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Jun 16, 2015
In a world where everything can get repetitive, there would be just one random day when you will meet someone very odd and obscure who will surprisingly and astoundingly change your life and thinking as a person. Basically, this is the premise of Amano Shuninta’s “Philosophia.”

Having previously read Shuninta-sensei’s sexy titles namely “Sweet Guilty Love Bites” and “Watashi no Sekai wo Kousei suru Chiri no You na Nani ka,” I was settled to give this manga a try with a preconceived notion of delicious playfulness as content. However, reading “Philosophia” has caught me off-guard. I should have known better with such a sober-sounding title! “Philosophia” read more
Apr 14, 2015
If you’re tired of the usual yuri set in high school with moe characters and melodrama, then you have to read Nishi Uko-sensei’s “Collectors”. Since it’s josei and of the slice-of-life genre, it has this very realistic approach in both story and delivery. So far, I found this highly different from the yuri standard fare out there, and so it’s definitely a refreshing read!

“Collectors” is about the simple and bookish Nitou Shinobu who collects books, and her fashionable and pretty girlfriend, Kanzaki Takako, who collects clothes. The manga introduces them as a couple already, so it just depicts their relationship, interactions and how they live read more