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Nov 6, 2010
Gamaran (Manga) add
Preliminary (69/194 chp)
Gamaran, while following the typical shounen formula of someone yearning for power who happens to have a mysterious/famous father, has much more going on underneath the surface than appears at first glance.

Story 9:
The story itself seems very familiar at first, as a young boy tries to become a martial arts master in order to defeat some grand arch-enemy and even enters a competition to try to hone his skills. However, the setting of Gamaran adds another layer to this much-repeated story and draws the reader back in time with many historic subtleties to a time when swords ruled Japan and martial arts were the ...
Nov 6, 2010
D.Gray-man (Manga) add
Preliminary (200/? chp)
This is my first review, so I apologize if it's not very clear or has any other problems. Now onto the review:

Story 7:
The manga started off great and the story was very pulling and imaginative. The wealth of characters and the different types of weapons/enemies in the manga made it very enjoyable. Although it followed a somewhat streamline shounen storyline as the main character achieves more and more power-ups as time goes on, the philosophical and religious perspective of the story added more depth than what most other similar mangas have. I loved the story a lot until the more recent ...