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Tical Oct 20, 11:03 AM
Hi, George :) No problem. I was'nt very sad because of this, although I thought that maybe a few people will remember about it (especially a boy with whom I talk regularly). In any case, you remembered and I thank you. I appreciate it.

It was an ordinary day. I'm not celebrated my birthday, like I used to, mainly because I'm getting older and it is not fun :) For this, my Grandfather came for a few days to the hospital (he had some tests; It's ok) and I was cleaning the apartment of my Grandparents and I helped my Grandma.

How passed your last two weeks?

That's good. I'm glad that it's all right.

I understand :) What do you mean by saying that "the drink had something in it"? It's scary :) In that case, you could probably say that you are quite resistant to the charms of alcohol ;)

That's good. I checked the Internet and none of Greek islands has not disappeared from the face of the Earth, so this is a good information :)
I am glad that you are satisfied with your summer. The best summer of all? It must have been really great :)

As for work, I did not find any, interesting offers. Most of them are looking for physical workers or workers for a warehouse in companies that using people (already heard a little about it). I checked the offer in my city and in Siedlce and Warsaw. I decided that I stay at the university and in case that somehow, I came across something interesting, maybe I change my decision.

For over a year, I also thought about starting my channel on YT, where I can talk about my ogreatest passions. In August, I started to deal with it when I took a break from music. I made some videos and yesterday, I slowly started to throw them on channel. I realize that the road to any success will be probably very long, but for now, I have considerable eagerness to act.

With the guy from musicians and recordings, I finally met this Tuesday. The meeting was really positive. We agreed that we will return to the conversation in mid-November (now he has a lot on his head, including his wedding). I'll bring him a song on which I worked and according to it, we look for some musicians. I took a two months break from music, but I feel it's time to go back :)

It is a bit of a problem with a girl who plays the violin because she has very little free time (she's a doctor on the beginning of her road), but in any case, I can manage to find someone else.

September was really wonderful. It was warm (over twenty degrees) and sunny, so that, in mid-September, I had the best cycling trip this year :) But since early October, the weather broke down. It got much colder and there is still cloudy. I'm afraid that this may be already till the end of October and throughout November, which is usually the ugliest month of the year.

You know, I'm not even thought about it. Certainly, to study abroad, you need to have really good grades and in my case, was never like that :) Besides, I do not want too much to leave my city, the more that I'm quite needed here (I mean myGrandparents).

Thank you. Yes, it takes really a little to defeat Portugal. If we did, maybe we would have been even in the final (if Wales, would play so poorly in the semifinals, like they did:). Now we are on the fifteenth place in the FIFA ranking and this is the highest position in history.
I remember when Greece won the Championship of Europe. We were all shocked and impressed.

Yes, it pleases me that the Olympics will be in Tokyo :) They will be certainly well-organized. It would be great if you could go there :)
I also watched the Olympics. I tried to keep track as much as possible. As for the performance of Poles it was good (we had eleven medals), but we emerged a poor place in the medal zone. For this, few favorites to medal failed. Definitely could have been better.

Our relations with Russia have always been bad. The times of partition, Second World War and Katyń, then the times of communism. They did us a lot of harm, although personally, I try the not to direct with that, but you can not forget it.

Our relations with Ukraine are good, although a large blemish on our relations is Wołyń (recently released movie, which describes those events; I heard that was blocked in Ukraine).

Apparently yes :) We helped them in the uprising in Hungary, in the nineteenth century.

Polish history is really interesting, however, marked by a lot of violence and sadness, but also they are some good moments.

When it comes to the history of Greece, we always focused on ancient times and your huge impact on civilization.

And how would you describe the history of Greece? Maybe you think that it is a piece of your history, which deserves more attention from other people?

Actually :) I've seen that you can get those notebooks on the Internet. They look just like in the anime.

You're right. "Toy Story 4" may release in 2018. I have not heard about it. I'm a little afraid of this part (always feel fear when appear next part of anime, game, book or film).

Have you seen "Zootopia" :)? Have you seen any interesting anime titles recently?

Yes, as one of the best. Along with "The Godfather", "Pulp Fiction" and "2001: A Space Odyssey".

No problem :)

I understand. You wish him good luck from me :)

Norwich is a good club, especially in the past they played well. It's nice that people remember about them. Maybe you choose to go to the match, as you'll be there :)?

I understand. Then, you firmly are preparing to leave. I wish you luck :)

I never heard of BAND-MAID. I checked their three songs - "YOLO", "Thrill" (great chorus in my opinion) and "Real Excitence". All are good in my opinion, although it's not really my style. The girls are adorable and for me especially Miso, bassist. You like one of them ;)?

Have you heard Scandal - Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene? In my opinion, it is excellent.

