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Jan 21, 2015
Usually when I come across a manga like that I don't even bother myself with adding it to my MAL. This time is different, as I feel my responsibility as a human being is to warn anyone thinking about reading this thing, not to do so.

The main problem of the manga is the storyline. It feels as the author didn't have a firm grip of the plot, thus during 7 chapters she tried different approaches to the story which all failed. For example, there are two chapters copycatting Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihnge which are just painful to read. One is Ouran High School Host Club in read more
Dec 30, 2011
This manga could be great. But it isn't. Maybe, it is because of a natural comparison with Nana, although in my opinion the title itself doesn't stand out.

Let's start with good points.

There is one awesome character, which make all the manga worth reading. Yuka is one of the most interesting girls I have ever come across in manga. Everything about her was carefully thought through and you can feel it while reading. Mayu, on the other hand, has uncommon character (how often do you read about a girl who is simply lazy?), but because of a little place in the manga she gets, her actions read more