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Jan 3, 2010
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
When I first read the chapter 00 oneshot, I thought it was really funny and that it had potential. That was 3 days ago. After that, I began reading the manga and without realizing it, I already caught up to chapter 86, today.

This by far is one of the best mangas I've read in a long time as the story just feels more fresh compared to similar in these genres. I mean, secret lovers, a delinquent with a mellow side, a more than unexpected student council (normal but weird in their own way) and the non-violent hero of the story. This manga has read more
Jan 4, 2009
Kannagi (Anime) add (All reviews)
When I 1st learned about this series I searched on ANN and it didn't catch my attention much. but when i saw that ayako was subbing this I thought it might be something good to watch, but had better stuff on my queue so I never got around to get it. after they had released all eps in 1 batch I figured what the heck... so i got it.
Tonight I sat down and one episode after another, I just couldn't stop watching it. It just gave you that warm feeling of a very well thought out story, crazy goddesses and love polygons with read more