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Anime Stats
Days: 133.4
Mean Score: 6.65
  • Total Entries713
  • Rewatched38
  • Episodes7,791
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Kyokou Suiri
Kyokou Suiri
Feb 13, 5:17 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kanata no Astra
Kanata no Astra
Feb 13, 5:10 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Mary to Majo no Hana
Mary to Majo no Hana
Feb 1, 4:30 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 26.2
Mean Score: 9.70
  • Total Entries107
  • Reread0
  • Chapters4,713
  • Volumes237
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Dai Dark
Dai Dark
Feb 14, 6:28 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Dec 21, 2019 5:17 PM
Reading 254/? · Scored 10
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Dec 5, 2019 8:13 PM
Reading 124/? · Scored 10


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Chowy Feb 7, 9:01 PM
wake up retard, i have questions for you
1. Why did you deny my fr on discord ??? its rude js
2. Why did you disappear?? thats also rude
3. Why are you sad??? stop doing that its not healthy
4. Last one. WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH PIE BUT NOT ME???????????? :unamused: thats the rudest

kiss Feb 7, 3:55 AM
Where'd u go
AnimePixelz Jan 14, 12:29 AM
you're really taking your time with my replies huh

i miss u
AnimePixelz Jan 7, 9:06 PM
here is the reply you’ve probably been awaiting for :^)

wow. damn. i didn’t even know about this but wooow gamefreak. get your shit together GRRR SMH
it’s ok lmao. im kinda pissed too from hearing that tbh. maybe i shouldnt have asked what pokemon you used since idek the new pokemon added into swsh. ill search those pokemon up later with trusty google!
oh wow, you’re even a big pokemon nerd than i am heh. ive played diamond, heartgold and black. ive got black 2 somewhere laying around waiting to be played on my dsi as it’s collecting dust oof. i wanna get a 3ds tbh AAAA. and oh? what’s ugvile?
omg you should defs play and install it, you’ll defs like it if your a huge pokemon geek, like myself uwu here’s the site ! tell me once you got it running n stuff
have you watched all the pokemon movies btw? do you have any fave ones?
well i think it was shit and gjskgksjfkf. cute + me ??? pls. hmm try another word

oh, it doesn’t count if it’s irl right... :( im not baby hands anymore, well idk till you tell me lol
owo wowie smort!! epic and im leaving today, thank fuck
oh wow really? damn :eyes: time to move to japan then yayayay
you’re a sex number
thanks, i know i am :) oooh that’s cool and omg, did you get caught?? risky
AAAA hmph, can you just tell me why don’t you love fruits pls >:((( is the taste or just in general? do you hate all fruits? >:(
oh dw bout that, i was aware the day i was born uwu

LOL, heheheh ofc id noticed, i check the com-to-com mostly when replying to ppl tbh, heh. your drawings are so cool n amazing!!

