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Apr 1, 2021
*this may contain spoilers or probably not*
Its a jest... >_>

As a fan of the franchise Log Horizon, I really like the theme world building that has many possibilities in its own without needing any other anime to based it from (I mean, who would? Only a judgemental person would do such a thing). Each story has different goals in mind and we have different upbringings–meaning to say, a gamer or not–makes the audience feels like you are one.

I was really in the dumps when the 3rd season really took its time to get animated and since the pandemic, more and more animation got delayed or ...
Sep 24, 2020
Finally, this is the outcome I am trying to achieve in real life.
To overcome many obstacles just to get to that point.
I'm sated at the very least and loved the story of OregaiRu!

Who doesn't want to overcome their past mistakes?
Mostly all people would know the feeling of defeat and anguish.
Do you not need any success in your life? Then why do you even live?
For the sake of what or whom? Is there any point in living at this present?

There were many things that his character represents and most of the time, you can only see what he is doing but the feelings he is portraying ...
Aug 18, 2020
(You might be spoiled or maybe not?)

The plot's romance and its characters are damn cute (for gothic lolis) and lovely. I can properly say that this anime should be adapted to at least 26, no, 52 episodes.
Such heart warming story every episode, you can see different interesting books that has different powers that its not a redundant but a great way to pass the time while you are enlightened and enjoying every little moments of their friendships.

You can properly enjoy the story as they unfold each episode but the time came when you need to rush it a and was suddenly given conclusion may be ...
Aug 11, 2020
(I'll put it here just in case: Warning, this may spoil you, watch the Anime first before reading).

It was interesting to watch, recommended for kid minded adults. There's some Ecchi that reveals being half nude and mating season but it was a little bit educational and cute to watch. I just don't like the way they handled the males art in every animal, you can clearly see almost all female animals has a body of a human while the male animals doesn't. They tried to make this as a fan service while showing a limited kinds of animals which is very cute but not that ...
Jun 19, 2020
Planetes (Anime) add
Finished story, I guess... XD
They called this Anime "Ahead of its time" or "Ahead of time" because the story was so intricate that its like the Author of the plot was so obsessed and inspired by Astronauts (most likely).
It can also be said that the Anime or the plot was too early to be released at that time. Even the animation of this wasn't a lovey dovey or cutie pie cliche and any cliche troupes you are looking for at this time and age. You can say that this anime doesn't have a single FILLER or a wasted episode done to it.
No need to rewatch ...
Jun 12, 2020
[This may contain spoilers that you may not aware of, please read responsibly.]

First of all, I recommend you guys to watch the original animation without the English dubbed or you will surely get confused on the long run and you need to read the Anime's English subtitles from the 1st season to truly understand how this story works, what does it wants to portray.

This is a very interesting story after 2 years, I was hoping to learn what happened with the battle between Kaneki and Arima in the middle of the city (mostly he was defeated by Arima and because of so much trauma losing ...
May 8, 2020
(This may contain spoilers, please do not read or else...)

This is a pure hearted romance in puberty.

The first five to six episodes was greatly animated, it tells how much friendship could do you good in the long run. How simplest efforts is always being appreciated and how the smallest things can turn your lives into good or bad situations (at least, that's how I meant it to be) but even so, this story is so amazing that I'd rather make it into a 26 episodes than 12.

There's no sexually suggestive in this animation because all romance I've seen wants to go to adulthood or you ...
Mar 28, 2020
Only those who read the source or watch the anime can read this review.
This will be my overall feelings for the series animated.

The 1st season was certainly a good way to let loose and take me to another world, I thought this would be like an Isekai genre that will be an OP MC, but later on, I can see him getting beat up even though he achieved the 9th Armophic Bones Stage (I forgot the correct term) in the 1st Season but became an idiot at a later stage... I mean, WTF? His ingenuity became idiocy? I'm gonna puke, he became something more of ...
Jul 11, 2019
*Warning: This is a slight trashtalk but I've written my point of view to the Anime.

I watched this after watching the Parent Story,
But they always do these to the Originals. 😁😆😅

The producers always uses girls (like their some kind of feminist perverts) to attract men watching girls to their "unreal girl giggles". 😑😉, as a Guy, I don't hate it but their getting redundant!

It would be better if this NOT explains more of the backgrounds of the three main protagonists– wait only 2 with Tatane-chan with no background but only a martial arts experience. 😯😝

What happened about the 2 guys who became their enemies because ...
Feb 9, 2019
Mixed Feelings
I mean Hanako was a prodigy of having a Perfect Pitch to be able to understand Music's sounds thoroughly, but having a worst voice was actually funny but at the end of the series that she just instantly transform that she can actually sing after a feud/fight/argue (without getting hurt) in CG Mode was actually unrealistic and my expectations really drowned.
I am so in love with these kinds of animation but the "how well you animate/executed the animation and the plot" was too cruel.
This Anime was supposed to inspire the watchers not get disappointed, there are always seems to be more fan-service than actually fulfilling ...