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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Aug 8, 2010 1:49 PM
Watching 27/94 · Scored 6
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Aug 8, 2010 10:22 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 8
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z
Aug 7, 2010 10:15 AM
On-Hold 28/291 · Scored 6
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Aug 7, 2010 9:27 PM
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Aug 7, 2010 9:26 PM
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Shaman King
Shaman King
Aug 7, 2010 9:26 PM
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Kira213 Aug 15, 2010 9:45 PM
Hahaha too bad =P
gotta live with it then xD
Kuma-Kuma Aug 15, 2010 11:09 AM
Kira213 Aug 15, 2010 4:08 AM
Ain't there cruise control? You wouldn't have to worry about speeding then right?
Kira213 Aug 13, 2010 6:33 PM
Interesting idea.. although if it was really needed, might as well just remove all freedom of driving a car and make the car automated so that there's no need for a driver. All the person would have to do is to input the destination.

On the other hand though, I'm the kind who likes to have control over things I do.
Kira213 Aug 13, 2010 1:53 AM
o_O that sounds dangerous. People could take control of your car from a distance
Kira213 Aug 12, 2010 2:58 AM
LOL! And my spidey senses are telling me that you'd be the first one to dare to try such a scheme haha! =P
CardcaptorKitty Aug 11, 2010 10:13 PM
LMAO! I'm sorry my responses are so long...! I guess it's out of habit. ^^;;

As for new/older anime, I'm kind of in that phase right now. I tend to just know of more mainstream stuff and then I try to find more hardly known things, or things that just perk my interest. In fact, a lot of mainstream series that are popular kind of get tossed aside in favor of series I actually have interest in. XD;

Hah, that's cool, though. I didn't know if you had heard of those but they're fairly well known series, so I wasn't sure. They're also all licensed with dubs too. Lucky Star, Kodocha, Ranma 1/2, and Hetalia... was that all I mentioned in that huge comment? I think so! XD Out of all of those, I think you'd like Ranma best because it's made by the same creator of the Inuyasha series. It's long, it's funny, it's got some fun action scenes, and there are a lot of characters to love... it's from the late 80's to early 90's too but it's probably my favorite of Rumiko Takahashi's series. :D

Otherwise, Lucky Star is more slice-of-life with a lot of otaku jokes laced in with a group of schoolgirls, Kodocha's probably one of the better shoujo/girl series out there with it's drama and comedy and fun characters, and Hetalia is basically all the characters anthropomorphized as countries, so it plays on stereotypes of each country... like America, my favorite character, is always eating burgers but is also thin... but it's fun because it plays on historical topics, namely the countries in World War II.

Okay, then I guess Inuyasha filler should be good filler. I guess I'll sit down to watch it when I get my hands on it. :P

But that's cool, about dubbing! LOL, the entire Inuyasha cast?! Awesome!! But that's too funny, if Miroku's VA really did do that. XD! But yeah, even bad dubs are hilarious to watch. The one that comes to my mind most is Fushigi Yugi, where one of the main villains, Nakago, talks in this deep, monotone-like voice that makes me laugh every time I hear it. It's like, "Damn it, I wanna take you seriously, but I just can't!!"

To be honest, while I'd like to watch Detective Conan all the way through I do find myself watching more of the movies and just random episodes with major plot points. I just haven't added them to my list so I don't lose track of the original episodes I've actually watched in order. But I've definitely seen a good hunk of Conan and I like it. I just don't think I could do the same with Bleach or something because I don't feel dedicated to it like I do Conan. Maybe because I love the plot, the mysteries, and all of the characters no matter what? I guess that's it and I guess that helps. But I understand not wanting to continue. It's a long series - and still going! - after all. XD

And you know, I'm not totally a mecha person and I'd totally like to try? Especially with Gundam, man. Obviously you've seen a lot of it, and I've been asking around of how to seriously start to get into it, because I don't know what's up with me for that genre. Like, I can pretty much watch anything else but with mecha it just gets hard for me. Space/futuristic stuff/giant robots and stuff... doesn't do it for me? LOL, I don't know, but I think they're really awesome in theory, despite that, so I've had a couple people recommend me stuff that's not so heavy in mecha, but still has some mecha. But that's cool you enjoy it, dude. I just wish I could enjoy it too. :x

By the way, I just added those links so you could just get an idea of some of the series I'm referencing if you didn't look them up already. I don't know if my summaries of something are really that good, and if you wind up having an interest in anything I'm talking about, I figure it doesn't hurt to add a link. Or, I guess you could just ask if you wanted to know anything. Oh well. XD;
Kira213 Aug 11, 2010 7:54 PM
Oh I've tried walking and daydreaming before. It didn't work out so well =/ I tend to walk into poles and little kids alike.

