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Nov 9, 2019
Hey folks bullitbaby here with hopefully another REAL WORLD breakdown.

First off, I REALLY liked this vintage 1998-1994 OVAs. Each episode roughly year apart and I come at it from a VERY different PLACE. So did the writer director which is refreshing. Imho

Other reviews proclaim continuity issues, the xcess pointless nudity, unusual nonsensical character development. But each episode is a FULL YEAR apart. Your NOT gonna get standard series style character developement under these conditions. TO PRETEND SO IS SILLY.

So right off the bat just get yourself OUTa of the 12-24 episode series character developemnt. I believe we are meant read more
Nov 6, 2019
Hello bullitbaby with hopefully another down to earth review

Ya know, I REALLY WANTED to like this anime. But in the end It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to like due to so many mortal flaws .....except for ONE thing...the actual animation.

Simply put, this animation STRONGLY RESEMBLES GHIBLI STYLE. If your a fan of Ghibli animation you should feel the similarity almost immediately. The very idea of mixing technology blimplike flying machines etc but maintaining a small town classic style county architecture is also very Ghibli if you've watched any of his stuff.

Anyway, so bottom line, if you choose to watch read more
Nov 2, 2019
Hello bullitbaby with your REAL WORLD breakdown

Try and imagine an anime built around the premise that theres a young girl whose been physically and psychologically abused by her father who regulaly takes full nude photos of her since she was a baby.

Now imagine an ecchi anime loaded with fan service that not only SHOWS these photo sessions with daddy in GREAT detail nipples included (cringey as F).

The girl tries to kill herself but fails. Runs away from home, is chased down by her father but ina tussle with abuser daddy she falls to her death and is reborn a zombie.

Then imagine this read more
Oct 31, 2019
Hello bullitbaby here to help you understand the only reason ANYONE watched this anime. We loved the fighting games of yore.

The end.

On a rather sadistic note, i must say i began doing things during the movie like keeping track on paoer the number of times the dialog didnt match the mouth movements. Someone said, hey just make the mouth move, noone watches peoples mouths.

Noone but ME muuuhhahahah. Anyway, i lost count around 791 times.

This anime also has another weird thing to count on paper.
The number of times that the animation chracters eyes move in a strange read more
Oct 31, 2019
Hey folks, another down to earth review from bullitbaby.

So ya say ya wanna blow off 90 minutes and have littlweto show for it but a silly smile on your face and a giggle in your chest. THEN YOUVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!
This movie comes with tongue in cheek futurism and a surprise ending that i loved. Why? Because its perfectly silly and a GREAT LAUGH.
No spoilers, cmon lets waste 90 minutes.

This is classic early 90s anime designed with a relatively simple plot common in the 90s. What wwas it? Computers will someday do everything for us but it will end read more
Oct 31, 2019
Hey folks bullitbaby here again with another hopefully down to earth review.

This anime is quite simply NOT worth watching but definitely worth LISTENING to MOST of the soundtrack if you like rock and roll guitar.

WARNING: If you play guitar definitely do NOT watch this anime. The absolutely MENTALLY DISTURBING animation of him playing these power jam KILLER riffs is not bad, it's INSULTING, BEWILDERINGLY AWFUL, LAZY, UNCREATIVE, UNINFORMED and HAUNTINGLY BAD.

But how about the animation in general?

Sure it's 1999 animation so we'll be fair and compare it to

Ghost in the Shell
Hunter x Hunter
Etc etc.

Based on those camparables, it absolutely, does hold up read more
Oct 27, 2019
I'll try and keep this short. You should keep the number of episodes you watch of rainbow equally short.

Summary:. A steaming mass of stereotypes including but not limited to:
*evil prison warden
*Evil masochistic prison guard
*One for all and all for one friendship
*Fake infomercial like prison scenarios
*Men that fight at first and then later bond
*Limited character development. Why does this prison have only ONE sadistic guard. Other prisoners, do they exist? Oh right in the lunchroom scenes and NOWHERE ELSE.
*every criminal has a good person buried deep inside
*Looooong internal dialogs while time just keeps ticking away and one of the 206 crew may read more
Oct 7, 2019
Mushishi is kinda like watchng paint dry.

The real world application of this is that many many anime these days are shounen twisted and redone in the zillionth way numbing us to a good story told simply and elegantly.

There are many virtues that mushishi has that you can experience when you've become exhausted with the blinding speed of over done graphics and super computer animation. I call it the “transformer” effect. When the first transformers movie came out, they were rendering for example 500 independent objects in 3d space. transformers 2, it doubled, 3 in doubled again and so forth. By the read more