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Jan 8, 2021
was not bad but feels needed one more episode as the ending just feels like there is more to come like will the husband return and if so how they gonna explain his wife bearing his brother's baby.
Also which brother is older the subbed says the one who is the main character is older but many other places seem different. If anyone knows would like to know.
for a hentai its ok instead of tons of characters having sex its just 2 characters.
The character designs are not bad but I feel without a final episode to wrap things up it just feels unfinished with many questions read more
Oct 25, 2020
was interesting in its own way but feel they could have explained some things better, like more Detail what H Energy was I have an idea but kind of wish they went further into it, also wondering why the insect aliens were all female. Also, I wonder if there will be a season 2 if so will there be a new alien threat. Also I feel took forever to get the costumes and the censorship got annoying at times I feel there was way to much drama between the main love interest and feel they need to work things out.
Sep 9, 2020
it was interesting. The demons were nicely designed. I feel some things could have been explained better some things seemed a little weird and some of the characters felt a bit much to me. Also was pretty colorful so many colors the

fights were not bad tho some of the effects looked a little cheap to me.
The plot was ok tho some of it I did not fully get.

the attacks and their names were creative.

It also had a good balance of funny and frightening and did not go overboard on anything. Well almost there were some moments that seemed a bit much.
Sep 7, 2020
I have been watching it from the start, the begging was ok tho things slowly got better. But I felt some things took a bit to long to happen, and some things felt a little rushed and some things seemed left out that I think would have made it better.
All and all it was still fun to watch, I have enjoyed the characters new and old and will miss some of them, and the characters designs too. But look forward to what comes next and can not wait for what Sword art online has coming next.
While not as good as the first season it still read more
Sep 7, 2020
it was wild but not too crazy. And had a little action.
The characters were each interesting in their own was, tho I think some were not used enough and some could have been used less.
I would have liked to see some of them more the characters I mean, I liked the relationship with Ameri and Iruma and how they first met.
I am excited tho for season 2 after the ending and want to see how things play out from there.
I did find it funny how Iruma did not have to try as hard as I thought to hide he is human, only a little.
Sep 7, 2020
It was darker then I thought tho it was still fun I liked how the characters including the main character were tough but not OP, tho I wish they had names as some times just calling them by title seemed less un and some titles that some went by less cool than others.
I would have liked they explain some things more and would have liked to learn more about some character's past.
I enjoyed the designs and the art and the CGI bits were done great and the way monsters handled epic
The music was nice to.
I liked how they did not focus to much read more
Sep 6, 2020
I found myself missing the music from the first anime but this was good in its own way, I enjoyed some of it but some of it I feel could have been done better and need a bit more work.
I liked how they went into more detail of the character's past tho I feel some of the characters new and old changed from OP to less than powerful to often.
I enjoyed how they introduced some of the new characters and found myself having almost as much fun as the original when I watched it. And found myself coming back for more till the end.
But while read more
Sep 6, 2020
It was fun to watch tho I feel some things could have been explained better, and some things I think were a bit random but the fights were interesting and I like the way the characters and the world were designed.
I enjoyed the music and he characters were wildly and full of surprises and you never knew what to expect.
It was a good combination of humor and seriousness.
I found myself having fun with each and every episode that I watched.
Some of the characters I wish I could have seen and learned more of but have been able to move past it, but would read more
Sep 6, 2020
This may have taken more than 20 years to make but was truly worth the wait.
I enjoyed the vehicle designs and the combining scenes and how they showed off each.
I would have liked to see some more Kaijju tho.

I was left with a number of questions, which I hope the next anime will answer.
And I liked the way it reminded me of the original and more as it went on.
I also enjoyed Gridmans design as well and the villains as well.
While not perfect it was fun to watch and wish it had a few more episodes as some things seemed a little rushed to me. read more
Sep 6, 2020
I liked how they were able to make guyver and zoanoids look so much like the original designs while also making them look modern as well. I enjoyed the longer plot and how we learn a bit more then we did then in the original.
tho I feel the music in this was not as great as the original, I enjoyed how it allowed the plot but also changed things from the first anime and added in some new things. All and all I really loved this anime and hope they will do some more seasons one day.
I would have to give it a 8/10