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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
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link9us Mar 11, 2012 3:02 AM
Well im going to sleep, ill make a proper reply later when i wake up lol.

link9us Mar 11, 2012 1:56 AM
I reccomend you check out "Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku". It is a fantastic show and in only 13 episodes. It really shows you the power of how a series can turn out if in the right hands.

The directing in that series is just phenomenal.
link9us Mar 3, 2012 8:58 AM
haha, yeah i agree. When i was a child, i watched anime purely for the enjoyment of it and i didn't care bout story concepts, characterization, none of that stuff. In alot of ways being smarter kind of ruins the over all enjoyment you get from watching a show cause your always trying to nit pick and anylize everything and i think people that post in the DB every episode, even do that more so.

What i have learned by this though is to not be swayed by others opinions, so when watching a series, i like to always watch it first, before reading to much into it and the reviews, etc. So my mind doesn't have try and look for faults in the show. I come at it with a completely open mind. That is the best way to watch anime and still enjoy it.
link9us Mar 3, 2012 8:54 AM
I agree with you on thier, sometimes i think the bleach fillers are even better then the canon story and some of the fillers even help define more of the characters back stories, that was never actually written in the manga story line. lol I mean my god doesn't that make kubo tite seem just lazy or something?

I have faith though that this new upcoming saga is going to be the one to actually win fans over, hopefully. He mentioned that it is going to be larger then the arancar saga so you can expect alot more story to be developed, i just hope its not just a straightforward action plot like the arancar saga was.

But looking back at it, naruto is definitely a far greater story then bleach, its not a masterpiece by no means but i don't care what people think. Kishi knows how to tell a story better then kubo tite. My impressions of him kind of dwindled out the window after seeing bleach.

If your taking bout "naruto" fillers, then yes they are pretty terrible and only get worse as your further down the line, but alot of people don't know this but their is two arcs that are thrown into that mix of 100 filler madness that is actually manga material lol. Like how anko got branded and her relations to onichimaru also sakura's progress and a few clips of tsunada and jiryaya were kind of throw in.

Now taking bout shipuuden fillers, they did a MUCH better job, the transitioning between manga and filler was pretty excellent in my opinion. They made it seem that if you aren't a manga user, that some of the arcs you probably wuld not even know where fillers. They also has fully fledged out stories unlike the first 100 episodes of filler in the original series. So i actually liked most of the shipuuden fillers, even though alot of people did not.
link9us Mar 1, 2012 9:27 AM
One piece has a definitely more larger world then naruto does by far and more creativity. The cast and characters in the show, villains including are much more defined, more expanded upon throughout the series then with naruto's cast of characters. Naruto is great at outlaying a progressive story line that kind of follows a more straightforward path though, that is better at hooking the viewer where as one piece, the story is very spread out and kind of given to you piece by piece. Some people may like this, well others don't and find it just aggravating that they have to wait 500+ episodes before they even explore the history of the universe of one piece and from what little story it has given, its on a much smaller scale then what naruto has given. I for one don't care, because each adventure is unique on its own and even though it has that some what episodic formula, i still thoroughly enjoyed my time with one piece, each arc was unique, refreshing and different with a very strong cast of characters all with such great back stories which made the series very strong.

I wouldn't say luffy is stronger then naruto though. Even after seeing his new nine tails chakra mode and taking down nine tails in the current episodes of the anime, i just don't see luffy being able to compete with that.

ODA makes luffy look like such a bad ass with in the context of the story, its hard to tell. I for one like the execution of his character far more then i do naruto when it comes to showing potential. But kishimoto never intended for the series to follow in one piece's foot steps. Naruto was meant to be a show where the main character has to gain recognition from his peers, protect the people he loves and in order to achieve that kind of purpose and outlay that illusion in the series, he had to create a some what dim witted and weak protagonist, other wise his story concept wouldn't make a whole alot of sense. I think that is what people don't really understand with naruto and one piece, they try to compare the two characters to much. Naruto is a no good pathetic ninja with no potential from the start, that has a horrible life, with a monster inside of him, no one cares for him where as luffy starts out already a great pirate that has hidden talent and potential to kick anyone ass who crosses him. Two very different personalities. In fact kishimoto even mentioned in an interview that his creation of the character naruto had to do with a real life experience bout him as a boy being miss judged and not recognized by his friends. That is how kishi came up with the developing character of naruto.

Uhh, in away naruto is a little more down to earth, and realistic. in my opinion. These are just my personal opinions though and how ive viewed both shows.

I think naruto is probably on the same scale as the Admirals in one piece or stronger if you want to draw comparisons.

Anyways these are my reasons for liking both shows, for both entirely different reasons. They are not the same and should not be compared.
link9us Mar 1, 2012 9:14 AM
and btw you are in for a HUGE surprise then if you have not read the manga. The latest arc in the manga of naruto is enormous, its the largest arc by far and its just about to start in the anime. Probably another 3 more episodes of the current arc.

Naruto the manga used to be like 2-3 arcs ahead of the anime, but now that this arc is just so big, and still on going even now. (though showing signs of closure) The anime has finally caught up to the current arc. That means probably no fillers, and it should just dive right into what many people think is going to be the final arc of the shipuuden anime. Those are just rumors though, i for one hope it continues lol. I can never get enough of naruto.

