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Sep 29, 2020
Tonikaku Kawaii is a love story that skips the getting together of a couple and just starts off with couple living the newlywed life. Though I enjoyed reading the manga in the beginning, I had begun to lose interest as I continued.

I felt like Tonikaku Kawaii's avoidance of typical romance manga story elements proved to be a double edged sword. It skips straight to the cute fluff of two newlyweds, which can be incredibly refreshing. However, the characters in the manga encounter no romantic difficulties or any hardships throughout the entire course of the story, making the story boring for the reader as more time read more
Aug 26, 2020
Hanazono-san Chi no Futago-chan is a run-of-the-mill harem manga that has essentailly no original or groundbreaking ideas what so ever. The story follows our main protagonist, who has little to no personality, and his two childhood friends who want his babies. Hanazono-san Chi no Futago-chan copies many ideas presented in degenerate shows such as kiss x sis and hajimete no gal. The cast consists of your mediocre harem cast that you will easily forget because they exist in every other harem manga. The younger sister is a popular idol who wants the guy's babies, and the older sister is a deliquent student, who wants the read more