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Dec 2, 2015
I, for one, was drawn into the intriguing world that Gate drops us in, but the real question is what else does Gate manage to do besides having an interesting premise?

The premise and the mystery surrounding the so called "Special Realm" are the strongest points of the show by far, however the execution felt a little lacking in the story department. The battle scenes show how ridiculously one sided this war is between the two realms, which detracts from the suspense of the story as the outcome of any battle is never in doubt. Coupled by the fact that one of the protagonist is literary read more
Nov 18, 2015
The two studios responsible for Angel Beats have once again teamed up to create the next great baseball anime, this time sure that they will able to avoid the same issues with pacing that plagued their first collaboration, what could go wrong?
The most praiseworthy part of Charlotte has to be its premise, as it is offers a unique approach on the superhero genre where every power has a very apparent flaw. The premise sets up an approach that allows us to laugh at some the ridiculous powers and their readily apparent flaws, but also opens up the door for the feels that we all love read more
Jun 23, 2015
I initially had low expectations for the latest and greatest shonen series, and my thoughts were at first confirmed after the first episode, which sets up the series as a mash-up of successful series and hilariously bad dialogue. However as the series progressed, I found that while never truly becoming great, the series managed to never truly managed to cross the line into absolute crap, and so I find it hard to fault this series which managed to stay absolutely average during its run.

This is a double edged sword as it also hard to praise the series and the fact that most of my read more
May 19, 2015
It's no secret that Japan loves making series about cute things, especially girls. Most series about cute girls focus on having its main characters doing cute things just to fill out an episode, but every once in a while an anomaly arrives. This series is wonderfully twisted, and despite its initial appearance it offers a compelling murder mystery and some excellent insight into its characters as they are slowly broken down. It is fascinating to watch each character as they are slowly backed into a corner and their thoughts turn from rational to irrational, this series is one that appears to be yet another typical read more
May 12, 2015
Watching this series brought me back to the days when I played volleyball for my high school, but as can imagine coming from someone who is writing anime reviews I rode the bench for all it was worth. But enough with the self deprecating humor, despite not being a starter I still managed to have fun and teach the younger members of the team what I knew and provide some laughs. I still had an impact on my team which is the main theme of this anime and the sport it focuses on in general. This series was successful due to its large amount of read more
May 9, 2015
I stumbled upon this series while searching for a romantic comedy that was heavier on the comedy and lighter on the romance. Despite the romance tag on this series, this series main focus is comedy, and is a series that was able to create a constant stream of chuckles like few other.

This relatively short series starts with a confession of love by our "straight man" in the series to her crush, Nozaki. However he misunderstands this confession as Chiyo stating that she is a fan of his shoujo manga. From here hilarity ensures, and the plot of the series is rather character driven as read more
May 7, 2015
When I saw that Shinihiro Watanabe was attached to this project, my expectations for this series were that it would contain a fair amount of substance, and a narrative that contains some complex but intriguing characters. And obviously it goes without saying that the series must have a impressive soundtrack, and I found that, for the most part, this series lived up to my expectations.

This anime tells the story of the terrorist organization known as Sphinx, and its two young members Nine and Twelve who make Tokyo their own personal game of dominoes through the use of explosives. Right away the series is shrouded in read more
Apr 28, 2015
Recently I had the chance to re-watch this series which was one of my favorites when I initially started watching anime about a year ago. After re-watching the series I found that in fact I had some different opinions that I originally held, and have decided to craft a new review that reflects my updated opinions of this series that is both heavily praised and considered to be quite overrated by others.

Angel Beats is a series that hits the ground running and never looks back, throwing the viewer and its main character Otonashi directly into the thick of it with little explanation provided. The large read more
Apr 27, 2015
Attack on Titan is a series that is held in very high regard by the majority of the anime community, thus I found it a little strange how I struggled to finish the series for so long. This series found itself fluctuating between my on hold and watch list, and for quite a while it found itself on my back burner due to its quite abysmal pacing through its first half and the large amount of one dimensional characters. However the series truly does shine during its very well done action sequences and how it is able to create an interesting world. There will read more
Apr 14, 2015
I can say with great confidence that Cross Ange is one of the trashiest, garbage series I have watched in quite a while. Its ridiculous amounts of over the top fan service and emphasis on shock and awe scenes are legitimate lunacy. However, after the travesty that is the first few episodes a compelling story begins to rise from the muck that is Cross Ange and give people a legitmate reason to keep watching besides the fanservice and some some good mecha action.

The story begins by introducing us to our main heroine Ange, who lives in a world where magic is a used daily, read more