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Mar 21, 2011
well what can i say
the story is really lame like really really lame
same old story just like the movie resident evil bur there is no umbrella corporation this time
but i have to give it to you
it is definitely one of the best ecchis Ive seen period
its actually an state of art ecchi
i wish all of them were like that
im looking forward for the second season
but overall even though it is lame story with predictable actions and same old same old characters you will enjoy it
Feb 6, 2011
ok this is my first 10
so i don't go around and score anime randomly
i just had to give it a ten because in comedy department this one was just in a whole other level
just think about it schools idiots and superpowers it has to work
specially if very funny superpowers are involved
and as i was telling you it will most definitely make you laugh
Feb 6, 2011
well plot is a little bit crazy but it is kinda really shallow
it had potential to be just funny but in kinda failed in that department to
i mean a boy turning in to a girl when he has to fight him not being able to control it properly it might have worked but not really in this anime
stuffed animals sucked their voice super sucked and there was kind of no ending or perhaps a very stupid one
my suggestion you definitely don't need to watch it
Jan 21, 2011
well to be honest i have mixed feelings about this one
i know it is common in most ecchi series to have a weak male character but this one takes to far i mean literally the guy gets rash whenever a girls touches him
however it is one of the funniest and ecchiest animes i have ever seen
Fukuyama character and the whole hitting the pervert is perfected to the point of art
you will definitely laugh and also feel disgusted with the way main character is depicted
and also i have to warn you when i say it is ecchiest i mean it
this one is no mere read more
Jan 21, 2011
to be honest i really liked this
and my recommendation is
if you get a chance watch this
but honestly it is an not an r rated anime! there is no reason that it should be rated higher than pg 13
it has a very interesting plot with an amazing ending which we rarely if ever get to see in animes
if you enjoy harems and ecchi and kinda get whole this harem comedy going on with similar series i think you will enjoy it besides add fantasy magic to this combination and tadda you've got a winner
interesting and diverse characters a very good plot that read more
Jan 21, 2011
Sekirei (Anime) add (All reviews)
well the score sums it up fairly good ecchi
there is an actual plot girls do all the fighting and not weak but good for nothing male character much better then you would expect
i guess you'll like it even though it has slight drama
for me comedy and drama mix is a no no and thats probably why i didn't score it highly
just watch it but don't expect to laugh but it will entertain you for sure
Jan 21, 2011
Kanokon (Anime) add (All reviews)
hm mm
i wish i could rate this one 6.5 because it does not desers a 7 nor should it be scored 6.i dont know if its just me but i truely dont like weak male characters just stop drawing these characters people!
but to be honest it is a faily good combination of ecchi fantasy and comedy is again fairly good
and it does not fall short on ecchi part believe you me
even if it is just for ecchi comedy watch this one you probably wont regret it
there is one character that particularly makes the whole anime worth watching and cracks you up and it the girl read more
Jan 21, 2011
just go for it!
watch this one i guaranty you will like this
this just might be one of my top favorite animes ever
rarely ever you get to see a genuine comedy fantasy ecchi
plus we have a strong main character which is a huge bonus
i don't know about you guys but i just hate the way male leads are depicted in most of ecchi animes these days
art is good drawings are fairly detailed sound quality is acceptable and we have a good plot with lots of interesting characters that makes possible a great combination of action comedy ecchi
guys and gals im finishing my review with read more
Jan 5, 2011
well what can i say i have a thing for cat girls
and as Japanese so eloquently put it
she is just so kavaii!
yes girls do all the fighting yes we have weak male lead yes the whole thing is not so original but you know and i know that we do get a kick out of the same old formula im not against anything genuine i truly like them but not everything you watch is genuine and fresh full of new ideas so youve gotta go for the same oldies but have to make sure you choose the good ones at that
so if you read more