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Oct 10, 2019
Seraph of the End, along with No.6 are two series where it's not about reviews, scores and analysis no matter how good. It's not about finding out why something is special, it's simply about experiencing something so meaningful and important.

Not sure whether it's the characters, music, story or the foundation under all of these. Everything related to Seraph of the End was an experience and honestly hope everyone finds their most incredible thing/s imaginable. An anime, game, anything, only the out of this universe stuff can induce such love and awe for something and Seraph of the End is one.

These are keepers forever and read more
Oct 10, 2019
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
Not something to rate and think "that was amazing, what's next" and it's a disservice to break it down into scores out of ten for respective parts. No.6 doesn't feel like a story with characters to analyse and think how 'good' it is, then how it stacks up compared to other series. That all collectively boxes it in which is never good, and worse when it only devalues it.

No.6 is simply an experience, you can come across people saying how deeply something affects them and how important something is, but it's one of those things you have to feel for yourself since otherwise it's just read more
Oct 10, 2019
Sweet, first manga review! Giving this high marks because it's very good - that's it! Really nice and a message to share (addresses mental health issues, like Yuri!!! on Ice in that regard), love the people in it, art is good.

Reviews are problematic since maybe they require coming at something with a pickaxe to chisel the mud away from diamond underneath (if any is there) in terms of being critical of a work. That's fine, done that and there's diamond with Ten Count! No need to do it further since the better lens to have is to just enjoy the series we are lucky read more
Aug 15, 2019
Given (Anime) add (All reviews)
Love Given, the characters, story, all it wants to show and everything about it is special. The anime is done perfectly, and is also detailing characters earlier (Kedama the pom is ridiculously cute!) and expanding on scenes and the moments from the manga. Oh and said anime also looks and sounds lovely as well!

People in bands is always nice and both the background and instrument playing music is on form, and then when it comes to the characters and their actions as they navigate the events throughout; equally as good.

It is not just music Given deals with, the characters particularly Mafuyu have been wounded. Yet read more
Aug 5, 2019
Interesting an anime with the worst, and best people in the world together in one series. First this is a thriller series and definitely a tragedy with all the awful things occurring. It is all going on plot wise and this excellent anime made some years after the manga was first released is out to get us, just a friendly heads up!

The plot driven story does not diminish the characters, Ash is the bravest person in any series and never a victim but always and forever the hero of his story. That he and Eiji essentially had multiple arcs to deepen what they have is read more
Nov 7, 2018
The anime version of Twilight

The world’s largest emo fest

The series that shows us steak but gives us cat faeces

This uh… adaption? For the train wreck manga has come to a calamitous halt. Sui Ishida, real name Stephenie Meyer, has had her second coming climaxing in this blimp explosion of an anime, you mustn’t look at the carnage but how can you not!

Bella and Edward’s anime counterparts are finally given end to the ridiculous scenarios they find themselves in. Them, all of Tokyo Ghoul’s characters are expertly crafted to be as boring and shallow as possible, and a most distinguishing trait is that it ignores the read more
Nov 5, 2018
This is unexpectedly quite a nice light-hearted series focusing on actors with some amazing animation and music.

The theme of this series in that it deals with loss of status and feeling replaced. Very apt resonating themes for people who are no longer getting a million likes on their social media, or are no longer the best thing in a highly critical, media glare always on you, high pressure areas like being an actor in the public eye like in this case.

A great strength of the series is realistic bodies for people. There’s no balloon cleavage for ladies, no eight pact hench, frankly absurdly unrealistic read more
Jul 18, 2018
Gluhen’s first review, show Weiss Kreuz some love, people! Especially to the previous 25 episodes and OVA. This sequel Gluhen adapts the previous formula and works when you think of it as one long episode/mission spread over the 13 episodes here.

- Art: 6/10 - A marked upgrade from the previous season, with greater animation all round. There are character redesigns due to legal behind the scenes stuff, but it occurs a few years later so makes sense anyway with the updated appearances.

- Sound: 4/10 - Its fine on the grand scheme of things, Weiss Kreuz does has it’s own signature theme and music to enjoy. read more
May 20, 2018
It’s something rating an anime you like with ‘5’ but understand this review reflects a technical standpoint. Where reviewers give 10’s and the average rating appears to be 7/8+ for everything (which may very well mean they’re all very good but let’s balance things) this is a practical grounding. This site gives 5 an ‘average’ meaning of which Trickster largely matches that description, but the key point is that though it’s average on the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t prevent it from being enjoyable, the 10/10 for personal enjoyment at the end is what matters, when all is said and done of the art, read more
May 3, 2018
A mercy 1/10 because it offers a glimpse of a story that could work, if it had the right characters leading it, and if you cut out the previous manga in it's entirety. Re is what the first incarnation of Tokyo Ghoul should have been from the start. Too little too late though, and the few good characters from before have been replaced by bad ones.

An elite team of ghouls, humans, anything, engaging in what Tokyo Ghoul has to offer was always the right course of action. The suspense, gore, whatever the series wanted to show could work so long as it’s based around a read more