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_spoon_ 5 hours ago
yea i can speak Hindi but im not that fluent in it
Gween_Gween 6 hours ago
I don't really mind the animation of MAPPA honestly, my problem with AoT has never been in that aspect so it is whatever. I want to see such chapters, I hope that it is not like all the chapters that people have hyped to me which were clearly not as good as they were supposed to be

>Also I don't think assassination, and shippuden was that levels of bad
Shippuden has a clear issue, and that is the fact that 70% of its runtime is filled with mediocre to brainkiller plot, I suppose that the story as a whole is alright, but the way it was adapted was kind of terrorism to enjoyment, unless you like filler in non filler episodes. Assassination is just too low hanging, fueled with mindless expositions and atrocious dialogue that didnt add too much to the whole pack, it seemed more like the effort of someone who hated school and wanted a forced success path through the concept of what a teacher should be (Because teacher and education system bad) instead of a real critique to the system, dwelling too much into worthless ideas and doing a considerable amount of ass-pulls that werent delicate enough to not facepalm at

>And I don't know if u agree or not but Your Name<<Pancreas?
I don't think that it is better than Your Name (Of course, Your Name is a 8 and Pancreas a 1 in my scores lmao), I can see how some people think that Pancreas>Your Name, but you will probably hate my review of Pancreas and I have fuzzy memories about it anyways
Now, with the plot holes. It is true that Your Name have some contrived plot points, but that doesn't mean it is bad. I think that the idea of everything being a rigid body of connected lines is wrong, sometimes having plot lines flying away without an explanation is alright if the author meant to leaving them like that, otherwise you end with Naruto's war arc, or countless anime that just unnecessarily explain absolutely everything. Having some space for you to fill in is alright

That is why when I watch anime I always ask myself "Why does this series exist? What is this part trying to accomplish?", and then "How does this series/part answer such questions?", and from there I elaborate my perspective of the anime. Sometimes the first question delivers a negative answer, or to say, that a series/part shouldnt exist because the concept is flawed (Pancreas, HigeHiro, Mushoku Tensei, Mahouka, some parts of AoT), and most of the time the first question delivers an interesting answer that the anime fails to implement (Assassination as an example). For me it is like a game to decode what the people behind the piece are trying to achieve, so that is why Your Name is pretty good by my perspective. I just don't like going into each anime with the same mentality, because you would end up trying to fit a square into a circle somtimes

>Well Rest our shows [86, haikyuu, ousama ranking etc] which I have heard great things about
Yeah Haikyuu is a good sports anime if you are into the genre, my low score is because I think that there is nothing but a mediocre story with great visuals (So last season is actually garbage) and characters to cheer on, and 86 is a good extension of AoT militaristic perspective, if you like so, I just think that the characters have extremely bland and predictable arcs, with low to no creativeness in terms of how it does the worldbuilding, it is kind of derivative and lacks the thought-provoking moments that it tries to achieve
_spoon_ 6 hours ago
yea. i don't currently live in India. i moved to California when i was little. i still visit it though
_spoon_ 6 hours ago
most of the people on this platform are from there.
_spoon_ 6 hours ago
yea i am from India
SmallBombEnjoyer 6 hours ago
Sure, sure
I came from a thread in which someone mentioned u as a supposedly 'intelligent' user.
Didn't really felt like it.

SmallBombEnjoyer 6 hours ago
I do enjoy what you and other people leave on Gween's profile, kihihihihihi.
_spoon_ 7 hours ago
ok i look forward to it( i haven't read the manga)
Gween_Gween 7 hours ago
No, I havent read it, I'm just following the adaptation. Yeah, the reasoning is just a rushed summary of my perspective of each season, I just did it in a whim after I got the 5th person coming to my profile looking for explanations about my AoT score, just didnt want to endure such thing

Which supposedly good shows? Our shared list is pretty short and the shows that I rated low from there are either extremely bad (TR, Naruto Shippuden, Pancreas, Assassination) or completely uninspired (JJK, Horimiya)
_spoon_ 12 hours ago
what do you think of mha considering deku is your pfp
Gween_Gween Yesterday, 12:08 PM
HAHAHAH do you want me to write an essay for each? It is just so people stop coming to my profile and posting shit comments about my AoT scores
-X3RX3S- Nov 25, 8:25 AM
Yeah, I was studying for my assignments.

Sure do. All of them are wonderful.

AnR destroys Eren's character and not only in one way but in multiple ways. Few of them would be-

  • Eren killing his friend: Contradicts Train Cart Scene, Kruger's "Save Mikasa and Armin" speech.
  • Indirectly shows that Eren deemed Rumbling as necessary when in Canon he is extremely guilty and thinks what he did is unforgivable.
  • Eren's dialogue in Serumbowl where he says that Armin will be the one who will save humanity. Eren also kills the friend for whom he decided to go against Captain Levi who he found to be the scariest.
  • Many characters remain unresolved.
  • Apparently violence is the way to peace and you should genocide if you want peace. Eternal peace has been established.
  • Eren ask Mikasa why does she like him so much after having seggs with Historia which is really weird TBH
  • Eren giving 2nd chance to the hell bringing of 2000 years of suffering, i.e., Ymir who deserves the least even if she was struck with trauma.
  • Eren going back to his wife and daughter when he should kill himself on the spot bc of his guilt and how mentally unstable he has become.
  • Purposely making his friend go against him so that he can kill them in the future battle in place of making them understand. Table scene makes sense in canon but it does not in AnR.

There's more but it will take much more time.

