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GodspeedK Nov 15, 2017 1:58 AM
Same I've been out of anime since summer, I've only keeping up with DB super atm. Nice I'm planning on buying Nier when it go's on sale.
Yeah I really need to start getting into jojo have part 1 and 2 here, but haven't finished part 2 yet.

A bit busy with school, I'm commuting to my college atm, which is a 2,5 hour train ride, so it's really exhausting me. Have to be up at 5 four times a week and then I get back at 8. So it's been pretty rough. Looking for a room right now and hoping to find something soon.
GodspeedK Nov 7, 2017 5:57 PM
Hey man, it's been a quite a while! What have you been up to?
Kryptiq Oct 5, 2017 1:45 PM
Sorry for the late response, I had to disabled the comments for a while because some asshole tried to spoil JoJo for me (apparently he got pissed when he saw that I gave his favorite series a bad score in a forum discussion).

Haha I'm not gonna lie I had a negative presumption towards the Senran Kagura franchise because of the anime but after trying the games, they're surprisingly fun. One day I looking up games to buy on youtube and I just happened to come across it. I saw the gameplay for Estival Versus and was hooked immediately, the best thing about it is the huge cast of characters and they all play differently. So yeah, if you're fan of some good old beat em ups, I recommend it.

Yeah I seen it but the problem is that I didn't really like the first season of FLCL so I'm not hyped for it tbh. Overall it was too chaotic and made little to no sense for me...which seems a bit hypocritical and strange since I have shows like Tengen Toppa or Utena in my favorite list lol. I also found Haruko to be very unlikable, so I guess that diminish a great proportion of my enjoyement towards the series. I do plan however on rewatching it at some point but this time in english dub, hopefully I'll have a differently outlook on it by the time that the new season airs.

And one more thing, I'm slowly getting back into the anime groove :)
Kryptiq Jul 15, 2017 4:11 PM
It's been quite a busy year for me as well with school and everything but other than I'm good. I wish I could enjoy this summer vacation but the heat is killing me lol.

Same here, I fell off from anime since the beginning of this year. My hardrive broke down with a bunch of series in it and I lost the motivation to continue ever since. Me being really busy also didn't help :/

Yeah I played it for a bit but I put it on hold. I'm still at the early stages. (recruting Yusuke to the team to be exact)
But right now I'm playing Yakuza 0, God of war III, Senran Kagura Estival Versus (don't judge me lol) and some other games. What about you?
Kryptiq Jul 9, 2017 4:04 AM
Sup dude, how have you been? It's been awhile since we've last talked.
Tareq May 11, 2017 11:37 PM
Are you dead?
GodspeedK Aug 14, 2016 5:59 AM
I actually Only read a chapter of the manga a couple years back don't remember anything about it except the bad art xD
GodspeedK Aug 12, 2016 3:17 AM
I've only seen the first two movies so far, so I kind of still want to watch everything else from Gits not sure in which order yet though
GodspeedK Aug 11, 2016 4:07 AM
I was talking about the Arise series. Been meaning to check it out, but wasn't sure if I was gonna like it. Also didn't exactly hear any praise from the movie ova's xD
GodspeedK Aug 9, 2016 6:51 AM
Is that GITS movie series actually good?
St0rmrage Apr 20, 2016 1:59 PM
Gluzin Apr 20, 2016 10:32 AM
Happy birthday!
GodspeedK Jan 28, 2016 1:43 PM
Yeah I know EA and their milking...

I never really play those overtop view games or like assassin's creed china the sort of 2d style games, with the exception for games like civilization. I don't know it just feels off for me, like watching inferno cop or that ninja anime xD
But might try it maybe it'll open a new door to gaming for me.
played rage on xbox, but got bored of it after a while.
I got portal 2 a few months ago still haven't touched it yet though. I'll make that my priority after AC 2 then. and of course without walktrhough I'd feel bad if I used walkthrough on puzzle games.

I think I a friend of mine played that game (euro truck simulator) on the train while we were on vacation. But even for relexations what's the driving force behind it? (Get it driving force! Alright I'll just stop there...) so what makes if fun to play?

I don't I stopped console gaming 2-4 years ago. Wish they'd bring it over to pc, but not gonna happen. Have dark souls in my library though still need to play that too

GodspeedK Jan 28, 2016 9:41 AM
Yep I heard that the game isn't good, but addicting. As in the gameplay is really fun, but the main story and characters in it are awful.

Fifa 16 xD I always got bored at some point while playing fifa, but I don't know it's kind of addicting now.
and shadow of mordor, it's 50gb, so I want to complete it fast. only have 30gb left on my HDD now >.>

planning on playing Assassin's creed 2 soon and after that well I have a list and just let choose which one I should play next. Got to many unplayed games on steam. anything you'd recommand? if I have it in my steam library I'll play that after AC2
GodspeedK Jan 28, 2016 8:18 AM
Hey man are planning on getting (or do you already own) the new dragon's dogma?