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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Yesterday, 4:42 PM
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Show By Rock!! #
Yesterday, 12:44 PM
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No Guns Life
No Guns Life
Yesterday, 12:25 PM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam Unicorn
Kidou Senshi Gundam Unicorn
Oct 18, 4:53 PM
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Oct 15, 2:52 AM
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Sep 23, 10:26 AM
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ryuseishi Yesterday, 8:08 PM
The struggle of growing up out of characters age range, welcome to the club lol
Maybe i should, too. I'm still curious about stuff i've read. I'm also pretty sure it's angsty af at some point > . >
Who's the 10th guy you removed from favs?

Im amazed at everything he is, frankly, i've never seen this complexily written and layered chatacter, so i'm just too busy drooling over that, but he's not in the no lewd squad lol (i don't even remember who is, except haiji)
Yeah he did, well i mean it's understandable, imagine piloting a very average mass produced machine after your custom moster
Have you seen him in that blue suit?

o this fa chick REALLY needs to be brightslapped
god jesus fuck yes please. though i'm glad she was there in zz for reasons mhm

Ibo AND banana fish. And zeta too, actually :D

Why, well, s he's plain rude and unpleasant person. No wonder she can't make friends.
ryuseishi Yesterday, 8:26 AM
I have a feeling you"ll really like him as angelo. He 's literally such a little shit to literally everyone and then like <3<3<3<3 @ frontal

Lol ik.
I randomly remembered the wet noises today while walking the street and shuddered visibly so people looked at me like "the fuck is with you". That guy....

me af
literally same

you really asking me if i mind char thirst? Really? Lol
That's the outfit i talked about. He's such a diva in that look
Lol the dude's golden sometimes. i laughed when he said mkii is fuckung garbage at the beginning.
K i wont say anything :D can't wait you to see certain scene tho
Seriuosly tho, i didn't think you'll like him that much wow. How's kamille by the way
ryuseishi Oct 21, 9:21 PM
It's karma.

"He's waiting for you" lol sounds intimidating.

A badass beta :D
I love how he always convince ppl to do things his way without being violent or unpleasant
I genuinely love that people watching it always notice that. I mean it's one of his most obvious traits (though it's more a double edged sword for him but nvm), but still. like my friend once said "if he told me jump off the cliff with that voice, i just would". Ikeda gave him such powerful charisma

You can just call him frontal lol
ryuseishi Oct 21, 8:54 AM
Lol you really fell for the guy before even watching the show? (says me with arata in favs k)

Yeah, a whole week now without weebshit, can you imagine. I was rofling @ matsuoka being everywhere, but now that i can't hear him i feel so actually lonely gjhdjhk

Zeta char is such a beta tbh, but in a good way, like all he wants is just pilot a giant robot and for everyone to leave him the fuck alone.
What you spoiled about 96? I hope it's not what i think
ryuseishi Oct 21, 7:17 AM
Why angelo tho?
It's overheating now. I don't have skype on mobile, so you'll have to scream here for now, i'm listening
ryuseishi Oct 21, 5:25 AM
ahjkdj I've been away just for a week and you've turned gundamfag

It died again by the way, so i couldn't read what you said
ryuseishi Oct 15, 2:40 PM
MeisterDM Sep 22, 10:09 AM
That rider dude in your favourite characters list seems pretty cool. I want to summon him in Fate/GO but my luck is super crappy.

Also, Takehito Koyasu voices him and he’s a good support.
ryuseishi Aug 3, 5:06 AM
Oh, OHHHH okay I just googled him lmao I see. okay.
ryuseishi Aug 3, 4:58 AM
Well yeah but first you know my brain gets formatted right after I've finished the series and second I watched it long before 79 and had no idea who in the fuck is Char lol so even if there was a charface I most likely simply ignored him
MeisterDM Aug 2, 11:36 PM
I’ve never seen Sarazanmai but those police guys are handsome.

There’s a char in 00, but this one’s a doozy (in the second season.)

P.S. sorry for that casual spoiler.
ryuseishi Aug 2, 5:07 PM
I don't remember, maybe, or maybe not. You're watching it, you tell me :D

You know how Sakurai is either a villain or a betrayer, so in black clover he's both villain AND betrayer, i don't even— What a level up.
ryuseishi Aug 2, 2:21 PM
Lmao I forgot Kamiya was in 00. This naked one is Kamiya's guy too. In fact, he's Charface.

ryuseishi Aug 2, 2:11 PM
Oh that sunrise and their random naked bishies
ryuseishi Aug 2, 1:29 PM

Someone seriously must tell kyoani about chins or else they'll go places