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Quantization Jan 13, 2017 2:20 AM
Hello hello. It's been a smaller hiatus on my end as well because of Christmas holiday away from home, and very sudden startup in January again. Time really flies by, but then again I haven't watched Anime since late November. Hopefully about to change and get back to some weekend watching again, maybe already this weekend who knows. :')

So it's been a while, hows it going with you? Judging by your previous reply, and I can already guess that you've been busy and of course I almost forgot about the fact that you still have the Uni. How much time left do you have at the uni by the way? At the very least I hope you're doing fine, and that you are able to pull through and manage all those different tasks (on a healthy level).

There are currently 3 coworkers with expected longterm absences

Long-term absence? Like what are we talking here; are they sick or just away? The longest absence I've had is 3-5 days because of flu type illnesses.

My sister works :) She started again quite recently and now she's juggling all the responsibilities. Her husband also works, even longer hours than she does :) The kids stay at kindergarten during the day and my mom and her mother-in-law help when they can. My mom works too so it's not possible to stay with the kids all day, 5 days a week.

Wow that's quite admirable! Runs in the family? Dedication and heavy workers eh? It becomes more clear why you would have to babysit those kids now. :>

The commute is brutal, though, close to 2 hours on one bus.

Yeah quite the understatement really. Prior to moving I found that my 45-60 minutes (depending on traffic) was brutal enough. After moving I got it down to 5 minutes (from 45 to 5), and you can really feel the difference since I get home earlier. So yeah 2 hours that is insane, like hello. With that kind of distance here in Norway, it wouldn't be weird if you had a contract where you were allowed to have like 3-5 home office days, every month.

Recently though I'm just falling asleep almost instantly

Haha yeah I remember that being a thing for me as well. Do you like have to press a button for the stop at work though? That's the danger with sleeping on the bus, not waking up/going to far. I remember that I would usually always wake up right before my stop was coming up, like a programmed machine almost. Well usually I said, sometimes I ended up 2-3 stops away from work, but luckily the end station is very close to work. :p

Yuri on Ice is slowly becoming more and more shounen ai.

Okay what why... I had my hopes up? :( I will still watch it though. A Russian thing LOL, is that actually a thing? Looks like it.. :D

Yeah like I have so much catching up to do right now. Haven't been following anything, or any news whatsoever. I have no clue whats coming or what has ended up, but that's not a bad feeling. I like catching up, and there might be some nice surprises here and there.

Oh, and happy new year Kasia!
Quantization Dec 7, 2016 12:57 AM
Where is Kasia :(
Quantization Nov 21, 2016 1:01 PM
Well at least your hell week ends..? Every week is a hell week for me nowadays. The workload never seems to drop below 100 %, which means I'm always behind on everything these days. ;D

but in the meantime I'm a bit too busy dealing with things I shouldn't

That's one of my core values when at work, and in doing that I'm very well liked and/or appreciated, which is fun! When I say doing things I shouldn't be doing it is essentially helping others way more than I should, and always thinking ahead in time to avoid future problems. Sadly they take a big toll on my time to do other important stuff, but I'm juggling a lot of tasks right now. :D At your work, do you guys have a lot of turnovers? People leave, and new people come in I mean.

Planning activities that would suit all three of them is a pain. Keeping interest of all of them by the same thing is impossible. And once you thought "ok, I have this! I can do it!" once of them tangles in your curtains to the point of having trouble breathing and them you panic all over again, hah.

Haha I can imagine, sounds like a nightmare to me, yupp. I would be okay for one day but I would be so exhausted after that. Is your sister a "stay-at-home mom" or does she work and no husband? Usually here in Norway people dump their children at their parents place, and they can switch perfectly between them on the weekends haha. That sounds pretty bad, but I didn't mean that way. :p

Watching Anime on a smart phone.. I cannot Fathom how you can do that, and my Nexus 6P is close to 6 inches! Maybe in a world where I don't have a laptop...

and I love the music and choreografy

You're getting my hopes up for Yuri, that's for sure. I'm looking forward to it!! :D Never heard or seen the word 'Sakuga' used before, but now I know, thanks (google)!