you don’t gotta reply to this asap btw, take ur time uwu
AnimePixelz Jan 7, 8:55 PM
oh? woo! guess i am since you accepted me onto your friends list, yay. oh, i like talking to you n stuff lol
hmmm SUREEEE -w- idk dont think ive got tons of pet peeves, but when the internet is slow yknow and omg i cannot stand messy stuff, like GRRR I GET SO TRIGGERED AND DKFKSLGLG BLEH hbu
yeah and hmm maybe not at a hotel LOL, maybe at a cafe idk :o
oh oof
ooof and omg what, wtf. can i work there pls
AnimePixelz Jan 7, 4:09 AM
AAAA im angery >:C u bully >:ccc okok sorry to disturb u, this is the last time i will >:(( since you are a PRODUCTIVE ADULT are you talking about the words crossed out?
oh :^( mission accomplished then, i do get mad easily tbh but depends on the thingies yknow oof
hmm idk maybe in hospitality jobs :o not sure lol
wym :eyes:
yes heh
hope you had a good sleep and did you do actually shit at work today huh
AnimePixelz Jan 6, 5:31 AM
fjskgjfj not my fault you go to bed SO EARLY, but then again you have work tmrw im assuming? xd i try to reply asap to u
oof and how was it wasted and no im not, take that back >:((
ooh, woah that sounds cool. nope, not yet at least. gonna try and get one this year aaa
ah i see, i can wait until then, gotta get my cute animals drawings uwu
yes you actually do imo. superior taste!!
AnimePixelz Jan 6, 5:20 AM
pft no
ooh, i was wondering where you were tbh, forgot that you had 3 days off. did you spend it wisely huh. what do you do at work btw
dw we’re getting there quite quickly if we keep it up at this pace :^) oooof, did you get your new pc like i told you to
oooh omg the alpaca!!! it’s so adorable đŸ¥ºđŸ¥º
what’s a barn owl?
im gonna search that up rn
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 5:55 PM
oh oof, thought it was xd and dksjgkdg bleh
hmmm ill see what i can do when i get home -w-
oooh woah!! i wanna see some drawings pls đŸ¥º omg bet there’ll look even cuter when you draw em uwu
hmm pandas since they’re my fave animals, maybe foxes too
you got any fave animals?
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 6:28 AM
omg fjdkgkdkdj was that a flirt
hmm how good is it though
LOL fjskgjfjdo no, jeez. oooh i see, that seems good exercise aaa
omg maybe i should draw cute animals instead. that’s adorable. aw yeah, definitely can see that happening and for myself lol. what cute animals do you draw?
yes, that’s me! :^)
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 1:37 AM
that wasn’t apart of the deal >:(
i can only draw stick figures, its fucking terrible. your eyes will bleed, trust me
ooh? and oh nice. i feel like i should exercise tbh, never do LOL. have you been to a gym?
idk probs anime and manga stuff yknow, since im a disgusting weeb :)
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 1:26 AM
oooh wow, that’s really cool!! oooh i see, that’s me with anime tbh, but sometimes i gotta force myself to watch it >:(
you’re welcome uwu

okie dokie

tbh i wanna start drawing, it’s one of my new years resolutions, well basic drawing at least i suppose. tfw you can only draw stick figures :(
do you have any new years resolutions btw?
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 1:17 AM
i saw the drawings, they look amazing omg. god wish i had talent, frick >:(((
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 1:12 AM
aaaa ill try to reply this tmrw oof or we could just go back to shorter comments till i get my reply back to u xd
AnimePixelz Jan 5, 12:44 AM
omg what, WHY >:((( no talk to me, im angery and depressed now, dummi nintendo and gamefreak
wtf?? what pokemon did you use? why do i feel like you used cute pokemon to defeat the league uwu is this sword n shield ur talkin bout? what other pokemon games have ya played? omg have you heard of pokemmo?
my epic smooth talking? kms. when i see a chance, maybe. why u askin, it’s shit right. gotta sharpen my skill more

perfect, i can live the easy and stress free life once again! how long does the effect last for?
yah you dummi !!!
hmmm you can guess where i am, if you want. it’s listed what you mentioned. no im not in russia lmao, sorry to disappoint you
ooh i wasn’t but now that you mentioned it, that’s a good idea! hmm your drawings? :^)
oooh wow, interesting !! did you learn some basic japanese before you moved over, or?
hmm your score is 6.9/10
chicken tenders huh. i don’t eat them often, they’re nice though uwu. oooh, cool. never been to a baseball game before so idk what they have, just thinking about the ones that they show in movies n tv shows n stuff. probably it’s similar thngies?
ok, veggies i get that, not a fan of veggies either. BUT FRUITS??? NO NO NO HOW DARE YOU >:((
how can you not stand fruits???? THEYRE DELICOUS u monster >:(((
yah imma stoopid girl uwu

dkfjfjskgk my eyes are hurting, poor thing :((
you finally noticed yay!!

edit: well well, what do we have here. would you look at that, we’ve reached 100 comments and it’s climbling :^)
2 drawings please :^) actually it’s THREE drawings for your payment for the interrogation :^)))