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Mar 12, 2021
Lupin III The First is another classical lupin story with a twist ... IT IS In 3D... but supriesly opposite to many 3d transitions from traditional anime into a 3D movie with mixed results. The First is a wonderful homage to lupin's legacy which brings the best of lupin the third with almost no faults or distaste...

The story is a good classical story the characters we loved the theft the muggufin & the secret behind
there is no major twist or overtop shinigan ... but what wonderful plot story element that although is not adding new things they just going with (if it is not read more
Mar 25, 2018
legend of the galactic heroes is one of the landmark anime series in 1980s/90s, due to the amazingly rich story, wonderful characters, great artistic design, & its classical score which still stand the test of time until this day.
yes, there are some pitfalls which including an outdated animation & it's slow & sometimes boring narrative, this pitfall is consider nothing for how this show become as impactful as it is right now; even in 2018, you rarely see a show as powerful & rich as the legend of galactic heroes.
and in addition for that the show was released as an OVA, yes it gives them read more
Mar 15, 2018
Heidi of the Alps was one of the landmark anime tv series in the early 1970s that stood the test of time with its story, animation, art design & their lovely characters.
unite three of the most influenced minds in anime history: Takahata, Tomino & Miyazaki, & inside studio Nippon one of the most major studios in that time this masterpiece classic will not only one of the most beautiful anime series of that era but one of the turning point in anime history in the years to come.
& what have missed becoming a classic ?the adaptation was close to the original materials the storyboard read more
Feb 12, 2018
Uchuu kuubo Blue Noah or Thundersub is one my fav anime when i, as young, the anime produced in1979 & it's dubbed to multiple languages including Arabic...
The show has come in the time when space operas are in their prime The time when star wars star treks was in their peak & anime like space battleship yamato, captain harlock & gundam ....etc go to make a bigger impact in the history of anime at whole...
But somehow, this show has felt down from mention when we mention the history of anime in that time, may be show similarity to Yamato or it being stuck with bigger read more
Aug 14, 2017
Diamond no ace has a great plot & great characters But Has a very slow pace & Lack of filed action until later in the series in comparison to other shonen sport Anime.... we can say that makes this anime strong is his characters progression, developments, relationships & drama more than their Actions, the art is great & fitting the series & you feel you are in real Japanese high school, the sound is OK the music is accepted but lacking something & too much repetitive....
if you can handle watching 1st series and continues to the second you may be getting a full read more