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Jun 27, 2017
This was a great and well made second season of SnK! Only 12 episodes, Of course we want more!

But it was 12 episodes of build up: build up mysteries, build up questions, build up tension!! Now that I am reading the manga I totally understand why they only did 12 episodes, it makes total sense!

Story: 10
A lot of things change, it's not just Eren and the rest of the soldiers fighting the titans and trying to restore the land they lost to them; now there's questions, doubts - what the hell are we actually fighting? - revelations, that are key to the plot and read more
Jun 19, 2016
Hey everyone. So I am writtng this review because Trinity Blood has been my favourite manga for quite a while. It still amazes me everytime I read!

Before the review, please, bear in mind that I don't read this manga online - I buy the books:
I tend to go every year to France, so I purchase around 2 to 3 volumes per year;
They are not expensive - 6,85€ ($7,72) / (£5,37) / (¥804,33) per volume;
The mangas are exactly like the Japanese version - no hardback;
France has the best manga translations; (If you are able to read French I highly recommend you check out Kana read more
Jan 8, 2015
A funny OVA of about 40 minutes. If you are know on your 20's you will remember the cartoons you watched when you were a little kid.

Bear in mind that this is from 1992, so don't expect the design to be that of the 2000's, and an OVA so don't expect character development, or at least a lot.

It's a simple story about an "Oujo-san" who is being forced to marry, runs away, and her mother uses everything in her power to drag her back.
A really good point is that it depicts the female protagonists as Amazones. They are the ones in charge and the read more