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danwow Oct 5, 1:43 AM
Whoops, thanks for the heads up! ^^
Fresh_Mint Oct 3, 9:36 PM
LoneWizzy Jun 23, 6:48 PM
if the paragraph where you called it a harem didnt exist i would actually maybe try to have a conversation about your review...But tbh i cant do it as it is rn,cant dream to understand your point of view...So i will not try and overthink...i will just agree to disagree...

no idea what being a liar is about tho :thinking:

LoneWizzy Jun 23, 6:23 PM
your sukasuka sucks your face...kys
zcv45 May 25, 8:16 PM
I don't think your review on SukaSuka is entirely fair.

"This show wears its light novel trappings on its sleeve. This is apparent from the title alone. It's entirely too long to remember, much less recite, inviting people to invent some marketing-friendly fan nickname. It's set in another world. There is exactly one guy in the main cast. There are some vaguely-defined superpowers involved. The main girl has long hair, at least past the mid-point of the back. There are probably many more examples I could have listed here."

Mainly... Long name, yes definitely. Not that I think it really causes any problems. Set in another world, plenty of fiction uses this rather it is pulp fiction or not. Not sure how this makes it a light novel trapping. Yes it is a light novel, but I don't see it as necessarily bad thing, but I don't see it follow nearly as much LN trope as you make it out to seem.
Vaguely defined superpowers, It is still very early on in the story and it isn't combat orientated so the powers so far is secondary. We already have a few information indirectly and directly revealed to us. Supernatural powers is not even a trope specific to a LN. Yea its a trope, but it isn't a cliche trope. How is this a negative?
And character design, long hair.... Ok???? And???? Whats the point???? I don't get this.

As for the character, they never specified he saw the destruction of the world. It was only revealed he fought monsters that may or may not be even related to what they are fighting now. And the world was clearly not destroyed based on how he left home promising to return. We do know something went wrong as his team was defeated. What happened to the world as a result is not even clear. Yes I had a similar thought too but it is misleading us, and in a later episode it does reveal the thing he was fighting isn't the monsters you see now.

Next.... the "harem" One, there is no Harem, only Chtholly likes him, everyone just teases her. What loli fanservice? You mean the adorable kids that they don't even remotely sexualize? The only fanservice was the massage scene and honestly it was suggestive, but it's only a single scene so I woudl say forgiveable.
Chtholly which as you said was 15 but I really didn't see how they drew her overly young. She looked like any other anime character. IDK how Nygglatho not being of his interest or being used for comedy causes this to be a lolicon service. He shows no real romantic interest in Chtholly, he does have attachment to her. This can be considered familial love, or his coping mechanism on his lost 'family' from his previous life. It can develop to something else as this is a romance, but so far he haven't shown actual romantic interest.
And considering his backstory, the age he fought the skull was not that old. He most likely only aged a couple years. He is probably around 5-7 years older than her, a young adult. Remember he was in a stasis for a long time, there isn't any real chronological issue here. Just an estimate, but Nygglatho is probably much older than him simply based on how they are drawn.
You still never provided actual lolicon evidence.
And Chtholly being a tsundere is unfounded. The only time she acted such was the slap after he hugged her. Other than that she openly expresses her feelings and actively pursues him. What kind of tsundere does that!? That one scene hardly justify the tsundere tag. And Harem nanny? She take cares of the little kids. She don't even check on the other girls that is of her age. And I never seen any harem anime have a 'nanny' that keeps them in check. What anime you see that have that?
Sword art online, Zero no tsukaima, Highschool of the dead, irregular at magic high, Masamune's revenge... etc. none of them have a girl that halts the other girls. They all just go after the main character. Only Chtholly is going after him and she only keep the little kids in check. Do you not see the parallel? She is like Willem, the older sister(he was the older brother) of the orphanage. The only person she's a nanny to is the playful lolis that they are at their age. Far from a trope you claim her to be.

If you watched the latest episode, the kids consider him to be like a father and Nygglatho to be the mother. But the kids quickly also changed that to Chtholly. Can be attributed to how of the 5 older fairies, she's the only one that actively watch over them. And/or the fact she likes him which makes it more logical for the kids to consider them as a pair.

