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Dec 26, 2018
I am going to go ahead and be the dissenting opinion on this one, and I am usually quite a lenient judge, maybe too much so.

One word describes this show: slow. Everything in this show is drawn out and made to take excessively long despite knowing the conclusion minutes before it happening. The ogres for example... That just bored me to tears because the plot was so overwhelmingly predictable.

If the pace of this show was doubled and the filler removed it could be excellent, but when so many episodes are wasted on camp time and there isn't enough intelligent plot to keep the read more
Feb 20, 2018
If I could say anything that seems to sum up my final thoughts, it is merely this—full of itself. The anime is like a stuck up piece of trash that sees itself as something greater than it is. All this show is, is one shitty attempted plot-twist after another. They even throw in a little pathetic attempt at "love?" and draw it out for a couple episodes, for no real reason. That also sums up this show to a tee—no reasoning. Everything that happens in this show is merely a convoluted fucking mess and the last two or three episodes read more
Feb 14, 2018
Disclaimer: This is a harem anime.

I don't know what a lot of these reviewers were expecting. What harem besides maybe clannad can you look at through a microscope and not expect to find flaws when you search for them? To each their own I suppose.

I went in expecting very little tbh, but despite what I considered a pretty low score (I am starting to understand even ratings in the 6's have potential) I enjoyed the show. Does it utilize the traditional tropes? Yes. Is the main character a bit OP? Yeah. Did I go in expecting code geass? Hell read more
Feb 1, 2018
Seeing as there is no review for the second season, I felt it obligatory to write one. I am doing so on a shoddy laptop, so forgive me for any grammatical errors.

The second season continues where the last left off. I will admit that the final girl shown causes a little confusion as to how she was doing what she was doing at the end of the first season, considering her position in the second, but it is a harem anime about magic, so I got over it. The biggest difference between the first season and the second is probably the tone. read more
Oct 4, 2017
I don't understand the mass amount of reviewer hate. Yes, this should be labeled as a harem, and yes, the humor can sometimes be rather juvenile and overblown/redundant, but I don't know what most of the reviewers were expecting from this show? It is wacky, stupid, pervy fun tbh, with a bit of hard-felt emotion mixed in. The characters were all unique in their own way, and the shenanigans kept me entertained throughout all 10 episodes.

Maybe I am just easy to please with this type of show, but I just go in with the expectations not to be bored. In addition, to read more
Sep 12, 2017
Oh god, where to start? I hate to admit it, but most of the reviewers that say you shouldn't watch this or it will ruin the series were right, at least where I am concerned. I honestly did not like the rushed ending of the second season, despite me enjoying where it was going all until before the last episode. When he had his final encounter with Ayase is when the series just began to tank.

Kyo breaking up again with Ruri, a second time(?), was ridiculous due to so many reasons. Their relationship was enough to make him cry read more
Aug 15, 2017
I finished this in three nights. Sure it is only 12 episodes, but for me to finish an anime that quickly I have to respect it and be thoroughly interested in it. I see a lot of critical reviews comparing this to SOA. It is not the same. The premise? Perhaps, but everything else is different. The main character is not a whiny little b****. Instead, he is a cool, calm, and passionate protagonist. He draws people in and makes the best out of an awful situation, and inspires those that cross paths with him.

This story had more read more
Jul 16, 2017
I feel this anime is judged far too harshly. It is a harem-based anime, but with a slight (detached admittedly) spoof on deathnote. The show is pretty fast paced and the main character is slightly dull, but somewhat relatable.

If you are not a stickler to the manga (I have not read it, but seen the complains), expect this to be some monumental parody of deathnote, or have an aversion to fast-paced plot, then I believe you will enjoy this anime quite a bit.

This show openly mocks the harem genre and does it well in my opinion. I haven't a lot to say read more
Apr 4, 2017
This is a series—that in my opinion—is the poster child for what NOT to do in the last three episodes, the literal epitome.

Potential Spoilers, but not really.

What you should not do, is alter all of the "developed" character personalities into a degenerative spiral from immature teenagers, to unbelievably naive and bipolar children! Also, introducing a brand new "alter ego-fatassmune" character in the last few episodes.... How original! Hmm a doppelganger introduced to throw a wrench in the protagonists plan! That isn't the laziest run-of-the-mill harem anime implementation ever or anything. It does not help that when he was introduced the characters and plot of read more
Apr 2, 2017
Drifters does a few things wrong, and so very many right. Drifters goes a little bit too extensive into Japanese history, compared to other cultures, but it is an anime—so it is to be expected sadly. Other than that, the show was original, and the art, action, and characters were unique and strong. I watched the dub, and to be honest, I loved it. One of the best dubs I've ever seen (I watch both sub and dub regularly).

What this show does right, is the constant action and story development. The action is continuous, so in a spot read more