Hallu is the source of all living matter.

Hallu stays dormant in the tree which you recognize I hope. Its power can be used by someone who makes contact with it and the powers and rules of the powers completely depend on the host(Ymir).

So the purpose of Hallu chan was to grant power to Ymir. That's all. BTW it can't be killed, why? Bc it's in the name lol. Titans are the byproduct of Ymir's desire to live when she was chased by dogs. Basically, Titan powers are titan powers bc of Ymir. There would have been a different force of nature different from Titans if someone other had contacted Hallu chan.
CyborgSaber Nov 25, 6:11 AM
OK again I am not talking about him freeing Paradis which he did not free for even that long as you stated. It was not centuries judging from the fact that before the rumbling technology was roughly into the industrial revolution with trains and blimps then we see Paradis which was behind in technology have cars that looked like 1920s-1930s then it jumps to what looks like stealth bombers which was 1997 I looked that date up and skyscrapers which one of the largest skyscrapers the Empire State Building in New York was built in the 1930s. Yes I completely understand I'm using real world logic and yes 80% was destroyed which could have set everyone's technology back decades even centuries. But war advances technology at an alarming rate and 20% of the planet remained untouched so that would give other countries motive to advance technology to destroy Paradis. Yes eren gave them freedom but I would say for about 100 years not centuries as you stated. Again neither case was ever stated either the manga never said centuries.

Let's talk about how the marley troops had their guns aimed at armin and everyone else. Why did they not shoot? This legit makes no sense at all seeing what eren did and the fact that they stated they where human again anyone would have pulled the trigger including myself. After witnessing the rumbling it blows my mind that they just walked out of there. Paradis being attacked also shows armin was not the savior and failed.

So let me state this again I cannot understand ERENs sense of freedom he essentially forced every single person including his friends to accept his freedom. Erens freedom panel does not make any sense because it amounted to nothing idk why this is such a hard concept for defenders to understand he killed 80% of the planet for that one instance of freedom yes it resulted in him freeing Paradis for a century but that's it. Eren did end any cycle it just continues eldians are still the enemy and they get almost wiped out again.

This entire argument goes back to what I have stated before Eren did not try any other alternatives to prevent himself from doing the rumbling. It's like Isayama wanted to finish the story as fast as possible.

Again aot is a 9 I agree eren is well written and I agree that aot was unique in how everything played out snd a great story. Again I have an aot shrine with all the manga well the collosial edition manga waiting on the 7 and last book, the spin-off manga, a poster and a statue of Levi and Mikasa so I love aot. All I'm trying to say was the execution was bad and yams did not selling me of eren and the rumbling. This could have been handled a lot better in my eyes. I'm sorry I'm against mass genocide for a small island of people to be free and eren being free for a moment that's not good to me. If other methods where explored before he did the rumbling I would be agreeing with you and give aot a 10 but Isayama didn't it felt like he gave up or didn't want to try other methods.

Let's just stop I only replied to what you said because I still feel like you don't understand where I am coming from that's all. I understand your side completely but again I understand the haters side too I'm not gonna say which side is right both sides present valid arguments again I sit in the middle. The rumbling is cool and all but I'm against it I am one of the rare people in the fandom that feel this way I know.

That's all there is too it I really don't know how to get my points across anymore I know my points might seem stupid but it's how I feel I can't help it.
CyborgSaber Nov 25, 4:40 AM
Ok first off I did state that erens vision of freedom which is that single instance was stupid not the part where he freed Paradis which I do belive I stated too. I'm talking about Eren just Erens sense of freedom is stupid I'm sorry I just need something better if you going to massacre billions of people. I do care how many times I an told he is the bad guy or he doesn't understand what freedom is and so on. It didn't sell me on his actions. Like I said in the old thread Hitler had better motivations to starting WWII. Erens sense of freedom is a joke to me because in my eyes he really didn't accompany anything and again I'm not talking about him freeing Paradis. If that was Erens entire character which I has seen breakdowns of Erens character from other sources and from links sent by -X3RX3S- and it still never changed my opinion of the ending nor Eren as a character.

These are the things that bother me about his character

Why does he fight so hard for something that will not only get him but end almost immediately?

Why was that his sense of freedom it was over in an instant?

He has all this power even able to transcend time why was this his only sense of freedom and his only why to accomplish it?

Why not try to make HIS freedom last longer?

If he loved Mikasa why not find freedom for them both?

I looked at eren and the ending from every angle I get where both the ending defenders and haters are coming from I sit in the middle thinking its OK still a 6 or 7 out 10.

Ok let's talk about Levi again I like Levi's character hell I legit have a statue of him sitting next to my aot mangas I loved his final salute to his fellow scouts at the end of the story. Yes Levi likes to clean and he is badass but he also hates seeing his fellow scouts die we have seen this over and over again. Levi is a good character but I feel there isn't much too him compared to other characters in anime that's all I feel that way with pretty much the whole cast of aot. None of the characters did anything for me there wasn't a single character that stuck out for me and was like omg I love this character he/she is so awesome or fun or interesting. Aot characters have epic moments but that's it for me I started liking eren in season 3 specifically when him and Historia where captured and I started disliking him after the war in Marley because he's an asshole.

I'm kind of tired of having to explain myself with eren and aot. I read link after link, I am still rereading the manga, watched videos and talked to several people my opinion on everything changed a little but that's it. I am taking the series for what it's worth it's not my favorite nor is it my least favorite the story/characters/themes and everything else is a solid 9/10 that's really it.