Yeah I almost forgot about the fact that freshly pressed juice goes bad very quickly! I've had 1l of juice on several occasions after workout, but I'm a "master drinker" in general. Whether it's Pepsi Max, juice or milk - I can drink a lot of it. Just not water.. The important one. ;D I would probably never make 1l of juice for just my self though, that's overkill.

Because of the same reasons why gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free doughnuts are sold in one of the bakeries near my work...?

Hah, I didn't actually think that was a thing. I'm rarely found in the bakery, and so I'm pretty clueless about what they offer except for stuff that usually looks very tasty. Fat-free doughnuts? Something about that sounds wrong, but now I want doughnuts! My favorites; if I were to buy anything in the bakery it would be those creamy mushi buns of sorts. I like cream.

Szekspir helps but he got that crazy routine from you, no?! :D Yeah, you're actually pretty lucky in having that routine in place. Impossible for me!

He still looks at me like I've betrayed him in the most painful way. And he doesn't accept cuddles. Frankly, he is pissed abut the ordeal I put him through.

Haha hidoooi!
Quantization Nov 13, 2016 10:12 AM
Your sister's kids for the weekend? Sounds like a hoot, haha. You're watching them by yourself or is she there with you?

I was kind of lazy this weekend so didn't pack out the press until today. My first thoughts were "it's quite big.." and it felt like I went full XL for an entire family here, haha. What I didn't think about, because I always find something that I'm missing here and there. I need mugs and such for storing, because this giant can make 2,5 liters of juice in one go (hahaha). At least I found room for it on the kitchen counter though!

BLUSH! that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me :D Thank you! :D

Really? D: Maybe I should start saying nice things all the time then ;)

The acids in them might do a number on the cheese. :D

Ohh good tip! And I should be careful in general with citrus in terms of quantity. The only allergic reaction I've had in my life was in fact with something that's in both citrus and gelatin candy (don't remember specifically). It was just a temporary thing, but I was only 14 years old and it was Christmas (ate too many mandarins and candy).

Don't worry, I'll test some crazy combinations and get back at you. Haha. :>

Don't think I've ever tried a cheese cake made from cottage cheese and why would a bakery even go for that? Because it has more protein and less fat I guess, but do you really go into the bakery looking for a healthier cake choice?

No! No, no, no, no...! I'm sorry! I was cranky and I somehow didn't translate well and I'm really sorry! I really don't mind looking for the impossible, I swear. I didn't want to make you feel bad. Please, don't feel bad...?

You're cute. No it's completely fine, I probably just wanted to check that I wasn't bothering you with requests all the time.

But... it's also the reason why I don't see myself ever stopping drinking coffee, hah.

But you see that's not my problem, I mean I need coffee but the real issue is getting up that early. I do it when I have to, but my mind stops me from doing it when I don't have to (casually blaming my mind). Once I get over the hurdle of getting out of bed, it's easy from there on out no matter how early it is. That's where I'm weak though, because I really wish I would get up earlier, and make a good breakfast without the rush I have now.

The funny thing about the whole debate after it was decided Trump vs Hillary; for the less extremists and people who aren't stupid - it was more a "who do I hate or despise more between these two". That said it absolutely baffles me that they would pick a president who has made that many blatantly racist comments on stage. Furthermore the 46 % of the American people that didn't actually vote, I mean I get it but come on..

Even now, a week after the elections the news aren't stopping and to make matters even more "outrageous" some newspapers actually reprinted some nude photos of the current first lady and do a follow up on ex wives of Trump.

Haha, yeah I almost forgot but they did that several times, and with several pictures here as well. It's a media circus indeed, and I feel like taking a little break from these social media and newspapers for a while.

