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Anime Stats
Days: 54.4
Mean Score: 7.23
  • Total Entries320
  • Rewatched11
  • Episodes3,399
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Apr 5, 6:18 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Hataraku Saibou (TV)
Hataraku Saibou (TV)
Apr 3, 10:17 AM
Watching 8/13 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 1.8
Mean Score: 8.00
  • Total Entries14
  • Reread0
  • Chapters323
  • Volumes4
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!
Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!
Mar 15, 12:09 PM
Reading 25/? · Scored 7
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Mar 15, 12:07 PM
Reading 167/? · Scored 9
Youjo Senki
Youjo Senki
Mar 15, 12:06 PM
Reading - · Scored -


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tamarun Mar 26, 7:00 AM
paguiomcee Dec 27, 2018 2:36 AM

It's nice to see you again.
Showa Aug 19, 2018 3:15 AM
I found you through a friend's friend list. c:
Well I was testing how to do the coding and what not and I have a lot of manga screen caps so I figured I'd test one from one of my favorite manga out.
Showa Aug 17, 2018 9:50 AM
Thanks for accepting my request! I hope we can become good friends! c:
Niveen_Sleem Jul 1, 2018 3:51 AM
Happy Birthday!
shyhana94 May 23, 2018 12:28 PM
lol no I didn't they just moved suddenly but our new neighbors are worst
well i use google for the anime/manga for example sometimes I skip all the volume that I watched in the anime if there's no difference between the event because it's easier to read
Googled what you're name?
paguiomcee Apr 26, 2018 5:10 AM
Heyaaaa! (≧▽≦)

Thank you for sending me a friend request!

It's nice to meet you, hihi~!

shyhana94 Apr 2, 2018 4:54 PM
funny thing they moved out yay *\(^o^)/*
again that depends for example attack on titan have 24 volumes and each volume has 4 chapter with 40/50 page in total there's 103 chapter
the only reason I'm happy that it's getting another session because we might get new session of railgun
good to know what's the meaning of it ?
shyhana94 Dec 4, 2017 6:10 PM
yeah it's been so long I apologize been a little busy and lazy as well how are your back to school right?

yeah but it's going to be wired if I but ear buds when I'm awake don't you think ?

it actually depends on the manga for example weekly manga usually have between 15/20 chapter and that's not enough for one episode so it'll take 2 or 4 chapter per episode monthly manga have 40/50 chapter so 2 to 3 chapter per episode if they skip certain events in the anime :)

yeah nothing beats the feeling of seeing a new episode or getting another session did hear index is getting a third session ?

really what was you're old name i can't remember ?
shyhana94 Oct 21, 2017 11:56 PM
well you're so lucky I'll do anything to have some peace and quite:( / next season will be amazing so many secret will be revealed so prepare yourself :) / no because most of the manga that I read have a lot of chapter so I know the anime will adopt the chapters that I've already read unless I just started the manga /yeah I guess it's a big thing if the homework or the test was really difficult and you managed to solve it on your own / thanks it feels so good to have my life back I hope you get yours back soon:) also did you change your name or I'm imagining things?
shyhana94 Sep 8, 2017 10:51 PM
yeah I think so too but it sucks we just moved in and might have to do again because of the annoying neighbors:( / don't worry I won't spoil anything but yeah she was human just like the rest of the titan but she's not a shifter unlike eren and the others/ yup it's the best feeling you feel like you've accomplished something big but it's only yours homework XD / no problem glad you're doing well and this how I usually spend my time although I've recently gone back to watching anime regularly:)
shyhana94 Aug 24, 2017 12:13 AM
oh that's okay I'll tell you the order again:)
so first there's the movie
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell 2.0
is a remake of the original movie with coupl different scenes but it's the same story so you need to watch one of them
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

tv series
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
ghost in the shell stand alone complex the laughing man
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society

Ghost in the Shell: ARIS series
Border:1 Ghost Pain
Border:2 Ghost Whispers
Border:3 Ghost Tears
Border:4 Ghost Stands Alone
Ghost in the shell alternative architecture episode 9/10 only
Ghost in the Shell (2015)

and that's the entire series :)
shyhana94 Aug 23, 2017 11:52 PM
yeah we can but we don't want to cause any problems with them:( / yeah wait till they reveal the identity of the titan that eat eren mom you'll be surprised and the ape titan as well:) / well unfortunately nothing comes easily you have to do your best and hope everything will be good in the end:) / I'm good slowly getting back to my old routine what about you?
shyhana94 Aug 14, 2017 6:25 PM
Yeah I can and we told them before that they were being loud but it doesn't matter we hear music at 3 am can you imagine that /yeah it was random I remember when I first saw it in the manga I was surprised I didn't think they would revealed their identity like that i was expecting something different but It was a great idea and more surprising/ yeah me too she was badass and scary i also liked the way erwin acted as well in the last episode/ well you got to work harder and hopefully you'll make/and again I'm sorry for the the late reply I've been super busy with personal stuf
shyhana94 Jul 16, 2017 1:16 AM
nope I won't forgive them they literally fight all the time and when there not fighting you can hear the sound of the tv it's so loud:( / really I can listen to it all day and I wouldn't feel bored of it were you surprised when they revealed their identity? favorite character is Mikasa I just love how strong and loyal she is to her friends and her past is tragic and you who's your favorite? / oh that's sucks I'm sorry do have to repeat the grade ?