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Dec 21, 2016
The most difficult challenge a reviewer faces when writing about this show is choosing if it should be initially referred to as "Disappointment!!! on Ice" or "Queerbait!!! on Ice". Both names are equally hard-earned and both unfortunately represent it well.

But how such a promising show ended up being so underwhelming? It has an interesting premise, very appealing character designs, previews suggested strong visual direction and great sports scenes combined with a quality soundtrack. The first two episodes were perfectly watchable. What went wrong? Well, honestly, quite much.

Firstly - Yuri on Ice is surprisingly cartoonish - it heavily relies on exaggerated goofiness and chibi faces. It read more
Jan 2, 2016
This Studio Ghibli motion picture is relatively well-acclaimed outside the anime world. As of now it boasts 100% rating on rotten tomatoes and it was nominated for 87th Academy Awards. Unfortunately, for all of its praise it's a surprisingly mediocre work.

The movie has some merits - it has delightful watercolor-like visual style. It's very pleasant to watch, one can simply sit and enjoy the flow of images. Animation is vivid and the art style captures the mood of the period and atmosphere of the folk tale very well. What this movie fails to capture however, is the very point it's trying to make.

Because the read more
Jun 28, 2015
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Monster is a series which gets almost universal praise. And for a good reason - it is a very good show and I enjoyed thoroughly almost every episode of it. But unfortunately it is sort of a failed masterpiece - and as such it may ultimately be not as rewarding as its ratings suggest or even worse, may leave the viewer with a (very) strong sense of disappointment.

And because watching it is potentially disappointing, all the more the series is 74 episodes long - three times the normal show's length, mind you - please treat this review as a warning (as non-spoiler-ish read more
Jun 25, 2015
This review will be harsh, but second season of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works fully deserved it. And don't be deceived by the catchy slogan "Unlimited Budget Works". The only thing which is truly unlimited in this anime is characters' redundant talking.

Some of the show's weak points were unavoidable - the original material's storyline quality is dubious at times and the fact that Unlimited Blade Works as a second route of Visual Novel is supposed to be built up over experiences from the first one definitely doesn't help when someone is adapting it. But VN's weaknesses aside, its premise is interesting enough to make read more
May 28, 2015
This is a very bad anime. Nevertheless on several conditions I'm inclined to highly recommend watching it. I'm doing it mainly because it has some originality, its melodrama is rather disturbing and, what is really rare for a bad show, it's thought-provoking.

One can have many complains about Kannazuki no Miko, especially about its story. But the very general outline of the narrative is very solid and not entirely unoriginal. At least I have never watched anything like that. It slightly resembles PMMM, but Madoka is almost ten years newer and it's not nearly as edgy. I suppose the outline of Kannazuki no Miko could make read more
May 18, 2015
"Memories" consist of three entirely different short movies, which, as I'm going to argue, may be not bad individually but as a compilation aren't probably worth anyone's time.

It's not even fully comprehensible why these films ended up bundled together. They are not tied by any single concept. E. g. first two look like adaptation of some short-story of the month from random SF magazine, while the third much more resembles short-film with focus put on visuals (and it's the only one which is actually short). The first movie has significantly more complex plot than second and third - the latter ones explore one idea read more
May 10, 2015
Satoshi Kon's "Millennium actress" is a breathtakingly brilliant film. It was so breathtaking that I'm still in awe and I feel forced to write my life's first unconditionally positive review.

What primarily needs to be noted here is that it is brilliant as a work of art, and not only as a piece of entertainment. It is clearly a traditional cinema movie, not an "anime" of the type Westerner is accustomed to. As such you shouldn't expect almost any typical elements you learned to adore in the works you treasure in your anime list. It's also not advisable to judge the movie by classical MAL read more
May 8, 2015
Toradora! is one of the most annoying shows I have ever watched. And it has the single most ridiculous ending of all anime I've seen. Even the ending of Claymore was more satisfying, which is saying something.

It is naturally that annoying because initially it seems to have much quality. I liked animation, music, opening, and, most importantly, I really liked most of the characters, including Taiga and Ryuuji. It is definitely quite cliché but charming brainless high-school romance with engaging characters isn't something I automatically hate.

But, as episodes go by, all of the shows' cons start to become visible. First of all - read more
May 3, 2015
In short, "Psycho Pass" is a weak, pretentious and utterly misguided show. There are two main reasons for that. First - very general failure of the show in constructing a sensible futuristic vision and second - its not exactly superb writing.

At first Psycho-Pass looks like a clinical example of a generic work. It rips off "Minority Report", "Dredd" and many other SF stories. It has generic dystopian setting, generic art style, generic soundtrack - neither of these special nor particularly bad. Just not very promising. But then the basic premise of the story degenerates quickly. Decent dystopias in fiction generally should be at least marginally read more
Apr 23, 2015
Most important thing first. Don't watch Fate/Zero before this show or before anything Fate/Stay Night related if you don't want to spoil yourself almost entire story.

However it's worth mentioning that the story isn't that terribly important, because it's actually quite idiotic and only an excuse to have battle royale with an extremely hot chick as a main participant. What distinguishes this anime is the fact that she is fully clothed - it may be a small thing, but nice nevertheless.

Fate/Stay Night is based on the popular visual novel. I'm writing this review in 2015, and as of now the 2006 anime adaptation tends to get read more