My weekend was like mentioned above, very lazy but that isn't a necessarily a bad thing for me. I was away on work outside the capitol last week, and it was kind of tiring. I shouldn't complain though, because it was a ski resort (hotel) that had a gym, spa, bowling&arcade, and a pool inside the hotel so. Which I took full advantage of in the evenings after work (for free), with a colleague of mine. Oh yeah, I watched through Gungrave yesterday. Overall an interesting and good watch.

So how about your weekend with the kids? Did you get to do anything besides watching over them?
Quantization Nov 10, 2016 12:28 PM
Yes, it really looked appetizing. Maybe lemon is my weakness? Oh you have one of those centrifugal things for that, and yeah I was going to say that we have a easier word for it.. But I can't even remember it right now, hahaha. I'm probably going to experiment with my new juice press when I get home this weekend (flying home tomorrow). I'll give you an update when I get on it, and maybe even with pictures!

You're a Yukihira in my eyes though. :') Smoothies?! Lemon smoothies maybe? Haha, I'm clueless. Cottage cheese pancakes cool, I might try that one actually. Also when I think about it I could even make my own cottage cheese salad because that wouldn't that hard. I like using "feta cheese" in a lot of my food because it adds that little extra taste, and it's popular in salads (like greek salad). Banana split too? I used to "make that" a lot back home because it was pretty easy and nomnom (banana is good). Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I can't see the things that are in front of me (metaphorically), and I just need some guidance.

I'm not a big cake person, but damn a piece of cheese cake can be pretty delicious.

Why do you always ask for something similar to series that is pretty much unique?

Should I stop asking you? Is that what you want? D: It certainly sounds that way. No, I'm not asking for the same of something else. I'm just not good at articulating myself sometimes, and that's why I go for the most simple approach. However it's not like I want the same thing, just a similar feeling; that "don't know what's coming" and kind of unsettling or scary setting. Maybe Mousou Dairinin would be a good pick, not sure. We'll see, and I'll do some research when I get home.

Also, listening to Drifters opening during the very early morning (4.45am)

The only thing I read was 4.45am, stop this madness already!

The Norwegian media is one thing, but going on Facebook and Twitter right would probably give me a headache. I'm more surprised at the amount of arguing on social media right now, and the fact that they have that much energy to waste. I don't mind reading or listening in on a good discussion about it but they are taking everything to it's extremes. I don't have that luxury right now, and it's been a really busy week for me.

Hows Poland taking it?
Quantization Nov 8, 2016 1:04 PM
Indeed they have. I really need to get that water routine in place somehow because I actually get the occasional headaches in the evening. It's annoying. But you know what? I just ordered one of those juice press thingies, and don't ask why.. Okay I'll tell you! I saw them making those lemonade drinks in Nabari no Ou, and yeah things escalated pretty quickly after that. :D

She loves it still, though and as long as everything is fine with her health I don't see a problem.

It's like my relationship with soda, although it's usually "sugar free" it's not really a healthy relationship. :(

I love it that you started to take better care of yourself :D

Haha think I ruined that just now with mentioning the soda. :( But yes, I agree too. A healthy body is a healthy mind you know.

Yeah no protein bars was a swing and miss (again), and I only tried them out because they have a lot of protein which is good for repairing muscle fibre. You're absolutely right though and I should really just start to eat more eggs and cottage cheese. I just can't seem to find the interesting "combos" for the latter because I need something more to mix in... Dakara senpai, any simple tips? I need to make eating cottage cheese exciting!

Hah, Higurashi S2 didn't disappoint :D I'm kind of mad that Takano Miyo wasn't killed, though. I don't buy that redemption route the anime attempted.

I'm glad, and yeah I can agree with that. Compared to the direction it was going in before, it didn't feel quite right. Oh and seriously I need help.. I have this strange urge to watch something like Higurashi again. Like with a deep story and that unsettling feeling. Any recs? I doubt it because I think I would've watched them already, no?

