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Apr 12, 2014
This is Masamune Shirow's first work, and as you might expect, it's far from his best. It's a series of semi-connected short stories that are supposed to take place within the same universe, with a set of shared characters that pop up from time to time. The setting is a weird mix of semi-hard and really soft science fiction, with some very badly defined magic/ESP thrown in to confuse things.

The overall plot is basically incomprehensible. There is a prelude and and epilogue that try to bookend the series, but they have no obvious connection to the rest of the story. And the epilogue really read more
Mar 25, 2014
This was a strange bit of 80s nostalgia for me.

As another review noted, this feels like it was intended as a pilot movie for a magical girl series that was never made. The main character, animal companion, and sidekick are all introduced. The setting is established, and then they have a short adventure. Afterwards the main girl returns to Earth, but they make a point of saying that she can come back. An open ending that was never followed up on.

That said, while the characters, music, and plot are all bog standard 80s OVA anime, the art itself is very distinctive. This is a trippy read more
Aug 25, 2013
This was... pretty bad.

I mean, it wasn't unwatchable. The art and animation were adequate, and the soundtrack was tolerable if dated. The plot comes close enough to making sense for an action/mecha series.

But the characterizations were weird. The "bad guys" were frequently more sympathetic than our protagonists, and not in any way that really encouraged deeper consideration. The core plot also just wasn't really developed. The ultimate mastermind behind the whole thing seems to have launched the most complex world takeover plot ever... for no particular reason. And they never really clear up what the goal was.

Also, the titular Zeorymer is a boringly invincible read more