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Kimetsu no Yaiba
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Psycho-Pass 3
Oct 25, 2019 10:31 AM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Sep 2, 2017 11:29 AM
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anime0holic Jul 17, 2018 12:00 PM
I know this is way late but, thanks for the Bday wishes guys!
TheBigGuy Mar 10, 2018 11:12 AM
Happy Birthday!
animefan0071 Mar 4, 2018 5:00 PM
I know I'm still a bit early but I hope you have a Happy Birthday (^.^)
Jada117 Mar 10, 2017 8:21 AM
animefan0071 Mar 3, 2017 8:29 PM
I know it's a bit early but Happy Belated Birthday
Azokumi Feb 9, 2017 6:31 AM
How does that happen so often? TWO FOR TWO NOW. REST IN PEACE anime0holic, hopefully it doesn’t happen again (I just use a word program to write the reply out cause it’s easier and I won’t lose progress :P) Sorry for the overly LATE response I have been hooked on Gintama and have just been bingewatching it (and sometimes playing some World of Warcraft in between so I don’t lose my sanity)

Of course, bookmarking stuff is just so it’s easier to access and only with just a click of the button. Don’t worry about it :D I BOOKMARK LIKE CRAZY LOL easily have 100 bookmarks but I usually delete some after a while. HAVE TO KEEP IT CLEAN! Lol I would’ve been peeved as well, after all that effort and it just goes POOF rest in peace. Yeah the results weren’t bad, they were actually good, I enjoyed reading the first novel of yours lol (now it’s time for the second one) They can be one hell of a bitch especially when you want to go fast but you just can’t because there’s so much to go through and you might just miss something important rip us. Of course, it’s all worth it in the end because we both enjoy reading and sending though I’ve become quite lazy once again I do apologise

It does yeah but I never change it to anything sad or insane even though I have the pics for it lol :D I believe the first gif is of K-On (Azusa is the character, very adorable). Yes the next one is Skyrim, lol, BEST GAME. You’re correct on all of them by the way. I’ve actually seen Hyouka but I really haven’t updated my anime list like at ALL only for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Gintama but I’ve watched a lot more anime than it seems I’m just seriously lazy ;u; Yeah I hate those types of characters though, it irks my very soul to see the girl characters like that, makes me want to drop anime with girls like that lol -u-

Wow, I’ve never even heard of this YTber before! Glad you had fun watching the videos though :) I’m currently eating lunch as I type this message out to you like:

When people get awkward on calls it makes me awkwardly cringe though so it’s hard for me to watch the prank calls LOL but I will watch ^-^ Oh no, I’m not from Spain at all but you’re close! Watching the Spanish one right now OMGokay this one is actually really funny I almost choked on the roll I was eating LOL

I mean UCH 4 Iis just a good game though I haven’t been on the ps4 for a few days now rip mostly been paying other games and I literally just bought Sims 4 a few days. I really don’t know why I keep buying games, save me. Omg, when you up the difficulty it’s like they’re pro marksmanships, never missing. I would probably get rekt at that part lmao holy fuck yeah ammo will be an issue lol I’ll be like this (lol):

When you’re trying to save Sam and he’s gone through the boat by the beach. If not then I AM LIKE TERRIBLE AT MEMORY. Thanks I’ll probably take that into consideration because I’ll likely die more at those parts lol My favourite thing about this game are the puzzles (I am really into puzzles)

I’ll probably try for the plat once I get R&C I really also want to get some multiplayer games so I can play with my friends but everyone has Overwatch on the PC and not the PS4 /feelsbadman (I still haven’t bought the game of course) Oh yeah I’m not that bad at games but at the start of it maybe lol

YEAH I’m gonna be so bad a driveclub it’s gonna be hilarious lol Nah I have no hidden potential for driving games, I haven’t even got a drivers license in real life RIP Don’t worry, you’re not sounding rude, it’s just the truth and it doesn’t hurt :P I CAN ROAST MYSELF PRETTY WELL ALREADY SO HAHA oh I mean I used to do racing games but I was never any good at them (just like now) but my favourite were the snowboarding ones, not really cars. RIP when games try too hard and end up making something terrible in the process press F to pay your respects. OH good luck to getting your future set up :D What job are you going for in the future? Yeah son, the shout would work more on steam since I’m on it all the time, it’s my life now