Lazing around haha, but yep keeping those files organized is an important task as well. I did som Anime files moving on Friday, although I would really like to reorganize everything one day.

Music corner, what a brilliant idea! And fantastic spoiler titles haha. I rarely watch OP before I watch the Anime so I'm just listening really.

After finishing listening to them all and putting together the favorites list below I can say that it was definitely worthwhile. I already have 3-4 songs that I will probably listen to a lot the next few days. Thank you!

Quantization Nov 5, 2016 5:22 AM
Never stop drinking coffee? That doesn't sound very healthy though, and I hope you're drinking an equal amount of water. :D

If anybody talks to me I have really no control over my mouth and so I just say what I think without my usual...

Haha, that's pretty funny and cute. I'm a zombie in the morning. :s

Erhh. That's one big chocolate box, but I would have to see it to understand the quantity. Either way - even if you don't gain weight by eating all that chocolate, it's definetly not good for you in the long run. I know her position though, because I'm like that as well. I mean I don't eat that much chocolate but I don't gain much weight from eating unhealthy. I started eating more healthy and going to the gym ever since I moved though, just because it feels better. :')

Protein bars taste like ... soggy old chocolate. It's like it's been stored for over a decade because they are so difficult to chew... Maybe some are different? Not sure but at least all I've tasted have been really soggy. Like it was a struggle to get them down..

Something came up? So you had to work longer, i.e Friday evening? That's the worst. Nono, everything is okay here, hectic but fine. I just completely stumbled on a project that I had forgotten all about, probably because of the hectic times but that's no exucse! I never forget about things like that, but I think I managed to land the preparations just before the weekend. Next week will show, and I'm going away the entire week (for another project). D: restinpeaceme.

Yeah Trigun has been "On Hold" for so long now that I decided to pick it up. I also told a friend that I would watch it by this weekend so. I had originally watched 10 episodes, but had to rewatch some moments + ep8-10. It was never a bad Anime to begin with but the quality of the subs that I were watching previously were garbage, and so that's how it came to an halt.

I'm really impressed by complicated plots and mystery of it.

Yup, they really went all in with complicated plot(s) and mystery in Higurashi!

Well regarding Facebook anyone should be able to live without, it's pretty zZz. Reddit however is my source for news, technology, fun and random stuff. :D Oh and did I mention cute animal pictures?

I love those Japan photos!

So hows your weekend going then?

Quantization Nov 4, 2016 1:42 AM
Å with horn helmet and a sword in hand, and a little ø burning some houses in the Latin Letter Village and the little psycho Æ enjoing the fun among the ashes left behind ;D

Haha, you seem fun in the morning! Longboat? Long is actually another word with the Å sound. :D

Sweet tooth.. The size of Texas? Oh damn. Granola bars! I'm eating a protein bar right now, and oh boy they are the WORST. The consistency is so bleh, and all I do is chew to try and get it down.

Usually it's all "come on, Kasia, there's only a couple of episodes until it ends"

^ Well there is the rational me, and there is the not so rational me. The latter is the most prominent and the same guy that would always cling on and never let go, and especially if it was only a couple of episodes left.

First snow of the season yes! Yuki!

^ I don't know why you would need a 10 hour version of this.. But yeah. :>

Leave early? Yeah that would be perfect for me too as well right now. However a project came up that I've forgotten all about, and it makes me want to open the window and scream out the window. I rarely forget about these things, but it was only discussed for 10 minutes in the beginning of October. And it's due next week. Koroshitekudasai...

I'm impressed that you're watching it, Higurashi that is. Thought you were going to dodge it for years to come. :> I haven't decided on any series to watch for the weekend. There's too many.

The song... it's evil! I was... it was... I don't have words for it.