Take care :) Have a great week too :)
Tical Oct 11, 7:07 AM
Hi, George :) Thank you very much for your wishes :) I really appreciate it, especially, that you were the only one on MAL, who remembered about my birthday. Thank you once again. Great picture by the way :)

Nice, that you have a new keyboard :) No problem. I'll be waiting :)

Have a nice week. Take care :)

AcidRainForever Sep 12, 8:56 PM
Yeah, because they're different people, so they have different preferences about how people should really drive. But for our tests, we're not allowed to be assigned the same examiner that we've already had before, so it would always be different. :/ My sister may take another in the future, since our parents are basically forcing her to do another retake during winter vacation. But she's pretty much lost all motivation at this point.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm sort'a like that, too, even with me not driving. Car accidents are scary. D:

Ha-ha, you're welcome. :) And thanks, although the working life sounds like it could be tough, too. XD I mean, I'm so shy that I don't know if I will be able to pass any interviews. :x
Tical Aug 30, 7:59 AM
Hi, George :) That's bad. I hope that everything will be all right with your keyboard. I guess, that earlier in this year, you also had problems with laptop or am I wrong?

No problem :) Thanks :) Sometimes it seems to sound corny, but health is actually the most important.

I can only imagine ;) Where you had your party? The next day, your head was probably a little bit heavy ;)?

How was your stay on the island? The island still exists :)?

Thanks. Rather not (parties, are probably behind me; I guess we talked about that in the past). I agree. Good to have prospects for the future. I looked for a job in my town, but there is really the lack of interesting offers. Today, I think about continuing studies or work in another city (if there are good propositions of work). I do not know if I'll be able to connect one with another.

About the meeting with the guy who can recommend me some musicians. It did not happen. At the beginning we could not reach an agreement about the time of meeting, he had some trips. In addition to this, his last mail, was not in the sympathetic tone and did not explain whether we can cooperate. I plan to go to him this week and ask if I can count on him in anything. In any case, he seems different than I thought he will be.

It's good :) My guess is that the weather is good almost all the time :)?

I remember you mentioned once that you would like to go to Sweden. If you choose to do this, of course, good luck to you :) As for me, I do not plan to go abroad to study.

Yes, I had one situation with them, about five years ago, which really pissed me and now I laugh with that :) If you want, I can tell you how it looked like. Generally, they are not very nice persons. At least in my opinion.

I read a brief description of the "W". It sounds really interesting.

A month without rain is really a lot. What is the average temperature in Greece during the summer? In Poland, this July was warm, but on the other hand, rainy. In August, it is really hot (last week the temperature is above 30 C), but the Autumn is near, so it should cool off. I'm counting on a beautiful Autumn :)

Yes, I was watching. I am proud of the Poles, as they reached the quarter-finals (they loose with Portugal, only on penalties). I am shocked that Portugal won, because they haven't got such good players as ten years before. Iceland, really impressed me.

Did you watch the Olympics?

I understand. It reminds me Polish relations with Russia. No wonder then, that your relations are quite tense. You surprised me with information about Istanbul. I remember how we learned about Greece in high school or even earlier, however, I lost that.

Thanks. I hope that in September, I'll end up this song. I'll talk to him this week.

I'm glad you like it. You're welcome :)

Really? I would like to see this movie :) So there was a reference to the "Death Note" :)?

"Toy Story" trilogy is excellent (especially the third part for me). I had a complete obsession with the first part, when I was little :) About the film with Emma Watson I did not hear about it, but it sounds interesting.

As for my favorite movies, it would probably be those few titles: "Mononoke Hime", "The Shawshank Redemption", "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and probably "GoodFellas." I have not got my favorite actress or actor.

I hope that in the future, you manage to fulfill those dreams. You are still have a lot of time :)

Your friend, Baka_Onigiri, send me the friend request :) We send each other few messages, but he seems to be a great guy :) He went to the island with you?

Norwich is a pretty big city (they have a good football team:). It also looks beautiful on the pictures. What will you been doing to November? You try to make the extra money or you will gather strength for the trip?

What kind of Japanese band you speak of? I tried to find the information, but I can't.

Thanks :) Have a great week. Take care :)
goldiegirl7 Aug 25, 10:30 AM
Yeah since i'll have finished school completely then lol. And uh I don't want to teach... I just want to live there I mean of course i'll need a job to live there but i'll do anything rather than teach since I believe you need to have a passion for teaching if you want to be a teacher and if you don't well then don't do it. And yes I do plan to do my Japanese and German degree after my year out studying German lol.
animesthabomb Aug 24, 6:17 PM
Wow, which is your favorite of those?
goldiegirl7 Aug 24, 5:27 AM
No problem c:

Thank you! Yeah I still want to move to Japan as it is my life goal so i'm going to be studying Japanese but I need another language for the final year so the one that interests me is German so after my two years in sixth form, I am going to take a year out and study German.

No problem c:

I will! ^^
animesthabomb Aug 24, 4:00 AM
Glad you liked it so much. XD

It's one of my favorites. :)
animesthabomb Aug 23, 3:41 PM
You're welcome.

I will.

The one of the month?
goldiegirl7 Aug 23, 2:15 PM
Ah don't worry about it! Everyone does it at least once so you are forgiven c:

Yes they are. They determine whether or not I get into sixth form (basically two more years in school).

