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Jul 5, 2010
Preliminary (1/12 eps)
I don't usually write reviews before having watched the complete anime, but seeing as the only review for this anime is such a bad one, I thought I'd give my opinion.
At the point of writing, there has only been one episode released, so I have only seen one.

Story; 6/10
There isn't yet much of a story, but I do think it has potential. If they work it out properly this could be a very good story.

Art: 10/10
I love the art. The art was the reason I started watching this anime, and it hasn't dissapointed me. It was clean, bright and pretty.

Sound: 9/10
The seiyuu's all matrch the ...
May 10, 2010
Sugar Sugar Rune is my favorite Mahou Shoujo anime. Though I generally like the genre, and watch it a lot, I found this anime not only more enjoyable but also deeper then many other anime.

At first I was just in love with the fact the two witches could see the hearts of humans, and I admit, I wish I could do the same. Although the story starts out simple, like they are just playing a game, the story gets deeper, and more serious around half the series. The story is about jealousy, friendship and love. And even though this is common for many mahou shoujo ...
Dec 5, 2008
When I started this one-shot, I imediatly though:" wow, that art is great" It's stylish and anatomicly correct. But then, when I had finished it, I found out I had no idea what the story was about. When someone explained I was like:" oooh... I'd have never guessed".Maybe I'm just not very smart, but I really didn't understand the story at all.