As for the other points, yes I agree. I does risk being cheap tear-jerker, but this isn't confirmed yet. The other characters are pretty flat right now... Yes that is true. But since the series is still on going, they may flesh them out more but that might happen in an anime equivalent of a season 2 hopefully. Or even better this season but given the remaining episode, it will only be a little bit.
And yea they can explore the whole featured and disfeatured thing more. Well they have, a little bit but not in a serious manner. Hopefully they will. There is a likelihood since Chtholly is no longer a spirit, she may go out more often and encounter more discrimination.
Jonesy974 May 19, 4:41 PM
Fair enough. That seems to more or less be the norm now considering studios have to try real hard to grab people's attention. What better way than to pander and insert trendy shit and hope people take the bait.
Calal-Chan May 18, 9:48 PM
I mean I haven't really seen either, but why complain about the "loli" fanservice in SukaSuka (keep in mind I don't even know if I am going to like this show yet nor have I even seen the scene you talked about) when something like the Monogatari series probably has way more loli fanservice. Also not really a spoiler just keeping it from being cluttered xD Also the review was nicely done either way. It was well structured and what not.

rektr May 17, 7:22 PM
might i ask which version of tsundere definition are you using to classify chtolly as such?
Jonesy974 May 16, 9:44 PM
I respect the amount of detail you put into your SukaSuka review.

Some of your points regarding the generic-ness of the setup are on the money, but those arguments would probably also hold true to 95% of all LNs.

I think that some of the other things you mentioned though might've either been addressed in following episodes of a bit exaggerated. For example the loli paradise thing. May not be wrong as a blanket statement, but for the most part, the children of the show aren't really the focal point and aren't really given much screen time aside from when they need to contribute something to the story (ie: bloodied up kid who didn't care, green haired girl who set up the discussion on how the girls become fighters). The big bulk of the story focuses on the eldest ones since they're the fighters. I also give a little bit of leeway for their designs and personalities simply due to the setting they're in. It's one thing to have a quiet kuudere, the hyper tomboy, and the emotional tsundere in a typical rom-com and thing "oh, just tropes". I've looked at their personalities the same way you gave Willem credit for his; they're a product of their environments dealing with deep struggles. Main girl is an emotional tsundere because...well frankly she doesn't know any better. She's a 15 year old girl who's lived her life in a military orphanage/prison, who's sent off to fight and can die at any time, on top of her already short lifespan. I don't really have any complaints about her body either, compared to some of the massive tittied anime girls out there, she's probably the most 15 year old looking 15 year old I've seen in a while, and I think the other two girls are drawn as proportionate.

As for your thoughts on the world building...I'm on the fence. On one hand I think they've had a decent amount of interaction with the featured. Since he's the only real human left, essentially everyone he's interacted with has been a featured to one degree or another. Ogre lady, Lizard and Bunny military guys, his Goblin pal, etc. Though that being said, there's no such thing as too much world building, and I think there is definitely a lot more they should delve into in terms of the origin of the featured and why they're so diverse and if there are clans of species, different languages, and so on.

Hibbington May 12, 8:07 AM
Morbid curiosity aye?
I don't believe it is on the level of Big Order or Hand Shakers XD.
Hibbington May 11, 7:02 PM
Greetings brainiac1530 I recently gave you a invitation to a seasonal club.
I tend to like to start a conversation with everyone I invite instead of just giving you a random invite.
You seem to have dropped a lot of shows this season, which out of those 4 was the biggest disappointment?
Plasmatize May 7, 9:20 PM
Hey, just wanted to say nice job with the SukaSuka review. It's well-articulated and flows nicely.

TBH, I feel a bit concerned after reading it. I put the show on hold after 1 episode so I could watch it in one go later, because I liked episode 1 a lot for the same reasons you mentioned. Now I fear it won't live up to my expectations. :/
CzeroC May 7, 8:51 PM
Nice SukaSuka review.