You heard bout the 4th shonobi world war right that madara declared. Well that is basically the arc coming up and its huge, far greater then you can possible imagine. It is the first world war to actually take place in the current story line. And i let you in on a nice secret, ALL of the characters in the entire show get to play active roles in the future of the series which is really pretty awesome. So many mysteries, revelations, lots of story tie ins, its just great.

It is going to be one hell of a year
link9us Mar 1, 2012 9:06 AM
Hunter X hunter shown alot of potential, it really did. It was a series where the execution was just perfect, the characters all had very interesting development and even the fights were very creative, yes its one of the few shows that i have actually given a perfect 10 to. It reminds me alot of an under appreciated series called "law of uike" you should check it out some time, the fights in that anime are also very strategic and creative as well.

But it is a shame that the story didn't turn out like everyone was expecting, ive read the manga and i have to say i'm not really impressed with how Yoshihiro Togashi took his direction in the plot. But i guess it being a shonen series, eventually it has to fall into the pitfalls of shonen formula. Taking out all of the creativity in the series, adding uninspiring villains to the mix that are more added by their kii levels instead of by their own wits and skills, such as the first few arcs after the anime and it becoming a more straightforward action oriented story. This may just be my personal preference, others may like it. Though since the manga is still on going, i have no idea where he is going to take the story from here, so it could develop into something great. I just didn't care for the arc that i read that was directly after the anime's plot.
link9us Feb 29, 2012 5:17 PM
Btw i take it you have not read the naruto manga have you?
link9us Feb 29, 2012 5:13 PM
They should make a DBZ X naruto cross over lol. Like naruto Vs goku. Wouldn't that be sweet? I mean if you think bout it naruto is the next strongest main shonen character I would say.

I know everyone likes luffy and perhaps he is probably the most well devoloped characters out of them all, but abilities wise, he would loose sadly.
link9us Feb 29, 2012 4:57 PM
yeah lol i know, ill never get bored of watching this

Or this

Or maybe this fight was epic

Even though im 27 years old now, i still find these so epic. It still sends tingles down my spine every time i watch it. Their is no denying it, dbz has probably some of the over the top action in any anime series in existence.

I was kind of hoping DB kai would be greater, but they kind of cut out alot of it and hate the different sound tracks and voice overs.

I prefer the original.

The DB franchise has always held a special place in my heart, not only because its one of the first anime series ive seen but also because it has such a very enjoyable cast of characters that go through many growth and changes and i just ilked that bout it. When Kai came out, they kind of stripped alot of that away unfortantly.
link9us Feb 10, 2012 2:15 AM
How did you like naruto 258-259 of shipuuden though. I mean seriously, that was E P I C!! Probably best episode ive seen in the series.
link9us Feb 10, 2012 2:10 AM
Wow, your review on hitman reborn sums up pretty much everything i can relate to for those shonen series, and you even rank them in the same way i would. Naruto in my opinion was superior to shipuuden, for the reasons you stated, one piece is just amazing in the character department and bleach of course is the bottom of the chain when it comes to story and characters. I can go on and on writing essays on them, but you pretty much already know anyhow, so thats not needed.

But in any case i just started hitman reborn so im only on episode 10 right now.

Boy people were not kidding when they said the first season of hitman reborn sucks lol. The only reason im even watching this anime is because supposedly it takes a complete different turn at episode 20. But i hate just about everything bout the main c haracter, he is the most spineless idiotic, wimp, that won't do anything for him self and relies on "reborn" this chibi looking character to shoot him with special bullets that give him power ups. I swear if that is the main bases on how tsuna uses his fighting abilities, i will drop this show. But i don't think it is.

But you know talk bout actually getting the viewer/reader interested in a series, well that is not the way to do it. I can understand how so many people would drop this series before it gets good. As a writer you need to pull the viewer in with episodes that relate to the plot in some way, like naruto did with its introduction with characters, even though it was kind of light hearted and comedy, the first few episodes of naruto was enough to really pull you into the story and the characters and the whole concept of the ninja universe. This series starts off as mainly just as a average slice of life humor series. With no plot relation what so ever, accept for the first 7 episodes or so when he meets a bunch of friends. The only thing i can see is good bout the first season is some of the humor related jokes, but thats bout it.

It is probably like gintama but with out emotion or drama, lifeless characters, even the mother of the main character is completely oblivious to what the hell is even happening around her with the strange characters and i find that just strange as all hell. One episode, her house blows up and she doesn't even bat an eye, then magically the next episode the house is back together again lol

Whats up with that?

In any case i hope it does get good, it usually takes alot for me to really DROP a series. So i'll probably go further then you and watch to the varia arc, where it actually gets really good and then make my judgement on it. But like you said, it should take that many damn episodes before it entertains the viewer.
Mszyla Oct 31, 2010 8:25 PM
Happy Birthday!! Here's some cupcakes arranged like a Christmas tree!
Deactivated101 Aug 9, 2010 11:42 AM
Ι don't know what counts as top class ecchi for you. For me, it's hentai or GTFO.
Deactivated101 Aug 9, 2010 11:22 AM
It depends on if you adore quilty pleasure shows. It's like a fine line between a bold ecchi comedy and a cheesy b movie with zombies.