No problem, the sites I gave you are really good in terms of discounts. Yeah g2a is pretty good as a cheap way to buy games honestly. Oh I’ve never been on that site, thank you! I shall bookmark it :D And yeah I think I was a bit slow :V I'm stupid sometimes lol when you wanna live in alola the location is always alola lol Damn I never knew that would actually work (I probably won’t do it though) HEY NICE IMAGE TO GO WITH THAT LOL

You do but I’ve noticed I do the same LOL It’s normal I guess :P Yeah (rip) I agree with you because more stuff are coming out now and pretty much at a faster pace but if you get high end, it can last you a while before it gets outdated again. Oh yeah, low-end will never last lol, you'd basically just be wasting your money if you’re going for low end parts ‘cause you’ll just need to keep replacing them more often. Yeah exactly, a console would be better than a low end PC honeslty. Ohhh, I’ve never seen a girl who reviews this kind of stuff. Currently watching that video you linked me to. 4 minutes later I LIKED IT and aw rip I subbed to her hopefully everything in her life gets sorted out apparently she made a vieo a week ago and two weeks ago (I just checked) Of course, I think a 2 year wait to update the PC parts is worth the wait and if you can make it last longer by buying beast parts then it’s even better for you in the long run. Yeah that’s probably what I’m thinking, buy something that can at least take a couple of years before I need to upgrade it again. High end is always OP

I’m mostly just gonna be doing mid range stuff nothing that requires any insane stuff to run it simply because I like sticking to one game usually until I pass it (unless I start buying 500 games and then I never get to finish any of them lol) plus I have a console too so if anything I can just play it on there. Of course, waiting too long would be the death of you. ALSO I PLAY MMORPGS FEELSBADMAN
I’ll probably figure something out w a budget that is probs flexible if I try. Yeah the new stuff is gonna be beast af tho

Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool. Skins, shows memory, battery power, weather, notes etc on your desktop. You can literally add anything you want really.. This is how mine looks:
yeah, a sticky note to my desktop about GOW 3. Lol it’s much better typing on the PC and especially on word as well, which is what I’m doing. You’re right, I would probably kill myself if I lost all the progress from here though the only way I’d imagine losing all progress is if I was trying to copy and I fail at clicking the keys and just remove everything I’ve done. That would be so tragic I think I would just write out an apology and be like “my soul has been crushed. I can’t reply to this any more.” Metal Gear is probably one of my favourite series of games honestly .. they are well done imo. WHAT?!? I LOVE STEALTH. Being sneaky is what I live for! LOL yeah she is, maybe that’s the reason why some played the game for the girl LOL I feel you, I have so many games to finish I’m probably gonna end up finishing none (lol) I haven’t tried WD2/seen anything about WD2 but I heard the OG WD was pretty good but had flaws.

Knowing me, I probably read it wrong (which isn’t surprising since I’m usually distracted half of the time so I apologise) Oh I never knew that, feelsbadman. I mena it’s not worth it to just be picky about the 3ds since you’re not gonna be spending a lot of time on there o/ rip yeah tbh I cbb either I was like just buy me the regular 3ds pls lmao Yeah I play with no stylus, I haven’t had one for over a year now. I usually use a pencil that has never been sharpened at all or some other object that won’t really damage the screen if I need to use it for the touch. If I can’t be bothered though, I just use my fingers lol It does drive me nuts but I’m too lazy to actually get a stylus, since after a while of having a stylus I end up breaking the part that makes it stay inside the placement for it in the 3DS and that’s how I lose them (they fall out lol).

White is like so pure though only downside the dirt on it shows pretty fast, so you’ll have to clean it often. I usually go for black/darker colours but sometimes white looks really nice on certain stuff. Oh yeah, they don’t take up much room fml though at PC games 60+ literally is the death of me I HAVE TWO GAMES THAT ARE THAT MUCH GB OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I know GTA V was a pain in my ass tbh

I’ve heard about that game yeah. Ah but that means they seriously care about the game; usually developers don’t really do anything when it’s in early access/alpha and just stay in a stalemate (so sad). TFW NO MANS SKY WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT pls so sad… I don’t even want to see that game title ever again lol I would probably like that game just by what you’re saying RIP what? AMAZING I got 2 days to spare feelsbaman joke but you’re right nobody would have time for that LOL Damn wtf??? that sounds actually really good tbh much better than the previous one we both mentioned >.>

