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Feb 6, 2022
Just a short review for this one. TL;DR style.

- This show has some janky modeling and rigging for the CG characters, and the faces are a little same-face-y. It also reruns scenes sometimes in a way that indicates they were padding. These are the major art flaws, but otherwise it's still quite nice, particularly for CG.

- The creators clearly love the IP. This is something that's very very important to a show. There are a lot of little details they did a good job of putting in.

- Again, no experience with the book, and I enjoyed it immensely. ...
Feb 6, 2022
Probably no one will read this review, but I have some thoughts and I want to share them.

First of all, to be clear, this is an 11 episode show with 1 bonus episode. "Episode 12" is just something for the fans, which wraps up a few story threads if you were interested, and throws some fanservice out. Episode 11 is the actual story finale. I suspect some people were confused by this and got annoyed by why 12 seemed slow and just full of flirting. It's because it's not a real episode.

1) This legitimately upended my expectations. Based on what little ...
Feb 6, 2022
Okay, so. I understand there are some flaws to this series, and I just...don't care. I will elaborate below.

"It's super rushed! The pacing is off compared to the book!" Yada yada, I don't care. If you come to an anime adaptation expecting an exact version of the book, you're probably not going to enjoy yourself and instead nitpick your way through. For someone who hasn't read the book, the story was interesting, I loved the worldbuilding, and I am thoroughly intrigued. It's also very much a series based on part of an existing novel - do not ...
Feb 6, 2022
A summary of my thoughts:

- The things that really made this series work were the interesting storyline, worldbuilding, and a selection of the major characters. The main character was quite charming if oblivious, Xiang Shu's irritation was fun to watch, and the wolf and deer were intriguing.

- Out of all the danmei series I've watched recently, this one in particular was obviously lower budget. There were a lot of production issues like lower-quality CG art and poorly-handled storyboarding and novel-to-screen conversion problems.

- I will say that Legend of Exorcist, to which this is a prequel of sorts, has similar storyboarding issues, ...
Feb 6, 2022
This story was a classic Priest novel type, but with an interesting modern twist. I'm invested! I want to know what happens next and get more into the details of the past of the two main characters and how they're connected.

The animation is quite nice for CG, and the faces are stylized in a unique way. The backgrounds are beautiful.

Good! Well fit, nice OP/ED.
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Jan 23, 2022
I don't really understand why this show is rated under a 7. It's one of the best shows I've seen lately, but I guess maybe the humor doesn't work for everyone. Admittedly, this show is much funnier if you understand Chinese and also Chinese pop culture/slang.

Story - so...the initial part of the show is mostly humor-focused, but it does build up toward an actual story. I feel like it actually sets you up in the first half for a lighthearted comedy, and then by about the halfway point you suddenly realize there's actually a storyline and you're already super invested in ...
Jan 21, 2022
Story - This show actually surprised me, in that I thought the storytelling was actually improved from season 1. Unfortunately, it still has some pacing issues (particularly with the humorous moments within scenes), and the choice of when to cut off the story at the end of the season feels a bit abrupt. There are also some transitions that feel abrupt, like the phoenix king suddenly forcing the main character to make a decision, but I couldn't figure out if this was a problem with the animation or if it's inherited from the source novel.

That said, there is a lot more going on ...
Jan 21, 2022
Since the only other review is relatively critical, I thought I would offer my perspective, which was decidedly more positive.

Story - this is based on a novel by Priest, who is always good for an interesting storyline. I personally had no issues following along, although I did watch in Chinese, and the subtitles are mediocre which may lead to confusion. Note that the original source was written as novel, not a manga, so I would caution against assuming each season will be a true "arc" the way a lot of Japanese anime shows are. Personally I loved the world-building and the exciting sci-fi ...
Dec 26, 2021
When compared to season 1 and 2, this season has both areas where it does better and other areas where it's not as good.

The main areas it falls a bit short are:

- The story is definitely a bit rushed. I think this could have been 2 seasons but was crammed into one, making the Yi city arc VERY fast, and resulting in some sped up pacing that was noticeably too fast. They also rearranged some of the storyline - it didn't bother me too much, but I got a bit confused having already been familiar with the original chronology.

- I actually ...
Oct 9, 2021
I rewatched this film recently, and personally it still works for me. Since there are already many reviews, I'll just lay out a few thoughts I had. Note that I have only had minor exposure to Escaflowne the series and have not watched the whole thing.

- It's pretty likely you'll be disappointed if you really loved the original Escaflowne series and are hoping for something similar to that. This film has a different tone, a different storyline, a completely different theme, and also removes Hitomi's fortune-telling. Luckily for me, I had very little exposure to the series when I saw this ...