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Dec 1, 2019
Its fun.
Doesn't have a complicated plot or anything. Character designs are pretty good. They are pretty smart which seems like breaking the 4th wall but they're not.

Its okay for a short casual read.
If the Author wanted to portray Uzaki to be annoying, he/she does a pretty good job at that. Rest of the characters are good. Only downside is that the chapters come in very slow.

Nothing great. Plenty of Mangas out there with annoying girls.
But this one even for a short while happens to be fun.

To fill in character count let me write some obvious stuff here.
Uzaki is stacked like really stacked. They don't read more
Nov 5, 2019

This is an informative and fun manga. If you like good characters and story, go read it.

Story & Characters

The college setting is very rare to see in a market full of high school dramas; Which means all characters are old and mature. If you think there's too much info on the page, just skim through it. I didn't read it for in-depth knowledge on brewing alcohol, I just wanted to have a good read. You will find yourself skipping a lot of pages which are mostly educational which is completely understandable. In fact there is an inside joke where all the characters completely ignore read more