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Mar 21, 2008
Actually, in truth, this anime is one of the best short animes I have watched!! It made me want to know more and what is going to happen next~ It's very gripping and this anime is an anime that someone would really want to finish in one day because it is just that good. There may be some parts in which they drop the anime's tension by a bit, but that's all what's bad about it. But also because it is shorter, it keeps viewers interested all the way until the end and love it. I know because that happened to me. I was bored read more
Feb 3, 2008
I love Me and My Brothers, or Onii-chan to Issho! It's a really kawaii manga desu~! I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. This manga might be a bit the "typical" kind of manga, but it is really good and I really recommended to those that haven't read it yet. It's such a cute family, aka 4 older brothers and one younger sister, where the 4 brothers tries to get along with the sister. The manga is not completely out yet, but it's worth the try! ^o^