But their fluency in English would totally throw me off xD
Kira213 Aug 11, 2010 7:37 PM
I'm quite the opposite. I'm able to daydream for hours or sometimes my mind can just go blank with absolutely nothing in it. hahahhaha!

I definitely wouldn't imply that not watching subs would mean not being an anime fan but I do think it's nicer to hear the Japanese voices. Also in the dubs, I won't be able to hear any of the -san and -chan that I like to hear D:
CardcaptorKitty Aug 11, 2010 3:46 PM
HEY AT LEAST IF IT IS A HANDHELD IT IS CHEAPER. LOL, I know what you mean, though. Console games can be way more fun. I just like handheld stuff because it makes convenient storage and I can carry it with me if I want to, which helps if I'm super addicted to something - like Disgaea, oh boy - but consoles are really cool. I just don't get to use them very much because usually there aren't many games I'd care to play on them in comparison to handheld systems, plus the consoles in my household belong to my brothers and they are usually playing them SO! XD

Oh, man, yes!! I always felt like kicking myself when I proudly finished a box set only to find that they were selling the entire thing, in a smaller thinpak, half the price, maybe even less! So now I definitely wait for the box sets, and maybe companies would like to take their chances in just releasing a whole set altogether? But I guess you need to make money somehow, plus with a dub track it takes more time to release an all-in-one set, and hardcore fans can get their series gradually.

But yes, I can agree with watching anime over reading manga sometimes too. Like, I didn't care very much for Haruhi when I was reading the manga but I watched the two seasons of the anime within two weeks and was like, "Wow. Why was I confused about the manga again?" I'm still not sure why. But sometimes it's helpful to watch the anime first and then go to the manga. I did that with Lucky Star, too. I couldn't get into it, then I watched a good handful of episodes, then I read the rest of the Lucky Star manga I had been putting off in just two days. But yeah, I tend to enjoy watching anime versus reading manga, but then there are some anime that do not have manga, and some manga that have not become anime, so sometimes it can be either the best of both worlds, or you can appreciate one form of media more than another. :)

But yeah, I think what drowned my interest in Inuyasha was that filler stuff, because once I hear there is a lot of filler, I tend to stray away until I find the patience to deal with it. Don't get me wrong, I want to finish Inuyasha, but I think I can get frustrated by filler. Like, there is good filler and bad filler. Good is always okay, but bad filler is just... like the plague. Run away, run away! XD

But I'm looking forward to the final arc, too! I was excited to hear that it had been picked up! I heard it's really good, too! I really wanna start picking up the manga as well, since I had friends who were collecting it, but I haven't seen them as much as I'd like and they just kind of stopped collecting it. Wah! I wanna finish it. Same with Ranma 1/2 and stuff.

But the good news is, about the Inuyasha movies, is that they've placed all of them in a box set too. XD So you can probably save if you jump on that. I bought all of the movies individually as well. XDDD

I loooooooove Detective Conan! It probably is one of my most favorite series. I started buying that individually as well but they just kept rereleasing it, like, ten different ways and it got to the point people were like, "Okay, um, we have all this by now. When are you gonna pick up some new stuff?!" XD And I was so sad to hear they weren't gonna show anymore episodes on [as]! And of all episodes to end on, too, to introduce an important character and then BAM! "We're done with this!" I was hoping FUNimation would show some of the more recent episodes they've dubbed too, but they haven't and keep looping the same 50 episodes they had on [as]... and I met Jerry Jewell while I was at Otakon this year (who does the voices of Jimmy Kudo and Phantom Thief Kid) and he made it sound like FUNimation has no more plans to pick up anymore Detective Conan. Waaaah, I was buying it, I swear! That was one uber long series I actually cared to keep buying! I bought all of the box sets - beyond the repeated ones - and all of the movies they released as well. I really hope they do more...

