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Aug 27, 2019
The level of feels in this anime is off the chart.. I get feels during practice games man [we talking about practice].. The story and enjoyment is amazing!

Story: A great story over the years, that has stayed consistent and always lets you know where you are going.

Enjoyment: I can't tell you how many feels I get from this anime on an episode by episode basis. That is the main reason as to why this anime is 10/10. Through character

Character: Another reason as to why this is 10/10.. This anime has to be one of the best character development that I have experienced. Note: There are read more
Jul 11, 2019
First review (I am keeping this short):

I watched this anime because a friend pointed out how much he like it. I was thinking that I was really going to enjoy myself here and probably with high hopes set this anime up for failure.

Story [5]: The story is OK. Heavy politics in the first like 7 episodes and you really have to keep track of everyone and their names (there are a lot of supporting cast members and they all have a small story - seriously) or you are going to get confused with the nuances of this anime. My main problem with this anime, read more