Sometimes the PC games are truly terrible in terms of quality though and are just not finished (so sad). YES. That’s right. I hate those kind of developers as well. It makes me mad when I see such a shitty port from console to PC and I agree with you. OMG … I HEARD ABOUT THAT GAME. EVERYONE WAS LIKE REFUNDING IT LOL

Unfortunately, I do. I made the calculations for the past 12 months and I had spent 400 in last year alone. I’m trying to cut down on my spending but somehow I don’t know if I can pull it off. Simply because some games are worth buying. I’m currently not working right now (rest in peace, me). I should start torrenting but it ain’t my style lol YEAH, anything to do with JK Rowling is loved basically. I guess since it has magic as well. Battle Royale – I enjoyed it. It depends on what you like or not. (btw I also recommend Shutter Island) oh, I spend most of my time watching movies that aren’t animated for some reason. I stopped watching anime like 3 years ago and just shy of this year, I got back into it. GOTTA LOVE THAT 3D ACTION AT THE CINEMA THOUGH.

Thanks! I’ll get to watching those after I’m done replying to this comment :P Well there’s a thing called let’s us stream movies and watch them together. I use this all the time with my friends, it’s actually kind of fun to use this since you share it with your pals. Mine are similar to yours minus the romance though, mainly because the cliches in them are too much for me to handle lol I’ll watch that as well

Thank you Martin, I did enjoy reading it and I can tell that you put a lot of effort so once again I have to apologise for taking so god damn long to reply to you I feel really bd for making you wait about 7 days for it LOL :( PLS DON’T HATE ME CRI.
Of course, I will do the same for you. :D
Nice to meet you Martin!! I’m Shanna but everyone calls me Shan~ Yeah I read that from your profile, had to read it all lol YES YOU ARE! I was like wow, we have almost the same birthday lol Since you’re my elder guess I have to call you Martin Senpai. You’re also taller than me, so not fair lol I’m 5’7 curse tall people lol wow that’s pretty cool! I’m just a simple lazy girl from a British Overseas Territory (RIP NOT SAYING WHICH ONE) so I’m basically British and I pretty enjoy the same things you do though movies and gaming are my favourite pass time. Thank YOU FOR SENDING THIS COMMENT!! ^_^ Waiting for the next one, take your time!


Azokumi Feb 4, 2017 6:55 PM
Don't worry about it, you can take as long as you want when replying to my comments (since I'm going to be doing the same aaa @_@) Ah darn, I forget timezones are a thing, feelsbadman. Sorry btw if there's ever something wrong or I misread anything as I said - I get really distracted whilst replying and half of the time I don't make any sense. Also I feel like I'm going to be replying to every comment you've sent so far LOL so have fun @_@

Oh shiz, that's really bad. Not to say I haven't done anything similar before but yeah I feel you. I'm lazy like that as well lmao BRUH. My middle name should be Procrastinate as well because hell, it fits as frickk. 6 months of free time? that's chill, if you can enjoy yourself and have a good time then it's time well spent! HELL YEAH, time to enjoy those 6 months bud.
Azokumi Feb 1, 2017 9:42 AM
Right, same I have too much free time on my hands so I'm always playing games/watching stuff so I don't mind these long comments. You're going back in a month? Good luck with that, I hope it all works out for you ^-^

*that double comment though
Azokumi Feb 1, 2017 9:38 AM

It’s okay, you can see what bbcode on here, probably just bookmark it or something so it’s easily accessible to you. Wow that’s actually really sad, I feel bad for you ;_; I probably would be fighting back the urge of not typing it all out again or trying to do it much shorter ‘cause I’d feel defeated after that lmao I’d be like “F**K MY LIFE” and look out my window dramatically, like this:

The quality of this comment is actually really good, so don’t worry about it. I can basically talk about anything if I know of said topic, so we’re good :3 Like for example: cats. They’re so cute. I suddenly changed the conversation but let’s go back to the stuff at hand. (as you can tell, I get a bit distracted and that’s one of the main reasons why I suck at replying fast)

