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Jan 20, 2014
Sumire 16 Sai!! is an amazing manga that I think everyone should try.

Story 10/10: Sumire is about an old man who is a ventriloquist; he attendees high school by using a life size doll called Sumire and changes peoples lives for the better wherever he goes. It is a very light hearted story filled with laughs.

Art: 7/10: The art in itself is not very special or outstanding in anyway but it is in no way bad I'd say that art is about average.

Characters 9/10: The charters themselves stay very much the same throughout the entire manga after they have been helped out by the old read more
Jan 5, 2014
(No Spoilers) This manga is amazing. The art is breath taking. The story is spectacular. The characters are very well thought out and easy to relate to even though one of them is a frickin dragon. It's beyond enjoyable. This manga may be only two chapters long but it is an amazing read. I highly recommend you read this manga and even on the small chance you don't like it you wont feel as if you've wasted your time considering its only two chapters long.
Dec 20, 2013
I often wondered how a deaf and blind person would communicate and when reading this touching story about these two people I learned that for some love is not about looks, the way they speak, what they do, or anything other than the complex yet simple feelings of love that these two people have for one another. This story is a masterpiece and is to me an instant favorite and I would highly recommend that you drop everything and read this manga this very instant don't argue just do it trust me you wont regret it for this is a what I call a true read more