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Oct 25, 2015
This is a concept show that bears little resemblance to normal anime -- get voice actors in a room, let them ad-lib some silly situations, then put together humorously bad 3D models based on characters from classic anime stories to deliver the lines -- add it all together and you get a strangely enjoyable comedy that I am very glad I picked up. There's really no way to accurately describe why it is fun except to say that if you like improv comedy at all, or even if you don't but you might get a giggle out of improv delivered by Casshern and Luna arguing read more
Sep 7, 2013
I had already watched the Hellsing TV version and really enjoyed the story, so I was thrilled when I found out there was a Hellsing "Ultimate" OVA. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I found that the OVA contained some amazing moments and I certainly like that there was more blood and adult content, but overall I found it played out like a cheesy, over-the-top vampire opera and found myself fast-forwarding through episodes.

Here is an interesting comparison: some people prefer the movie Aliens over the original Alien. Alien had more style and left more to the imagination -- it was more about psychological terror. Aliens read more