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Days: 48.8
Mean Score: 7.90
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  • Episodes3,062
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Kemurikusa (TV)
Kemurikusa (TV)
34 minutes ago
Watching 6/12 · Scored -
58 minutes ago
Watching 5/12 · Scored -
Meiji Tokyo Renka
Meiji Tokyo Renka
1 hour ago
Watching 6/12 · Scored -
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Days: 0.2
Mean Score: 9.00
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Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
Feb 6, 1:24 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Feb 6, 1:23 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou desu yo? Z
Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou desu yo? Z
Jan 7, 2:47 AM
Completed 15/15 · Scored 9


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Scev Yesterday, 1:38 PM
Hey Andrami! How have you been? ^^
Also do you have some kind of nickname I can call you? Or do you prefer to keep it Andrami ?

That's good to hear, some people just give some shows a really bad rating if they don't like the ending.
Like I watched Darling in the Franxx when it was airing and the ending of that show pretty random honestly and I didn't really like it. But I still enjoyed the show overall so I still gave it a pretty high rating, because for me overall enjoyment is all that matters. :)

Damn he looks pretty badass not gonna lie
Ah no worries, thanks for putting in the effort to find a GIF that doesn't spoil anything :D

The Spice and Wolf and Goblin Slayer OP are the ones I actually listen to from time to time, I rarely listen to OP but I do have my favourites tho.
And since you didn't know about the Spice and Wolf OP, I assume you haven't watched the show yet?
You should honestly watch it when you get the chance to ^^

That's true as soon as there are some English words in a OP or ED I can't help myself to not sing along, like with the S;G 0 OP, it has a part "I can fly high" I always sing along when that happens XD

Have you had the time yet to check some of them out yet? No worries if you didn't ^^
And if you did. found any songs and/or genres that you like ?

ModestBarin Yesterday, 1:55 AM
Great ^^ Start with Fate/Zero, IMO that's the strongest part of the series ^^
ModestBarin Feb 14, 8:59 AM
Hey! Definitely has me hooked, I love how Gen Urobuchi writes his characters in correlation to the narrative and all the emotionel high nodes he's so good at hitting. Knowing him I'm just waiting for when all the shit hits the fan ^^ You should check out Fate/Zero, it's one of his works I really adore
Scev Feb 11, 3:51 PM
Yeah KhilJoyy pointed out to me that the low score might be to do with the show ending on a cliffhanger, a lot of people don't like that.
But both you and KhilJoyy recommended me to watch the show, so I'll definitely check it out whenever I find the time for it.
For sure! I'll watch a few eps and I'll tell you what I think of it.
That's a cute GIF you added ^^ is she one of the characters of that show ?

The OP I like are the following:

I have to admit, It's hard to not "scream/sing" along to the "I'm screaming something to you" part of that Re:Creators OP. I've also "screamed" (since I can't sing I'll define it as screaming XD) along with that opening when I'm on my own

Alrighty I'll gladly share some of my favs from each genre ^^

Scev Feb 11, 3:48 AM
Hmm Satsuriku no Tenshi doesn't seem to have a high rating, what did you like about the show btw?
I'm pretty open minded to any show and I'm not overly critical about any flaws a show have. As long as I enjoy what I'm watching then that's good enough for me honestly, So i'll give it a shot.
Well I think those 3 shows are on my PTW list so I'll check 'em out eventually :)
Ah mirai Nikki, I've seen that one. It's a pretty good anime, hmmm yeah I'm also not really sure if it can be classified as a horror. It does have some Horror elements like with it being pretty gory and fucked up backstories.

Alrighty I'll check out the 1997 version, thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

You got some really solid OP and ED listed on your profile, a few of them are among my favourites too ^^
Ayy you even got one from Re:creators in that list :))

Is there any genre in particular that I listed that you want a recommendation from ? Or do you want to me to list a few songs from each genre?
I'll gladly recommend you some songs :D
Scev Feb 9, 7:41 AM
I feel you, you gotta change things up sometimes ^^
I still have to watch a horror anime, Do you have any recommendations for shows from that genre ?

Okay let me know once you watch them, if you don't mind :)
Yeah I've also heard some things about the ending of berserk, that it's a bit fucked up.

Okay, Well then what's your favourite OP and ED ?
I listen a lot of music, I commute 2 hours each day to school, so I got loads of time to listen to music.
I usually listen to Drum N Base, Trance, Techno, Synthwave and Rock/Metal
XracerGrid Feb 9, 3:14 AM
Yeah Taiga is super cute, i just want to pat her head so bad even tho i might loose a hand after that xd
Your week sounds awesome except for the homework part, but yeah no it's been only work and homework for me (but hey at least i get paid).
XracerGrid Feb 8, 11:29 AM
lol at least i'm not the only one
I was thinking about watching Toradora again, but i don't have the time and i've got alot of Gundam watch (the Gundam grind is real). I need more free time!
anyway, how was your week?
XracerGrid Feb 7, 9:34 AM
I'll check them out once they finish airing that is lol, can't handle waiting a week for an episode.
I'm pretty hyped for Kaguya-sama i'm running low on romance (they say you can die of romance withdrawal XD).
XracerGrid Feb 7, 5:39 AM
Yeah but i got enough dumbasses to take care of so it's pretty much the same thing XD
btw are there any interesting animes i should look forward too in the current season? (i don't usually watch ongoings)
Scev Feb 7, 5:36 AM
You got me all figured out, don't you ?
Yup will do :)

Akame Ga Kill, Hellsing and then Berserk you seem to enjoy quite gory shows XD
Berserk is also on my PTW list, I've heard quite a lot of things about that show, what do you think of that it so far?

Also what kind of music do you like to listen to ?
XracerGrid Feb 6, 8:00 AM
Sad? you mean me living alone or not beeing able to grow up with a sibling?
Anyway now that i've completely destroyed the good mood lets get back to anime
Check out Houseki no Kuni when you get the chance, it's a hidden gem (pun intended). It also has great character development, i'm sure you'll enjoy it

XracerGrid Feb 5, 7:55 AM
Thats good, keep family close at the end of the day family is the only thing you can trust
Yeah i got a very high "pain threshold" but it's to late for all that anyway, i don't live with my parents anymore, or rather parent so yeah... i feel you
I'm sorry it was a stupid question i should have guessed, i really didn't need you to spell it out.
Scev Feb 5, 4:27 AM
Of course! I'm surprised you even knew about Yatoism, It doesn't have that many followers... (Still need to finish watching Noragami, Only watched it until ep 3 a month ago)

Ah no worries I can handle gory stuff pretty well.
Alrighty thanks I'll watch Hellsing Ultimate whenever I feel like it then ^^

Thanks! I'll do my best :)
XracerGrid Feb 4, 8:06 AM
ahh... ok i normally only hear bad things about little brothers, but i would've loved to have a little bro, or even better! a little sis.
If its ok with you may i ask why you guys don't live together?