But how do you like your series? Dubbed/subbed/raw? I'm more of a sub person but I've learned dubs can be awesome too, so I'm no longer a purist. Besides, there's some kind of uppity-uppity snootyness that comes with being a purist sometimes that I don't care for very much. The one series I can say I prefer dubbed has to be Kodocha, though. I loved that series dubbed SO MUCH! I'm also liking the dubbed version of Hetalia that I've seen so far from FUNimation's website. There were lots of complaints about them regionalizing their accents and putting on obviously fake accents, but I think that's what makes it fun! Plus people are complaining the jokes aren't that funny, but I think I laughed more in the first four episodes than I did for most of that season when I watched it in Japanese! Not that there's anything wrong with the Japanese either, it's just like with a quick witted show like Hetalia, I think it's good to have it in English with some non-Japanese-like jokes. :D
CardcaptorKitty Aug 11, 2010 2:49 PM
I like gaming because it lets you be interactive rather than sitting back and expecting to be entertained, but yeah, with gaming, it's like there is competition for the best system to play things on, or on how many games you play, and I just find the hype of a brand new system coming out as kind of dull. Like, they've had so many different versions of the DS that I just kind of sit there and go, "Dude, WTF, I still HAVE my original DS in GREAT condition." I mean, some of the perks are cool, like with a camera and all, but that'll keep me amused for what, a week or two? Seriously, when my brother got his DSi lite he used the camera and features on it for like a week and then just stopped using them and went back to playing PS3 games. Bleh. It just kind of feels useless. I'd kind of like a DSi XL since I don't really carry my DS from place to place, but it's not necessary.

As for marathoning, I *can* fall asleep if I'm tired enough, though. Or sometimes it'll be late at night and I'll start daydreaming and I'll wake up slouched over my desk with half of the episode already over. Wah, that sucks, and then I'm spoiled for the episode. But it's a very rare occurrence that it actually happens, though.

And yeah, anime is really expensive unless you're on top of's bargin bin or on or something along those lines. I'm not usually one to jump on sales and buy whatever, whenever, so I'm not good about keeping tabs on that kind of thing. And most anime I request is usually put on a birthday or Christmas list. So manga is a good, cheaper alternative. It's the author's original storyline and still has the same characters (in comparison to the anime, sometimes with bigger roles or slightly different scenarios)! Plus they have the 3-in-1 volumes now which DEFINITELY save you the money. It's gotten to the point I do the same thing with anime, as in, waiting for the boxset because after years of buying DVDs individually, it is way more expensive, plus now whatever I buy is out of my own pocket, so I have to be smarter about my anime purchases. XD

But yes, Inuyasha is very awesome. I was kind of "meh" about it for a while until I started watching it with my brother who had never seen it, and I started to love it again. I've seen... probably up to the third season-ish in its entirety...? And otherwise I've seen a LOT OF RANDOM EPISODES from [as]. Which isn't always a bad thing. :)

It also tends to be, with longer series, that I start picking up the movies (which usually have no impact on the series' plot whatsoever). So I have seen most of the Pokemon movies, and Detective Conan's movies and such. Inuyasha's kind of the same - I picked up the first season and own all of the movies. And if you haven't seen the movies (by your list you haven't ;D) you should! My personal favorite is the second one, The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, because I like the mythology in it (and Princess Kaguya is AWESOME), but I also liked the first one, Affections Touching Across Time, too. The third one I think was okay, and I don't really remember the fourth one since I think I only saw it once... so I should probably rewatch it. ^^;
Kira213 Aug 11, 2010 1:02 AM
I agree, I actually got to know SEED through the english dubs, they are pretty good compared to other dubs in other anime. But I still prefer the japanese voice actors still. The Japanese VAs just seem to be able to convey the emotions more accurately.

Haha usually when I watch anime, I wouldn't like to be doing anything else or be disturbed. It's like my whole focus is on the screen and I've gotten oblivious to the world xD hehee
Kira213 Aug 10, 2010 1:18 PM
Oh really? I've only seen screenshots of it though. Hard to imagine such good animation blending in with such an old design style of characters xD

I'll never again watch a dubbed version >< I guess I'll look up the subbed version next time =D
Kira213 Aug 10, 2010 10:33 AM
I haven't watched that yet. I heard its really short, like about 4 episodes or so?
Kira213 Aug 10, 2010 1:48 AM
yup! His character was very cliched. Allelujah was quite unique. But most the gundams were still quite the usual. Awesome but the usual. Hoping future series will show gundams with totally different abilites haha