg friendship so beautifuleu D: and ikkk! I think jungkook said that he knows hobi sometimes just keeps up his cheerful personality and that jungkook sometimes sees him being sad and that makes jungkook sad and I-
all of them are way too precious!

and yes! TOPs mom was pretty upset because the public kept saying shit like he woke up already and that he's fine, even tho he is (or was? idk if he woke up yet ;-;) still in coma! i feel really bad especially because the woman he smoked weed with seems to be very dodgy? and I heard she sold him out or smth i dont really remember but i feel so bad for him ;-;

and yeah its the same for me, I mainly listen to boy bands because I mainly like their music more but BP is also my exception since they dont really have these cuteeeee songs going on like girls generation or f(x) orrrr red velvet and more otl and my fav is also lisa! she's so pretty~

and yes!! that was the first song I heard of them and I loved them instantly! they have a lot more nice sounding songs! and people seem to really like wonho because on every yt video there are comments about "WONHO NEEDS MORE LINES" - my fav is jooheon tho! i just really like my rappers, I guess? otl I really love their song "trespass" even tho the lyrics are really fuckboiiiishhh otl