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Liddo-kun Apr 23, 5:25 AM
Sorry for late reply. Got busy.

Star Twinkle

Agreed on what you said about the notraiders being controlled. Also on today's episode 12... it seems Bakenya is also not agree with their leader. Maybe his planet is also taken. What do you think? :)

Aikatsu Stars

Now on episode 10. The anime is indeed good.

That's some serious pressure Yume has to endure. She even had nightmare about no one coming to her first live performance. I think some people would have quit if placed on the same situation. Good thing her friends helped her survive it. She was able to do better than the guy who only had one audience on his first live. xD

On other thing. I think the red uniforms of the sempais are really cute. Although it's probably hot wearing that all the time. I have cosplayer friends, and they say the costumes that use blazer are really hot if worn for long time.


Homura Akemi

Noticed that she's on your fav list. :)

Just want to show the figma I got a few years ago. Sorry for poor image quality , I only used cellphone to take the pic.

Liddo-kun Apr 18, 5:18 AM
Agreed with what you said. On personal opinion.. I think what Madoka father doing is a form of child abuse, because treat his daughter like a robot always have to be perfect without any chance to enjoy herself. As a result, Madoka have abnormal life she has not even eaten donuts. :@

On another thing. What Kappard said about his planet got taken away. It made me curious.. maybe he's not really a bad guy, only forced to work for the Notriggers, because they take his planet away?

Aikatsu Stars

Notice you have finished it. Is it good? :)

I have watched the original Aikatsu and enjoyed it. I reached up to the part where..
Liddo-kun Apr 16, 4:30 AM
You seem to be liking Star Twinkle as well. Seeing the 9 score. :3

Anyway, what is your opinion of Madoka's dad?
MetaThPr4h Apr 15, 3:05 PM
I was planning to watch the first five entries in order, but I was quite burnt out of Max Heart and decided to jump to Yes 5, I eventually will come back for Splash Star anyways, I indeed have read quite some love towards that entry.

> Interesting because the ones people say is really good is like Heartcatch meanwhile I didn't quite enjoy that one.

I personally ended up loving Heartcatch (although the first half was "just good" IMO, which is a very rare thing for me to say so far, the second half made up more than enough for me anyways), but honestly I'm quite annoyed when I read comments like "the Heartcatch curse" for when an entry seems to underperform compared to the previous one, I don't think that Precure needs that term with how consistently great each entry seems to be.

I plan to watch Mahoutsukai once I finishing HapCha, I'm already in love with the designs of the girls and I can't wait to see them in action n_n
MetaThPr4h Apr 15, 11:43 AM
Honestly I don't see what are the issues people have with HappinessCharge at the point I'm right now outside of some QUALITY moments in early episodes, having so much fun with it!

I see, since I didn't see them on your list I didn't talk about the others, I'm thinking of leaving Suite for last since it's the last pretty hyped entry of the franchise that I have left, looking forward to hopefully reaching the ending of the franchise on a high note, although so far only Max Heart is the only season I didn't find to be at least very nice so I'm very optimistic on all of the ones left anyways.
MetaThPr4h Apr 15, 9:55 AM
> Star Twinkle is the first season where I really can't decide who I love the most.

That a feeling I'm having with HappinessCharge right now, I like them all a lot and I can't decide who is my favorite out of them.

Most seasons seem to have 2 characters that stand out over the rest to me (Hana and Lulu on Hugtto and Miyuki and Yayoi on Smile for examples of the ones you watched), Star Twinkle so far has three, with Elena a bit behind the other girls, I hope she gets a bit more of focus in future episodes to bring her up a bit.
Liddo-kun Apr 13, 8:59 AM
Hi, just passing by to say nice to see someone who also likes Madoka (the precure). :))
MetaThPr4h Apr 13, 4:18 AM
Sorry for the late reply

I'm quite lucky that I adore the type of character the pink Precures are in general, I get very quickly attached to them n_n, Lala had a big advantage at the start because I absolutely adore her character design, but Hikaru has taken the top spot for me as the episodes passed.

> for example when Pupple electroshocked Lulu infront of the others

I had no words after seeing that scene, that was heavy, especially seeing Lulu's expressionless face after the hit, oh god.

Aldnox Apr 10, 4:31 PM
Kaguya Madoka is good taste
MetaThPr4h Apr 8, 4:28 PM
Hikaru has really been living in a dream since the start of the series, imagine being such a massive fan of stars and space as she is and suddenly being able to travel to far away planets and make tons of awesome discoveries, it's not a surprise that she didn't realize how serious the situation she's in is, and that costed them very hard this episode with her lack of thinking of the consequences they could face, and that can get even worse in the next episode.

I'm very curious about Bakenyan's character, at first he totally looked like the real big deal from the evil side, but now I'm not that sure if he's bad or not, I want to see more of him!

> The episode shocked me as well. Gosh... Star's horrified face is engraved in my mind.

This is not the first, nor the last time that Precure delivered one of those faces full of despair that broke my heart, I love how a generally lighthearted series is capable of delivering such strong emotional punches when the story gets serious, they are very well handled tone shifts, I'm definitely not going to forget Hikaru's face there either q_q
MetaThPr4h Apr 7, 5:32 PM
Hi, thanks a lot for the friend request!

What do you think about Star Twinkle so far? The episode of this week was so great.