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Jul 3, 2012
The show is beautiful...and that's about where the good parts end.

The entire show is a shallow teen girl fantasy. The long and short of it is a bunch of teen girls play around in space with ships that people just give to them for no explainable reason with a few shoujo guys. The characters are all bland, there's no character development - a bunch of teen school girls are just automatically great pirates from the start -, there's no plot, there's no danger or excitement, there's nothing. The entire show is as if the author just took a teen girl's daydream "well, read more
Aug 7, 2009
This won't be a masterpiece of a review, but this was definitely a masterpiece of an anime.

Story: This is a continuation of the themes from previous Macross's. As before, the story revolves around a space struggle for the future of the human race against an alien "aggressor," but as usual, there is a deeper plot occuring than anyone originally understands. Like previous Macross installations, this anime also revolves largely around music. The story is deep and complex, but still easily understandable. The anime does not run out of plot at any point in time, and does not go read more