Hahaha. Yeah that song is pretty scary, especially with that "blrblrblr" tongue action in the chorus. I find these golden songs and clips on Reddit usually.
Quantization Nov 3, 2016 10:52 AM
Quantization Nov 3, 2016 10:38 AM
Ugh.. Poland why you do this... My head started to hurt after that list, but I appreciate the effort though. :D And here I thought our letters Æ, Ø, Å made things confusing! I suck at language though.

Æ is like... Try pronnouncing the word 'ash' in English. That is basically the sound however it would be more like 'Æsh'. That letter alone can mean "I" or "me" if you're from the northern part like me (dialect). It's much the same with the letter 'ø' - just try saying the word "burn" and you got it. B-øø-rn! ;D As for the last one; Å - the sound is similar to saying "horns" (hå-rns). easypeasy. I say that but I actually got below average score in Norwegian back in lower secondary school (age 13-16), lol. And of course in English it was above average.

Hah, your secret stash? Seriously? I thought they only had that in movies, lol. Luckily nobody rang here, and the front door to the building is locked ;) Besides I don't have candy on weekdays!

maybe knifes flying around for more, hah, thrilling effect ;D

Oh please don't ever let Kasia be a ghost.

Hmm, usually I would agree with you, but there is still one series that I actualy rated very differently for the first season and the sequel - Kuroshitsuji (10), Kuroshitsuji II (7). I'm still furious about the second season...

Usually I would agree with you too, but never happened to me as far as I can remember. I can only think off sequel specials/episodes (1-2 eps) that jumped off the roof.

For example, right now I hae to somewhat force mycelf to watch Sousei no Onmyouji, hah. The series is loosing it's appeal from episode 18 and right now I just... wish I would drop it, hah.

Yes that does makes sense, and sounds like the most rational thing to do if that's the case?? :P

Love those pictures, and makes me look even more forward to my trip to Japan. Favorites #1 & #2

Meanwhile in Norway while I was walking home from the Gym.. This is before I went to work today.. lol
Quantization Oct 31, 2016 12:50 PM
Obligatory mention; comment nr 1000 with you. :>

Damn these names are crazy, how are you even supposed to pronnounce it... If I may ask, whats up with all the ` over letters? Świątki, Dożynki, Kupałki and the last one there like what. Can't even do that one on my keyboard, it's literally inside the l.

Not gonna recall any of those or actually maybe Zaduszki because it looks cool, but I know what today is! Halloween, zZz. I saw some kids running around with blinking shoes and candy baskets while I was waiting for my bus ride home. ;D

(at that night it's very simple as cementaries are alight with the candles)

Yeah that's looks pretty.

She claimed that my great-grandmother didn't like the new carpet in the living room, hah, and that the ghost tried to remove it.

Hahaha, brilliant. I'd be the ghost that tells you "Tie your shoelaces!!", that's actually how I am at work. I get "annoyed" when people walk around with untied shoelaces. So that or the ghost that makes you trip over in front of people. ;) The latter is probably the most appropriate for me when I think about it. Eheh... What about you? ;p

Hah, in the shorter holidays I might even get more rest than in the longer ones only because I won't have to play hostess :]

Luckily nobody would "push" that responsibility on me because why would they? Not like I can cook a Christmas dinner for several people either way. I'm good a cleaning up though!

It's totally fair because that was the question. And no not necessarily the same score DAKEDO.. If the series was a 10 in 2014 then it's unlikely that it would be a 7 in 2016 (bias, nostalgia etc). That's beside the point, but I forgive you. ;> this one time

What problem do you have with series that air for more than one season? Keeping up?

And BL. I still have a lot work to do to convince you to the genre, hahah...

You'd think it would be easy because I don't have any problems with bromances like in Samumenco that I just watched. I was waiting for a manly kiss or holding hands towards the end there when Hazama asked "to marry" Gotou. I wouldn't have had any problems with that, right there and then at least. ;) They were pretty cute, and after that vomit / cry kiss from Mari and Moe I saw it as a possibility (crazy Anime).