Yeah, in paragraphs it’s so much easier to read than just a wall of text, that would give me no break lol. I’ll try to add pictures/gifs where it’s relevant as well so it makes it easier for you. Oh, I try to like fit the theme sort of, of the picture on my page right now until I’m satisfied with the outcome of both. If I’m not satisfied I literally edit like 3 pictures at a time lol Also, thank you. I prefer this picture to Nami as well, I was very iffy about the Nami one since it was in my opinion very hard to look at lmao That’s what I like about anime pictures – I can find one and match it to what I’m feeling at the moment just like music. I am unsure about the 1st gif, you’re right about the 2nd: Nichijou. Nichijou is such a funny anime, I love the comedy genre, it’s the one that entertains me the most. I’ll take those recommendations, I’ll plan to watch those after I’m done watching Gintama :D

I’ll probably get the plat of UCH4 since once I pass it I’ll be playing it again ‘cause I missed a lot of treasures/etc and I feel like collecting everything, my first playthrough is to I guess go through the main story and stumble upon some cool things but the 2nd one will be just be collecting everything I missed. Oh nice, yeah it should be easier since I’ll know all the controls since I would’ve recently completed it. Ah, that sounds interesting. Yeah exactly, plus it refreshes the beginning of the story as well, just in case you forgot or it’s hazy.

From what I’ve played so far (on my friends PS4 at Christmas, lol) I’d say it’s really good and actually pretty unique for a game. Yeah that’s pretty amazing that they took that long, scratched it and gave us a good game to play. FFXV has amazing graphics and looks cool to play but I don’t think it’s a game for me, I watched a playthrough and played it a bit at my friends house, let’s just say the hype around it made me disappointed when I played the game myself. Wow, I’ve never heard of Yakuza 0. If it’s similar to gta then it should be really good – usually they are. Oh lol I don’t like when it’s only a console exclusive if I’m being honest, the pc usually never gets it or gets it a bit later. Thanks for the link to a review (btw I love Angry Joe), I’ll be listening to it whilst I type this paragraph. Resident Evil 7 seems hella cool, I really need to get my hands on that game. It looks so well done for a horror, usually they aren’t that good but damn! Well done.

I just played a bit of Driveclub, looks awesome. Heard it was like a bit hard though, guess I have to try out more stuff on it! I played just a few minutes but the quality is actually really good, I was even surprised at that, though to be expected on this type of console. I only have one car game I guess on PC that I’ve played: Rocket League, which is good but I don’t really like that much. Seriously?! But that’s what makes it fun, the jump from moderate to god level, after you pass it you’ll feel accomplished too! Lol 200-300 laps? Holy crap. I wonder how much I’ll take lmao possibly a lot more, I’m bad at car games rip me. Wow, at least you passed it! CONGRats c: No mistakes? Welp, that will be hard for me to pass then. Lol It’ll probably be a nightmare for me too, I rarely play racing games at all, you will have to wish me luck when I start playing it seriously lol I’m sure there are a few out there just not that spoken about it. I think it’s just cool to build your own.

It isn’t a problem for me to help you out. So if you ever just wanna do them, I’d gladly help you out. Yeah of course just hit me up, if I’m not on you can always contact me here to get my ass on the PS4 ‘cause sometimes I forget since I have so many things to go on (3DS, PC, PHONE, PS4.. rip) oh damn, that’s really unfortunate at least they know about it and tried to fix it. Pretty good developers, some just don’t even care about the glitches and sometimes glitches in game make it better lol

Steams best sales are usually around summer time, that’s when shiz gets reaaal good. Also if you ever buy games for Steam I’d suggest getting them from HumbleBundle (, you get a lot of games/sales out of the bundles/monthly and for surprisingly cheap. Another site I’d recommend would be Good sites for buying cheap games but pirating them of course, is better lol Um I have never even heard of that trick before actually, I usually just refund in like 30 mins/an hr if I don’t like the game and just leave it alone lol some games are just terrible; Yeah the seeders and leechers takes a bit longer for the torrents. That feel when I can’t find you on Steam as no users match that search, that’s actually kind of funny. I am Aestra, if you can find me you should add me ~

Yup, I’m going to be building my own gotta save up first. I just think making your own computer will get you better stuff for cheaper than buying an already made PC, those are usually lower specs than what you’d buy on your own. Year 10 over here, I find 10th grade a bit weird to say, Americans lol You made a good choice. PC = Master Race. Hell yeah, the PCs potential exceeds most things, depends if you have the money or not even though the parts are fairly cheap. Oh nice, outdated parts should be fine for like another year or two and then you’d start getting better ones eventually. PCs are like a work in progress :D I’ll probably get parts that are not the best specs to start with and wait a few years for new things to come out and then just buy them. That’s what’s good about PCS as well, outdated parts are still good, maybe not to run any new games on ultra or whatever but for mid-range gaming it’s fine.

