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Oct 12, 2013
This is one of those stories that are neither particularly plot driven nor character driven. If anything, it's rather forgettable. The story is bland and the characters not likeable. The wham comes in at episode 21 and there are too many filler episodes before that to the point that I sometimes wonder why I even continue watching it until the end.

Well, the premise of the anime seems good but the execution isn't quite done right. There are too many coincidences that are there just because it has to be there. The plot is based on discovering hidden files from the past an re-remembering old read more
Nov 12, 2012
I can see where the negative reviews are coming from but if you especially like the slice of life genre, this is one you shouldn't miss.
This manga will overwhelm you emotionally. It is tragic, lovely, sweet, painful, lonely and doubtlessly fulfilling. This is a true gem, one of those rare manga that will make a deep impression and leave you satisfied with the beautifully executed ending.

started off as somewhat awkward but by the second half it improved tremendously

It's really nothing much but what makes this manga what it is is the way in which it was done. It has an air reminiscent of the read more
Jul 22, 2012
Please do give it a try and finish watching the three parts (each of 5+mins) before you judge this short introduction.
This started off slowly with you typical girl protagonist exploring prohibited area but soon turn into something else entirely. I can't say much otherwise it would be a huge spoiler but expect to get mind blown.

As of yet, I still can't tell much about the plot line. However, this looks really promising so far and has shown great potential. I may be a little bias since I'm definitely a fan of this director but this short intro had my head spinning in a really good read more
May 19, 2012
Some people say that there's no plot and the story is too simple but I can't disagree more. The show makes you ponder about the deeper question behind it. Why are they attacking? Why should I fight? What happens if I don't? Am I alone?

To me, the story is absolutely stunning (and I ended up crying a little while watching). It is some what light hearted but those who have watched anime like Bokurano will definitely be struck by the similarity between the underlying theme.

The main issue with this is the animation. However, I came to watch it with the full knowledge that read more