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Feb 18, 2014
Youma (Anime) add (All reviews)
The war torn land is mottled with strange occurrences attributed to the rise of yoma or demons, feeding off blood and misery. A skilled ninja, Hikage, is ordered to silence his best friend and finds his friend holds a dark secret.

I have tried on 3 separate occasions to watch Blood Reign. The animation looks similar to Ninja Scroll and I really enjoy Japanese folklore, but I can’t get through the piece. The main character has no personality beyond persistence. The soundtracks has some really cheesy 80′s keyboard music but also some beautiful period sounding pieces. The story is hard to follow and the character design read more
Nov 8, 2013
A young man aims to do something more exciting than farming. His homeland is destroyed by an evil Galactic enemy and he is given super-human powers by which to save the galaxy. His comrades are a sarcastic, hairy alien and a beautiful female in white with a braided bun on the side of her head. Do you recognize any similarities here to an American pop culture icon?

This mid 80′s film has aged pretty well, excepting the CGI which was laughable (though not as laughable as Golgo 13.) I had fun just watching and picking up stolen Star Wars references with a Japanese twist (tentacles!) If read more
Aug 26, 2013
Demons, ninja clan demon hunters, reincarnation and a naked loli

I studied Buddhism in college and there were a lot of references to Gods and demons in this OVA that I didn’t understand. They also referred to one demon as Satan, which is a Western religious reference. In my opinion, this anime needs to remain locked in the vault of bad 90′s anime.
Aug 25, 2013
"The Garden of Words" is another work by Makoto Shinkai, who brought us "5 Centimeters Per Second." Prepare for his signature stunning visuals and a bittersweet romance with some serious flaws.

Takao is a 15 year old high school student with aspiration of becoming a shoemaker. He skips school on rainy days to sketch shoes in a traditional- style Japanese garden. On one such rainy day, he meets Yukino, an older woman, who appears to be seeking shelter from the world in the garden. Every rainy day thereafter, the two find themselves in each others' company in the garden.

This movie was seriously appalling to read more
Aug 24, 2013
Super model Jun has the ability to transform into a Devilman powerful beast. Scouted by a secret government agency, Jun uses her power to fight others of her own kind. Jun battles her own personal demons as she copes with her transformation and being used as weapon.

The characters are given depth and adequate backstory to understand their motivations. The viewer is acutely aware of Jun’s internal struggles as it effects her blooming relationship with Kazumi. Did I mention yuri? There are also other ambiguous sexual tensions in the series.

The animation and soundtrack are dated. Jun’s face is well animated as a model, but her body read more
Aug 16, 2013
In Jushin, there once lived secret government agents called Angyo Onshi who traveled the countryside in disguise. They were charged by the king with finding and punishing corrupt government officials and bringing justice. Munsu is an Angyo Onshi who possesses the power to summon a ghost army. He happens upon a young man, Mon-ryon, who aspires to be an Angyo Onshi in order to save his girlfriend from the clutches of an evil Lord. Mon-ryon meets his demise and Junshin has fallen but Munsu still travels to continue the king's quest for justice. Munsu releases the people and Mon-ryon's, Chun Hyang from the read more
Aug 15, 2013
The movie begins with a flashback of young Afro watching his father slayed for his No. 1 headband. He who dons the No. 1 headband is the ultimate warrior and can only be challenged by the owner of the No. 2 headband. Anyone and everyone will challenge No. 2 for his coveted headband. The movie follows Afro in a futuristic feudal Japan as he defends his No. 2 headband against many able foes, including his childhood friend who is also hell-bent on revenge.

It took me many, many tries to actually sit and watch this movie because of the art style. The chiseled faces and read more
Aug 14, 2013
Steamboy is one of the most expensive Japanese animated movies made to date and was in production for nearly ten years. Sadly, they should have put more effort into perfecting the script for this ambitious anime.

The attention to detail sets this anime apart from all others. Each cog and gear are intricately animated in the many inventions in the movie. The architecture of Victorian London is duplicated perfectly. The CGI used was so seamless, I didn't notice. The sound track is grand and befitting of the time period.

The anime has no clear message and is clouded by characters whose purpose is ambiguous. The read more
Aug 14, 2013
Sometime in the future, the Earth is ravaged by the effects of Global Warming. The flora fights back, violently overtaking civilization. In Japan, a perfect utopian society, Atlas, is built and shelters the chosen few, while the rest of society fend for themselves in the ruins of civilization. The global economy is based on carbon. The CO2 producing nations of the world owe large tax levies. Businessmen, hackers and terrorists alike battle for control of the global market and power.

The story revolves around a spirited young girl, Kuniko, who is heiress to a "terrorist" organization called Metal Age. Metal Age opposes the exclusionist principles of read more
Aug 14, 2013
The story is told through Yuzuru Otonashi who wakes up with amnesia mid-battle in a high school setting. Yuri Nakamura, while lying on the ground with a sniper rifle, quickly tries to recruit him to their Battlefront organization. Otanashi learns through trial and error that he has entered a state of purgatory between life and the afterlife where the Battlefront members can't die. Their only enemy is "Angel" or Kanade Tachibana, the Class President. Angel's role in this purgatory is to make all the Battlefront members confirm to school rules. Episode 1 cleanly states all the rules and players of purgatory. Episode 2 quickly explains read more