The white roller shades on the windows. they're installed separately on the frame of the window. The white fabric will get grayish in time despite all the dusting in the world and after a while wont look as good as in the picture. It's best to have them cleaned occasionally and after they're beyond all the help - just to replace them. It's not a huge hassle.

Ah, that makes more sense now! Guess you'd wash them like sheets etc, meaning in the washing machine and not in the river by hand? ;D

Nani!! Double curtain rod??!? Ain't happening because I like the ones I have now.. ;( Okay you're right about using different ones, and I can see it in my head. Could look pretty dull otherwise. Hah, that's not too complicated and that image is pretty nice to have. If I get those measurements for all my different window types I can go in the curtain shop with a little more confidence!! I can feel the trip to the shop is right around the corner, mohaha. My goal is to get the perfect ones where there is no need for adjustments, yes that sounds perfect to me. If I buy some and they are too short or long I will just bring 'em back.

What else, what else... well, if you plan on having some kind of ornamental pattern on the curtains... pattern should go in the centre of the curtain and it's a good idea to measure with the pattern in mind. To the width add one width of the pattern. For the length, measure how many patterns fit in your desired length and round the length of fabric upward

Okay that was pretty Spanish to me but I'll be cautious with patterns either way.

The pleat thing doesn't look too complicated (Thank you), and I would probably lean towards those who don't show the curtain actually hanging from it like a hook or something (more seamless that way). Hey, it's both helpful and understandable (most of it) so thanks! ;D I really appreciate it.

As for your secondary phone case; the Spirited Away one doesn't "touch me" in any way because I haven't seen it yet but it looks more girlish. The Battousai one is more clean and plain, but at the same time I would never choose a white case! ;D Maybe you should get one of those t-shirts to go with it as well (laughs).
Quantization Oct 28, 2016 3:32 AM
Ah, I see. Zaduszki, I said it out loud. May and April are the best months for us in regards to holidays (Easter, constitution etc). There is like 5-6 days depending on which day they land. At least those traditional games are games, and not rituals you "have" to do, I'm guessing? That would be pretty freaky.

26th of December is indeed free but there could be more free days. Like Christmas Eve which is on a Saturday this year, likewise 1st Christmas Day is on a Sunday and 1st of January is on a Sunday as well. In other words I have to use vacation days..

Switch out the Shoujo with some Shounen, and then we get Shounen Drama. I'm in.

they're either sequels or older series I've picked up from my PTW list :]

tfw you completely ignore what I said, and provide me with sequels :( Forgot about Inai Machi and Shouwa though!

I'll have to finish watching the Summer Anime before I can give any top list there, but technically Re:Zero was the spring season right? Yes, I'm your clone in terms of Anime taste if we ignore your Shoujo stuff. :P

Picture1 - I really like this one, but what do you mean replace the white shades after a while? What shades D:
Picture2 - Too much leather for me. The color is fine though.
Picture3 - I like them too, and of course the color is good, much the same way as nr 1.
Picture4 - They look like the ones I have on my 1 living room window now (double window) but mine are white and really light (you see through them from the inside).
Picture5 - Interesting.. Can't say that I've seen these before in real life, but they look cool. Bedroom?

The question is.. Can I get away with using different ones for the living room and kitchen? Connected rooms so you can basically walk into the living room and see "them all" (all windows in the living room and kitchen). Bedroom is separated so that one is easier. Picture number 1 and number 3 are easily my favorites. I really appreciate your help with selecting curtains, thanks Kasia!

Yeah I wouldn't go with black curtains, noway. I might go for something gray or brownish, no leather though!

The "jalousie" are called blinds in English ;) Actually the Polish word for them probably sounds the same = żaluzje :D

Ah, blinds was the word I was looking for and yeah of course that's what it's called.

Hah, I strongly suspect you showed me that Sai's art on purpose so I would fall in love with it and forget about what I would be actually comfortable with at work ;P Evil man, you...

