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Jan 11, 2013
*Minor spoilers ahead*

A nice if uninspired update of a classic One Piece Arc.

As most One Piece fans will attest, the Arlong/Nami back story arc was when the show first entered the world of greatness.

I was very excited to see an update with new Animation. The original was comprised of year 2000 tv animation, so while it still had a sumptuous art style its more basic animation could have really used a modern update. In addition the arc itself was not long, so a edited down definitive version was def possible.

So was this update a success? Unfortunately not really

First good points.

The story retains its power, read more
Dec 22, 2012
A mere shadow of the godliness that is One Piece.

This is a retelling of the Arabasta arc, the final arc of the Crocodile Saga from the One Piece tv show. The arc in the show is one of my favs, scoring a rare 10/10 for me and I was expecting great things from this movie, expecting the definitive version with upgraded Animation.

I saw the relatively low score on this site and was puzzled. i soon realised upon watching, this is a train wreck of a movie that has little resemblance to the Arabasta arc.

There are two huge problems with this movie. The first, the lesser read more
Oct 6, 2011
*This review makes reference to my thoughts on the original tv show also and also contains some minor spoilers*

Having just watched the Wolfs Rain OVA I have to say I was very impressed.

I am not a big fan of the original tv series. It was slow, padded out with too much filler and apart from the odd few stand out moments it never fulfilled it's potential or made up for it with a great end like for example Speed Grapher did. I couldn't give it any higher then 6/10.

The OVA is very different. This was the Anime I was expected to watch when I watched read more
Aug 8, 2010
This is without doubt the WORST anime i have ever seen.

Please never watch this, it will suck your soul away :(
Aug 7, 2010
Now this anime is one i don't think i will ever understand the fascination with. I have reached ep 65 so its not a complete review, but how many eps should it take for an anime to get good? Considering how popular this show is, i think its time to balance it out with a negative review.

Ok, its pretty well established in the anime community that the first 19 eps or so are garbage.

But they are not garbage because they have no story and a basically filler episodes. They are garbage because some of the characters are so annoying they want to make you read more