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Oct 24, 2009
Complex (Manga) add (All reviews)
First of all, I must admit, that at first I was kinda not interested to read it due to the shota scene and the arts (it's not really that bad tho' after a while) . I'm even tempted to stop reading it. However, I can't seems to do so and somehow my mind said, bear with it... you'll not regretting it!
It was right!
I'm not regretting to ever read this wonderful manga. It has such a great plot where I rarely (more like never once) encounter, furthermore, on Yaoi manga. It tells you from their childhood, their teens/adolescent march to their adulthood (well this read more
Sep 4, 2009

Well, to be honest, my sis bought the DVD...
lol, I have this urge to buy it but kinda afraid if the story isn't worth buying.
So, I postponed my desire to have it.
The next time I go out with my sis, she willingly buy it since she loves piano... and obviously, a piano and an anime... she would never let that dvd stay in the store when she walk out from it LOL.

The story is really nice.
The plot is somewhat unique.

Obviously, when you want to become a professional pianist, having your friend, whom you think has a great talent for piano... you should feel envious and read more
Sep 4, 2009
The Lonely Egoist/Egotist

I don't quite sure which is it?
I do think it's egoist since the japanese 淋しいがりやのエゴイストand the romaji is sabishigariya egoisto. I don't know why The book spell Egotist tho'


to be honest, I downloaded (yes, I download, unfortunately for me) this novel is obviously because the illustartor is Minase sensei. I do love sensei's arts and obviously the cover arts.... the cover is so alluring xD


so my positive POV for this novel...

The storyline is really good. I love how the author can came up with such idea where you read and you can easily picture the situation inside your mind. As i read more
Sep 4, 2009

As I read this novel, I find the plot is quite common in every Yaoi manga and very predictable. I mean how the story developing and where the relationship will go. However, somehow I find myself eager to know what will happens next. It's quite silly, yes, the story turns to be what I exactly expected it to be but I find myself satisfied with it(?) So yes, in any other words, even this novel has that common plot but it's worth to read.

That's basically my positive POV but on the negative side, I actually didn't really fond on how JUNE translated this novel. read more