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Sep 17, 2011
The tagline may be "she has the best of both worlds" but that is really not what this hentai is about. If anything aside from the sex scenes where it is used her penis has little to do with the rest of the hentai.

Parade Parade is the story of an upcoming pop idol as she tries to advance in the music industry. It examines artists who use sex to sell records and some very real scandals where artists were forced to do sexual favors if they wanted to land a record deal

Beyond its interesting plot because it concerns the music industry it has some of read more
Jan 26, 2008
Hatsu Inu is quite possibly the best hentai OVA of 2007 and one of my favorite hentai series of all time. Wile there is nothing new or fantastic about the story of Hatsu Inu there is nothing bad and it executes what it does quite well. The art is clean, framerates are good and sound is great.

Possibly the strongest point of this series are its characters particularly Shion Fujino. Never before have I seen a character communicate solely with her eyes. Throughout the series she has almost no lines yet mannages to communicate through her eyes and subtle gestures quite the feat for a character read more