Ah right, so yours are now low end. I wouldn’t worry too much since new parts are always being made and it should be really easy to get your hands on an upgrade. Yeah, waiting for something good to come out is the best thing to do if your pc has low end parts. New gpus should be amazing. Ah yes, Nvidia, sort of don’t like them but YOLO they are one of the best. I agree, they probably will sell it for cheaper as competition will probably reach some highs (LETS HOPE) you’re not boring me at all with anything, no need to worry.

Blood and gore; probably something I’ve always liked in video games & tv series. Usually I like more crime related stuff though. Thanks, I’ll leave a little note on my desktop (since I use rainmeter and have a notes skin) to start with GOW 3. Oh no no no, I don’t live in ‘murica lol I live in the EU, unfortunately ~ So its a highly praised game, I’ll look forward to it! That kind of reminds me of Metal Gear rising: Revengeance, great boss fights and hella good music (you should look it up, I’ll be doing the same for GOW 3) Corpse Party? Another to my list, thank you for all these recommendations, I’ll get to them asap :3 4 eps? it’s no problem even if I don’t end up enjoying it. ^-^
I’ve seen gameplay of Destiny and I have been wanting to play it so if the rumours are correct, I’ll finally get to play it. Haha seriously? Were you addicted to Destiny? It seems like you were lol After spending so long on a game you start getting good, that’s cool that you could rival pros. I have never owned an X Box in my entire life, the controller oh my god, is amazing. I have one of the X Box controllers even though I don’t own the actual console. Fangirling over a controller, lol.

Story time with anime0holic, lmao throwback to when psp was alive, I had my own as well. How CAN YOU REGRET IT? It’s actually a good story, I enjoyed readying that. You traded and sold a lot, that’s experience lmao I haven’t sold anything of mine yet, guess I just stick with it to the end even in death (RIP) lol DUDE, NICE. You got the zelda limited edition, I’m jealous lmao I just got a regular one in dark blue, fucking feelsbadman. Ohh, I have no case on mine lol get rekt 3ds. It actually is ding fine surprisingly. That’s one thing I always lack: a stylus. I suck at keeping them – I lose them and I can never find them again or buy new ones and break them. Someone stop me, I’m terrible. Gotta love the hacks though that give you free stuff, its beautiful. Oh offline all the time? that’s a big downside of that hack. Yeah the safest option is just not doing anything to it as the possible ban risk is too high. One of the main reasons why I never use hacks, I rather just not get banned ^.<

That’s a good plan actually. PSP IN WHITE = BEST. What the f- 350 PSP GAMES???! LOL yeah no doubt, you’ll hardly run out of stuff to play for a while, that’s cool though. At least you’ll be entertained for much longer lol

The 3DS has games that are just play and finish the game – or just play for a couple of hours and then never go back on it. It has nothing to draw you back in than for example UCH4 or TLOU, it just stays there until you want to play a new interesting game.

I do, especially if the game is super good, if not I refund of course lol. I would torrent them but I just purchase and I'm like YEA but then I realise I spend over 400 a year on games and I need to relax and stop buying. Oh totally I get where you’re coming from, I don’t have a proper one yet either but I still use my money on games #feelsbadman. Yoo, if you watch any of them and think they’re good hit me up with the titles, I’ve only been downloading movies that aren’t animation related and I can tell you I found some good ones (Battle Royale, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Cloud Atlas.. etc) we should watch movies together lol. What is your favourite movie genre? I end up like that as well and I get so confused as to how some people give stuff a 10, like no way lol