I strongly suspect that you know me too well.. Haha. I wouldn't say that I had such evil plans, but.. You know sometimes the stars just align with each other? ;D I did however have a strong feeling that you'd like it, mohaha.
Quantization Oct 27, 2016 11:32 AM
Ah, I see. Wait.. Are they actual physical files or have they all been digitized now? We all need some motivation in our work, so it sounds pretty reasonable. Much the same way we do documentation for each customer/hotel - it will get "inspected" at some point and hopefully everything has been noted down.

Nice weekend plans, and probably the same here as well. I cleaned the entire apartment today so I don't have to do it during the weekend, preparations! What's this 1st November holiday again? We have no such thing here. :( Furthermore this Christmas is going to suck because all the Christmas "holiday" days are on the weekend.. Meaning everyone has to work more days this year. Plastic Memories eh? I had it planned for a while but I'll admit that the reviews downed those plans, and I went on to a more preferred or safe watch. I guess it's kind of similar to Planetarian though, so that wouldn't be too bad (well female robot as far as I know).

and I have a strange urge to rewatch Glass no Kamen (the version with 50+ episodes), hah.

Nani sore!?

Haha oh no. Well you might be right about Emilia, but I can't get over the fact that she was in fact not a/the witch. That's not me criticizing but I was so god damn sure! They probably did that to fuck with our minds I guess, well at least mine.

It didn't offer me any series I would consider a 9 or a 10 (which is rare, granted).

So when was the last 9 or 10, I'm curious? Sequels don't count there by the way (e.g Mushishi). Spring 2012 I'm guessing, which was Hyouka. Indeed rare, truly a gem. :>

The measuring stick is flawed and we focus on that more than usual because there is no clear contrast with other series of the season.

True, and yeah it's more flawed. It's not like I get less picky with time and overall more Anime watched.

Actually, I would be surprised if we even agreed on which series or even which 3 series were the best ;P

Uhh huh.. The 3 best for the previous one? Summer?

Th.. The systems? Onegai.. Don't make buying curtains more complicated than it already is. Does it look like I know anything fabric? :P I don't even know what fabric my T-shirts are. The only thing I could say about what I would want is something with contrast to the walls, yes. They're mostly all white, but one wall behind my TV light-greyish. I might repaint that wall for a better gray color (yeah I just went from grey to gray). It's not so much for practical use, as it's more about having more contrast. I currently have some silly roll down curtains that I got with the apartment, but they are white as well.... Do not want. So we're looking at curtains for 4 BIG windows in the living room (2 but 4 connected as 2), 1 very BIG in the kitchen + the balcony door there. Also might as well get some for the bedroom even though I have a "jalousie" for the window there <-- I had no idea it was actually called that in English; NEVER HEARD OF THAT WORD BEFORE!

Oh, also... "too long" curtains are very chic ;P

Well you know I'm all about that chic! Haha but yea the windows are quite big. 1,45 meters except for the kitchen one (little less). I will appreciate any tips you can give me this area. :P

Yay, phone Sai case! Personally I would never buy an Anime phone case, can't be seen with that when I'm out at hotels dealing with General Managers from big hotels and chains even. ;P
Quantization Oct 24, 2016 3:55 AM
Inspection of the documents? For which purpose and by whom? D:

About Re:Zero... I plan on rewatching it (goodness knows when) and checking if the story holds true from the third person perspective or does the relationships Subaru makes don't... advance too quickly.

Hah, that's some dedication right there but indeed who knows when that will happen, haha!

Also, I believe that it would actually give me an answer to the Rem/Emilia question

Which one of the questions are we referring to here? :p

I really love the respawn and the psychological problems that come with it.

I completely agree.

