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Jul 7, 2017
Hyouka (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story: 10
Hyouka is a series within which a lot of things happen while being seemingly uneventful. Each scene is carefully and sensitively crafted to contribute to a bigger picture; at no point is the viewer given less than is needed to solve the mysteries, and the solutions never feel unreasonable or forced. At each interaction, new information and insight is gleaned, giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the people and issues at hand. It really makes you appreciate the importance of little moments and details that help shape the path of a lifetime. At the end of it all, you look back and realise read more
Jun 30, 2017
Story: 3
Seikaisuru Kado begins with an intriguing premise: An alien arrives on Earth bearing gifts to advance humanity. To ease communication between the alien and the government, a gifted negotiator offers his services. Over time, the alien and negotiator learn about each other and become friends, overcoming their many differences. Meanwhile, the alien's gifts are so vastly powerful and beyond human understanding, that they threaten existing international resource and power relations. Soon, the bigger, more concerning question looms: Why?

That's a lot to work with, and the first 8-9 episodes actually do quite well in exploring these ideas. However, if you're after intelligent, well-considered, or satisfactory read more