I sure did, I took two hours to respond to this comment entirely and I wrote it out on word ‘cause that seemed easier. It turned out great, I wasnt expecting such a long comment but alas, it was fun. It’s fine, I like reading of course, I just suck at responding back because I get distracted and take forever to get it back to you. YES IT’S EXACTLY THAT. We’re literally writing essays to each other, but that’s good. A WINDOW INTO YOUR SOUL. Actually I wouldn’t mind getting to know you more so, what’s your name? :D

I’ll be waiting for another essay ~
Azokumi Feb 1, 2017 6:42 AM
YOU TYPED UP A LONG ASS ESSAY BOY. It's okay, I'll take a bit longer to reply to it though lmao 'CAUSE I'M BAD AT REPLYING FAST feelsbadman
Azokumi Jan 31, 2017 10:13 AM
Wow this is a pretty long paragraph but it's cool cause at least we have stuff to talk about ^_^

Damn, I'm only like 1 chapter away from finishing after that I'd probably try and get some more achievements - I don't have much rip ;w; Oh yeah totally, I would even play it twice as I can miss a lot of things just by focusing on the story parts only. I'll probably pass it a second time as well. Yeah, multiplayer achievements are usually way harder than the single player ones, can sometimes get a bit annoying in some games. Oh geez, you're pretty fast. I haven't started driveclub yet as I've been focusing on The Last Guardian/Uncharted 4 but I will be playing driveclub soon so yeah if you need help, I can probably help you on that achievement lol.

I agree with you there, R&C has been a good series. My favourite games growing up was spyro and rayman. I played Ratchet and Clank on the ps3 it was pretty fucking good in my opinion. GOTTA LOVE THAT NOSTALGIA WITH SOME GAMES. yeah man I love when games are just heavily detailed and their quality is super good. I can't wait to get my hands on R&C 'cause there has been a lot of good reviews about that game. Yoo, I'll probably be like that as well, kind of like this:


Yeah, it's sad that the driveclub seem glitched. Do the developers know about it or? Yeah I sometimes do the same but I've kinda abandoned the PS3 now and just moved on to the PS4 ;-; rip ps3. Do you have a Steam? I buy most of my games on there. Hey, exactly for PC it's cheaper and much better in terms of quality and fps rates. I'm making my own. PSH GUY GAMe, I like games like that though. I don't mind blood and gore, I generally like things like that! :D And is it? If it's coming to PC I might buy it :P
Why'd you buy it 3 times? xD I mean 3ds games are nothing enticing compared to games on the PS and PC so it's kinda hard to always stick to the DS but I'm a faithful Pokemon fan and I have to buy all the games and play them at leat once completely lol. Do you have a special case for the 3DS? No I don't, for some reason I always like paying for games but I do other illegal stuff *LIKE DOWNLOADING MOVIES* lol.
Azokumi Jan 30, 2017 7:35 AM
I agree, I love Uncharted 4. Haven't finished it yet, I will very soon. It's just I share the ps4 with my little sister ._. rip. Yeah that's what I heard as well, that the multiplayer wasn't amazing but the story etc was. Oh snap my dude, I've got driveclub as well lol I plan on getting more games though, for now I only have 4 (uncharted, last of us, driveclub & the last guardian). I heard Ratchet and Clank was good, so I think I'm going ot buy that next. Shii, I hardly look at the sales, thanks for reminding me though :3

Oh jesus, that's awesome! I used to be a sort of achievement hunter but then I stopped. Is it broken? fucking hell that sucks for achievement hunters. Yooo, I have a ps3 as well but I never use that anymore, it's kinda just there collecting dust sadly. I'm more of a Pc player than console but for some games I rather use console. I'll have a look into GOW though, always wanted to play the games but never gave it too much thought or time. I accept you on the ps4 btw, still love the psn lol I don't play destiny at all ;~; I'm usually on my 3DS though playing Sun ._.
Azokumi Jan 29, 2017 7:37 AM
That's what I was doing as well. Granted, yours does make more sense than mine :3 No I don't play that often and if I do it's only for Uncharted 4 lol ;w; Which games do you play?
Azokumi Jan 28, 2017 7:56 AM
Hey animeholic, it's nice to meet you. By the way you have a very similar psn to mine.. I'm called derangedapricot lol
anime0holic Jan 27, 2017 8:53 AM
Nice one haha and gud to meet u too man!