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Dec 21, 2012
Air Master is an enjoyable show. There isn't any complex storyline or thinking involve in this anime, but it does have fighting scenes and funny moments in every episode.

I think most of the characters are likable, there is only two or three that most would find annnoying, Mina and Renge.
Kaori Sakiyama is like Vegta from Drangonball Z because she strives to be better than the main character Maki Aikawa. She has the most development in this story and the most fun to watch. There are many other interesting characters and their interactions with each other is funny to watch, Maki and Julietta is one I read more
Dec 18, 2012
It was an ok anime. The concept was good and is like a coming of age story.

Though the show is a magical girl genre, I feel it was different from the typical. It show the good and bad of having the special abilities. There isn't any bad guys that she fights against. The story is more of a character analysis of some sort.

The main character learns about herself and the world around her through the usage of her powers, the good and bad.

I will say that I only watch the first 6eps. and the ending 12th ep. I couldn't stand watching the ecchi panty read more