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Sep 13, 2017
Considering that an article on this very site, written somewhere around the end of last season, has already declared this show to be a "miss" at its halfway point (real professional work there, guys, next time you should just rank animes based on their announcement PVs), and that most viewers have already decided to drop the series in favour of the latest pseudo-hentai, harem LN adaptation, it might be far too late for me to write a review about this piece of work, killed before it ever had the chance to show its values, but I believe that Sakurada Reset deserves better.

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Jun 19, 2017
Watch it if you
- like overpriced plastic toys and commercials about them
- think that half-done animations are the future
- already had your skull acquainted with a power drill
- have an undying infatuation with panty-shots
- REALLY like overpriced plastic toys and commercials about them

DO NOT watch it if you
- think that an audience deserves more than a full season of commercials
- wish to see unique characters interact with each other
- you expect an actual story beyond "stuff happens, occasionally incomplete fight sequences)
- believe that humour has greater depths than a pond for newborn ducklings
- find pointless lewd camera angles more offensive than arousing

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May 21, 2017
[NOTICE: I actually love alternative rock music, this review is not a statement against the genre itself, but the bafflingly awful and musically flawed nature of this specific anime. In short, I like this kind of music, but the songs here are objectively bad]

Watch it if you are
- deaf
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