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I've been watching anime since my childhood and more actively since around 2006.

My favorite genres are romance, fantasy, ecchi, yuri, cgdct and sci-fi.

I accept most friend requests but don't expect me to be very social.

If you need help or recommendations feel free to leave me a message or comment.

My lists are private for privacy reasons, not because I care about your opinion. They are pretty incomplete anyway.


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MinakoBestGirl Today, 1:31 AM
Yeah. She's pretty interesting so far :D
MinakoBestGirl Yesterday, 6:02 PM
Are you a fan of Liko from the new Pokémon series?
Catalano Yesterday, 7:17 AM
I don't really hate it, I just don't care about it but still, if I have the chance to make fun of it on the forums I will use the opportunity XD
It's not about the girls, it's because it started decent and presented the nen in a cool way (I even read ton of wiki about it to understand it better) yet in the chimera arc they forget about it and invent stuff that makes no sense only to be dramatic when for me it just looks forced.
Orient for example uses the same thing, the mangaka invented a whole complicated system for fighting but at least she uses it properly, in hxh the characters just become stronger out of the blue. Not that I mind that but why waste 50 episodes in explaining stuff that will never apply to the ant arc?
I am a simple man, I either enjoy an anime or not and this element ruined the experience. I liked the hunter exam and a bit of the spider arc but that ended too abruptly, I wanted to see a bigger fight but we got only one and it was kurapika destroying that big guy. Also the gon vs white hair guy on the island was boring, gon was hyped so much and nothing cool happened and they let the guy live, that was hilarious.
The ant arc was unbearable, slower than one piece and very annoying with random super powers, I don't know why it's so hard to make the characters fight with punches and kicks in a cool way or have 1-2 quirky powers but no, in hxh they talk a lot.
netero vs meruem was good, nothing to complain.
Deylin Yesterday, 3:31 AM
hey ty for fr !!
MinakoBestGirl Jun 1, 12:20 PM
Thank you. I like your pfp
Joey79 Jun 1, 8:10 AM
Indeed, you're more than welcome to be one of the participants once it starts, I believe the event is going to last a few months as I will be watching 10 animes one by one but I will try to watch as much episodes as I can for the next round to start
Joey79 Jun 1, 6:39 AM
It's an event about my 100th anime milestone, it's not starting anytime soon as I've only completed a total of 80 series so far, once it does start 10 people will compete & submit an anime that will have a chance of being the 100th I've watched, there will be 9 rounds, in most of them whoever gets last place loses and I give their submitted anime a watch, whoever wins they will get to choose a reward of their choice: MAl Supporter, Discord Nitro, 500 robux & $10 Steam card
Joey79 May 31, 7:42 AM
I have a lot of free time now since I've finished school and an internship the other week, I'm also planning to host an anime event once I complete 10 more anime series
beloved_elysia23 May 31, 2:55 AM
Breath, live, love Elysia... bless
Joey79 May 30, 6:24 PM
I've been doing good hbu?
Catalano May 29, 11:54 PM
LOL I just saw it, I don't even know what reaction to have, mal is ridiculous at this point.
I mean, a joke here and there is just a joke, why be so salty, the only comments I deleted from my page were some straight up insults in my blog because I didn't wanna see that when I edited it but on my profile comments hell no.
Catalano May 29, 7:27 AM
not on beach now (I plan to go there at the end of june though), I am kinda celebrating the coming of summer, the weather is amazing these days and it gives me that positive energy.
I'll b sure to check that tag.
Catalano May 29, 6:35 AM
Wow, that really sounds captivating, topless loli sounds about right, they need fanservice too.
I thought about more swimming but when I think clearly, swimming is boring if you look at it, it's only cool when you're doing it so I would make the usual 1 minute seeing the girls in the water, splashing and stuff, the usual things. Then they will play games on the sand like that game when 2 girls race against each other (close shots to the good parts) to a marker but the trick is: the loser drinks a pint of beer so in the end everyone will be wasted. Then eat some watermelon (no game here like in anime where they have to break it), this will surely look sexy.

I couldn't find a video but the game is partly shown at 1:12

After that, fireworks and a campfire straight on the beach all night.
Catalano May 29, 5:51 AM
Hi, how would you make a beach episode? but more like what new elements would you add?
SmugSatoko May 28, 12:34 PM
What an idiot. lol. Not a single one of my posts is a paid advertisement. There is no evidence to support your claims.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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