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Jun 26, 2017
Countdown is the kind of hentai I recommend to all beginners, and lovers of younger girls. The art was top notch for its day and still holds strong today. The girls are adorable, happy, ready to have sex, and having fun. Their breast are normal sized and quite cute. There are no tentacles, or weird old men. The group sex at the end leaves you wanting to see more, but sadly the amount of content is limited to 30 minutes. Its kind of funny but not laugh out loud funny. The major flaw in this hentai is the fact that nothing stands ...
Dec 15, 2015
The 2 episodes in this series are entirely different and I will review them as such.

EP1 gets a 10 all around
Hormones. Yes Hormones drive a group of 3 girls average looking "college" girls to the point of giving in. These are the kind of girls I never got to meet in college. Truly a beautiful group sex scene. I really liked how the guys did a 360, and said "wait whaaaaat." All the girls where cute. The guys had faces but where mostly clothed. For male beginners this would be a great hentai.

A great sequel could be ...
Jun 25, 2015
Story: This is one of those hentai where the guy waves his dick in the air and all the girls follow like it was gods gift to the world. It will never happen but man it was sure fun to watch.

The good:
It was so cool to see the two girls masturbating behind a door, while watching the main character gettin it on.

All the girls where soo cute.

It was the ultimate girly free for all

The bad:
My wife was so funny when she watched this. She would yell out things like "right". "In a million years." "How does she bend like ...
Jun 25, 2015

The window scene was amazing! If only I where strong enough to lift my wife like that.

All of the sex positions where well thought out and looked like fun.

I really liked how they focused on the girls perspective this time. Usually the animators for hentai are all guys and as a result we get 70 percent of hentai from the guys prospective.

My wife says: "The guy private parts where blurred out in a way that gave it depth. unlike other titles that make the girl look like she is humping a blurred out mess. I also really like how ...
Apr 28, 2015
two words
Group Sex
Imagine a city that decided to give up sex for 2 months and then the mayor said go!! That pretty much decides the kind of craziness that goes on in this hentai

The first episode was OK, but the last three knocked it out of the park!

Man if only THIS hentai didn't go overboard with the censorship it would have gotten a 10. easy.

The story was awesome for a hentai. allergies that turn everyone on was a great idea. If only.

Apr 6, 2015
I disagree with whatuser990, he must have not seen very much hentai. Or probably not watched more then the first episode of this hentai. Cause I really like this one.

I'm also am not a fan of tentacles, but to be honest they weren't that bad. They were not the main focus of this show. The story is better than 70 percent of the hentai out there. The girls where adorable. Very, very well drawn. It also had a decent dub for a Hentai.

The roof scene between the main character and his sister was awesome.

All of the girls had a reason to have ...
Apr 6, 2015
Dyogrammaton (Anime) add
This hentai is a result of 2 fan boys who know nothing about art, girls, or sex getting together to make a hentai. Don't waist your time.

Sadly I purchased this hentai :(, as a impulse buy. The cover looked great, and I had gone and entire month with out anything. Why didn't I look at the review first? why?

Apr 6, 2015
This hentai would be good for Beginners, and for guys who don't like shockingly weird moments in their hentai.

MOST adorable girls ever!!! They are so cute!! So cute!!! If Google the most adorable puppies ever it will give you the pretty much the same feeling.

The cat girl takes charge of her man, and is the highlight of the show.

There was a really good moment where the main character had sex on stage.

Mar 6, 2015
Incest warring!!!!

This is the kind family you invite over for dinner, and as they leave you beg not to go. Truly well thought out plot. When the mother got sandwiched for some reason I stood up put on my big finder thing (you can buy as sports events) and start yelling heck yea!!! My neighbor knocked on my door and asked "What the heck is going on?" I apologized telling him "I'm so sorry I was watching the game." My wife couldn't stop laughing after that. I can't wait to move out of my apartment.

yep this will be a hentai ...
Mar 6, 2015
Aww Doctor Shameless.

A story to remember. This hentai was well thought out, and kept me watching till the very end. The girls where all cute. the idea of a shameless doctor was brilliant! the wife on top of her daughter part I could still remember even after five years. Awww

I'll tell you this though if a doctor like that got near my children I would shoot him in the leg, and happily served jail time for it. If i still lived in Texas, or Arizona I probably would have got away with it.

i'm happy to say. There was no rape, but there was ...

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