Also, I want sequel. the series ended in an awkward place where... nothing was actually accomplished. Subaru got to know a buch of people and... dealt with one bad guy. The royal election hasn't progressed by much, the witch is still as mysterious as ever, Subaru still doesn't know why he was actually transported to the different world, etc. In short, the series feels unfinished to me :)

Pretty much sums up my previous reply, except for the Royal election but yeah I agree. I thought the witch and the mystery behind the re-spawning, worlds etc would be the main plot. In other words the witch cult would be a semi-plot because that's what it felt like, so I was kind of disappointed towards the end even though it delivered to some extent. Unfinished is really the right word for it.

I feel like I'm being overly criticizing about Re:Zero, compared to other series with the same score. The thing is that when you get a show like this you expect more, and certainly the worst feeling for me is when things are left behind or not touched more upon.

As for Alderamin you'd think they are going for another season with that ending, and they spent quite the time on the past. They dedicated an entire episode for the childhood days of Ikta + Yatori.

Hyhy... every time you bemoan the need to get something for your apartment I kind of chuckle ;P You're cute. And curtains are easy to buy ;P

Hey hey! It's not an easy task :( I've never been in a "curtain-like-store" but aren't there like different lengths and so on? Don't I need to measure so it won't be too short or collect dust on the ground? And don't even get me started on colors.. Like I don't even (help)

Hehe, I don't know the author but I got through a Google Search that was fetched from a image board. The only adjustment I had to make was moving Sai towards the side a little because else the finger print sensor (for my phone) or camera don't appear inside his marvelous hat. ;D
Quantization Oct 23, 2016 12:50 PM
Lucky you. I need a trip somewhere too. :( Nice photos, and those pictures would be what I expect to see if I went to Poland.

Oh wow Billy is so cute, just adorable!

:D Another great weekend, yeah?

Yes, the weekend schedule delivered like the last one. Many things could be said about Re:Zero, and it was a very enjoyable watch. It pretty much had me at the edge of my seat throughout, except for maybe during the depressive/ptsd like stuff that went on for quite some episodes (that's not me hating). I was expecting Emilia to be revealed as a witch for oh-so long haha. It got quite emotional for every death Subaru had to go through. Many good characters, and one of my favorites was definitely Beatrice. She was so funny and cute, but sadly she was cut off quite a lot. Liked Subaru, and brilliant voice actor for the role! Subaru and Puck's interaction was so cute. Wilhelm and Reinhard were pretty badass too!

As for some criticism or well what I would've liked to see.. So the woman "threatening him" every time he tried to tell the truth, I guess she was a witch but I would liked to know more here. Obviously with that in mind I also mean more truth/reveal about the parallel world stuff. I guess the latter could be a last arc of the last season kind of reveal but still (not sure if they plan on going another season with this?). Another thing that didn't sit well with me; the cutoff of some characters at certain times, especially with Beatrice because she was so interesting. Rem also "disappeared" at some point towards the end, not saying the reason was bad but she wasn't mentioned or shown after she had to go back after the battle with the white whale. And no this is not a "I favor Rem over Emilia kind of thing".. :P Overall I hope for more.

Alderamin was interesting, and I'm glad I watched it. As I mentioned earlier to you - I hope this doesn't turn into another Valkyria. A breath of fresh air for me, and Ikta was a cool character. :> Did not foresee the finger chop scene, haha! I kind of wish that it was a 24-episode Anime instead of 13 because it felt very short to me.

The standard rectangular ones, the round ones, the full body ones and more ;P Choose wisely ;D

Hah, like it matters! As long as they are big and fluffy! :D Every time I go shopping for pillows, blankets or sheets I have to ask for help. I feel so lost in those kind of stores. Reminds me.. I have to buy new curtains, oh god.

Now, I need an advice to a very serious problem ;P

Oh wow, I'm not quite sure how to give you advice on this one. Quite the problem eh? Yeah there is tons of places on the internet where you can design your own these days. After a quick 5 min test, maybe you should get something like this? Don't recall which phone you had, but this is a preview with my Google Nexus 6P case. Would be too white and bright for me but. :>