Oh awesome!! I hope you enjoy England c:

I've been okay just a little stressed out these past few days but now I am sure that everything is sorted and when I get my results I feel like I will be taking a huge step forward in my life!
animesthabomb Aug 21, 7:09 PM
Congrats! ;)

Hopefully it will be.

I plan to. XD
goldiegirl7 Aug 19, 12:58 PM
Hey! Sorry it's been AGES since we talked but life has been very busy from exams earlier this year (getting results next Thursday) and in that long break time I have spent most of it spending time with friends and have only been able to watch a few series so I apologize! Anyway how have you been? c:
animesthabomb Aug 12, 2:38 PM
So, how have you been?

In my case, I graduate on the 26th. I also just found out that all the extra classes I took put me within one more trimester of another degree (pre-education) that I could get in around three months - to go with the one I'm finishing on the 26th. :D

Tical Jul 31, 6:30 AM
Hi, George :) How are you? What have you been doing, during this week?

First of all, let me make my greetings to you on the occasion of your birthday, because I see that you've had them on last Sunday. I'm sorry, I did not do this earlier, but just now I look on MAL. First of all, I wish you health, only good days full of happiness, positive attitude to life, the fulfillment of dreams and success after your graduation. All the best, George :)

It's really not the big problem, that you answered after that time. In addition to the heat I suspect that you celebrated a little on the occasion of graduation or am I wrong ;)?

What with me. At the end of June I finished my studies and now I am at the stage of wondering what to do next (continue my studies or go to work. When it comes to the second thing this is slight a problem, because there is not too many interesting offers). I worked throughout whole July writing new songs and playing the guitar a lot. By the way, I have to meet with the new guy, with whom I could record and who could recommend me some musicians to the band. It will be really well, if something came out of it.

And how passed your June and July?

Congratulations on the completion of the fourth year of studies :) It's really something big. Are you planning to continue your studies or rather not?

Good, friendly neighbors is a big plus. Personally for example, I not like the neighbors who live below me :)

I thought, that you can't hold out to the end of the second season of "Shokugeki..." :) Except this, you're watching something else?

I agree. The second season of "K-ON" ended up really well and the movie was great, but personally, I expected anime more oriented on music. I was hoping that would be a lot of rehearsals, recording demos, romances, so I was a little disappointed, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Yes, the "Fullmetal Alchemist" is also good, although in my opinion, not so prominent and interesting when it comes to history as the "FA: Brotherhood". There's not too many characters that are in the "FA: Brotherhood". The atmosphere is also darker, in my opinion, but this is not the bad thing.

Right. "Bakemonogatari" is really unique, so it could actually be as you say.

Personally, I also do not watch TV (only sport). Speaking of sports. Did you watch EURO 2016?

Why are your relations with Turkey are not the best? Forgive. I'm not really all familiar with political affairs of other countries.

Unfortunately I was not able to finish recording of the song, because my colleague, went to Norway earlier. I must admit that I was really angry because of this, even though I tried to understand it, because my buddy had a lot of his problems, such as I mentioned to you previously. In any case, I want to meet with the other guy and try recording with him, because I want to speed up the whole process.

Yes, many Poles are leaving in the summer to work abroad. Norway is one of those most popular directions.

Really? If you like it, I'm happy :). EP is a mini-album, which lasted to 25 minutes.

I understand. If you're interesting in acting it would be good if you could try to come back to it.

I would like to see this movie :) How did you find yourself in the role of a girl :)? Do you remember about what exactly was this film?
Speaking of movies. What are your favorite movies, actors or actresses?

I remember your trip to Prague. I remember that last year you showed me pictures from this trip :)

I wish you that you visited all these countries in the future :) From what I have heard, airline tickets to Japan are really expensive.

Fine. My mistake. I understood, that you're going to Iceland :) Island looks beautiful. When you go there? What you're planning to do?

So, England. I wish you good luck :) Don't worry. In this case, we meet each in other circumstances :)

To which town you're going and when will it be?

Thanks :) I wish you a great Sunday and a good new week :)
AcidRainForever Jul 31, 2:43 AM
Yeah... My sister isn't having the best of luck, either. She would practice whatever that made her fail last time, but the next examiner wouldn't even care about what she practiced and point her out on something else they're not happy with, even though the previous examiner would think it was fine. The test examiners are way too subjective. -.-

Yeah, I feel like I would get into accidents easily, and I'm always stressed and on-edge every time I drive. XD D:

You're welcome! Honestly, I usually keep track of all of my friends' upcoming birthdays on MAL, but since I've been so busy and haven't always been on the site, I haven't been wishing happy birthdays to everyone anymore. I actually have to thank Skype for yours, since it notified me. :P I also saw your post about your graduation on Facebook a few hours after you posted it, but I'm always too shy to use that site, so I'd rather say it here, even if it's a bit late: Congratulations on your graduation! <3