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Jan 24, 2020
Even thought I enjoyed this, the last three episodes were just awful.

First of all, the backstory for the hero and why he's so cautious is just terribly presented. Feels rushed. Also, his character is shown to basically opposite of cautious (surprise surprise) and it just looks really dumb. There is no middle balance for him at all and it's not presented in comical manner so they were trying to have more of a serious tone, despite the tone of the show till then.

Second, the last episode also feel rushed. Again, no setup, nothing, just jump right into pointless action where you feel nothing for the read more
Jan 21, 2020
Yeah I don't see where the high rating is coming from.

Sure the show kept me entertained enough to watch it till the end, but by the end I was infuriated with the awful character that is Yona. In harem enemies, usually hero can does all of the action, kicks ass and gets the babes. In reverse harem, shouldn't it be the same instead of the lead heroine being completely useless, like Yona? What is even the point of her other than to look cute? You can replace her with that "squirrel that gives evil look" (meme, search Google) and the show can still go on. read more
Jan 17, 2020
So I re-watched Overlord (all seasons) and decided to write this review. Obviously I enjoyed it enough to re-watch it, but when I first saw this series, I gave all seasons an 8 rating here. Re-rating after re-watching, cause this series actually just gets worse season after season.

See the thing about most Isekai anime is that you are giving the viewer an OP character to root for, so if you have three seasons of that character doing nothing but being OP, with side characters that are also OP and absolutely no character development, you end up with Overlord.

A lot has already been said about the read more
Jan 14, 2020
Nine episodes in, I'm still waiting for that "Demon Lord" to show up.

All episodes so far are relying on the cuteness of the little devil girl, Latina. Which is fine and cute, but there isn't anything else when you're over that.

After the first four episodes, you expect them to move on to the whole "devil girl who got kicked out and almost killed" mystery, but then you'd be wrong. Nope, in a twelve episode series, so far, nine episodes have been basically nothing. Few tidbits of information, for like a minute or two in some episode, then back to usual cuteness overload.

I'm guessing read more
Jan 14, 2020
Compared to some of the other Isekai shows I've watched and reviewed recently (Isekai Cheat Magician), I would say that "In Another World With My Smartphone" is a more bearable one, despite the bad rating I'm giving it. Primarily because, it doesn't take itself seriously, so the usual annoying things (like the lame feminine MC) aren't that annoying.

That said, the show isn't doing anything new with the premise. Guy gets accidentally killed by "god" and is re-incarnated.. well no, resurrected, in a new world with magic and magical beings. Oh and he gets to keep his smart-phone.

Well, that sounds fun. Too bad they shit on read more
Jan 13, 2020
When shows have episodes dedicated to nothing but exposition, I'm OK with it. It's great to have some time off from all the action and just throw in some lore or world/character building.

It isn't, however, a good idea to have episode eight of a 12 episode series, be that exposition dump. Worst, have all of the talking and details be banal-shit-boring.

Then again, the last episode has to be THE worst one, ever. That episode is partially spoiled in the first episode itself, cause apparently they thought those few scenes looked cool, but they don't, it's all awful AWFUL action filled with again, too much talking read more
Jan 9, 2020
I saw season one and two back to back, so I was really surprised when they STILL didn't finish the damn thing by the last episode of the second season. Also, I kept avoiding watching the last few episodes, had to power through it finally (might as well).

This is NOT an anime with interesting world or characters. There is no growth (unless you can call the already OP hero getting more OP "growth"), no world development. Actually, I don't even know WTF this world is supposed to be exactly.

Look, the biggest problem itself is the main character. He's a "nice guy" and believe me, he read more
Dec 30, 2019
It's a twelve episode series and only by 8th episode, do they even try to do something with this "divine gate".

When I say "something", I mean they still don't explain anything, trying to act super mysterious, while throwing in typical anime nonsense filled with evil gods.

I stopped watching after the few opening minutes of episode eight. The usual anime nonsense-plot, featuring regulars like King Arthur, Lancelot, Oz, Loki, etc., became even more dumb when fricken "SANTA" showed up as a character that you're supposed to take seriously. I just couldn't keep a straight face and ended up closing the media player.

Now, the anime itself read more
Dec 29, 2019
I gave up after 5 episodes (I think all my reviews will start this way).

Honestly, at first I thought it might be "OK" and made it till 5th episode, but it just kept getting worse the more I watched.

I'm going to just list the annoyances and if you hate these things as well, you know to avoid this:


1) Male protagonist is the definition of a "beta male character". From the first episode, you're going to hate this guy. Apparently he is oblivious to everything else around him cause he just rushes into the middle of the fight to hug a random girl cause she read more
Dec 17, 2019
I gave up after the first episode.

- ALL male characters look the same. In harem anime with women, at-least you can usually tell girls apart. Here (reverse harem?), every guy looks the same. Hell, they even use same hair-style for some and just switch colors, slightly. I got really confused by the end.

- "She's perfect, most drugs don't work on her..".. what? She's perfect for leading a drug investigation cause most drugs don't work on her? WTF IS GOING ON HERE?

- I've seen female side-characters in harem comedies with more personality than the female protagonist in this one. Maybe she'll blossom into somebody more interesting, read more