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Dec 1, 2022
Mixed Feelings
God of Highschool is a manga that's going, you're along for the ride and it's REALLY going. And then it keeps going. And going. And going. And going And going And going And going And going And goingAndgoingAndgoingAndgoingAndgoingAndgoing... until you're not sure why anything is happening in the first place. The final battle puts Lone Wolf and Cub to shame in terms of sheer length, the villain's backstory basically boils down to that meme from the Trolls movie. It gets so tedious that I kept thinking as a read each chapter that the story should have ended 50 chapters ago. Yet until that point, it ...
Nov 22, 2022
Ao no Flag (Manga) add
Excluding the rushed ending, excluding the pointless University arc, excluding the many character issues left unresolved, I will only say this.

Japanese authors discussing LGBTQ issues love this kind of debate between morality and personal feelings. They love arguing about the rights of others to have negative views against LGBTQ people because attacking them "won't change anything" or something along those lines. This argument can never be presented in good faith as long as these authors ignore the current state of the legal rights Japan has guaranteed LGBTQ couples. Whether or not the attitude in Japan towards LGBTQ people is outright discriminatory, negative attitudes help to ...
Jul 11, 2022
The Fable (Manga) add
With the fan translation of this manga finally complete, I can write a full review of this series with my complete thoughts on the manga as a whole.

Story: 10.

The story of Akira Satou's assignment to leave his assassin ways behind him takes us through several dark and dangerous situations passed on as completely mundane annoyances or inconveniences. Conflicts are constantly born out of the simple desires of the antagonists, who treat their actions with careful planning and calm cruelty. The story works because of this. The seeming banal response of the characters and even the story itself to what is normally considered tense and suspenseful ...
Mar 27, 2022
Sabikui Bisco (Anime) add
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
*Spoilers in this review*

This is the first time I'm reviewing a show I've dropped. Most shows I drop, I drop pretty early, and why bother talking about it further when the process of watching it was a huge waste of my time. But Sabikui Bisco, oh Sabukui Bisco, how dearly the hatred in my heart runs for you. Never before has a show made me so genuinely angry and frustrated, and I don't even know if it is truly your fault.
Here's the thing about tropes, tropes are not inherently bad (real groundbreaking stuff here). The entertainment of the tropes you are using in your creation ...
Mar 2, 2022
Gantz (Manga) add
A previous reviewer already typed a review that more or less summarizes my feelings. Gantz is batshit insane and awesome. But while that reviewer gave it a 5 in a fair interpretation of Gantz's flaws which, to him, harmed the reading experience, I found that none of these drawbacks hurt my enjoyment experience of the series overall.

The two things that caused me to binge this manga in my first read over the course of 7 hours was the creativity. Sure Oku's edgy atmosphere and inherently unlikable characters are not exactly original, sure there are a million different "hostile aliens invade Earth" stories that have ...
Feb 27, 2022
In a way, Fire Force somewhat reminds me of Gurren Lagann. What starts out as a relatively simple yet interesting plot surrounding the growth of characters as they take on this big bad tyrannical and secretive organization slowly develops into cosmic level stakes where the fate of the entire universe hinges on our charismatic and optimistic protagonist, concluding on some of the most batshit crazy antics to ever appear in anime/manga history. The difference here is that while Gurren Lagann performs this jump with the grace of an Olympic athlete, thus making the whole spectacle emotional and entertaining, Fire Force performs this jump like a ...
Feb 3, 2022
Inuyashiki (Manga) add
Hiroya Oku is a very unsubtle man when it comes to his work. He wants to state his opinions through his art, and so he does so with the thinnest line of subtext possible. He sees the people he hates killed or punished through his work, and he portrays the suffering of innocents through the cruelest and most brutal ways possible. This makes him a very polarizing writer, so I understand why many come to view his work unfavorably. However, I think this is what makes his work so interesting to read.

While Inuyashiki may be categorized as edgy or torture porn, I don't think that's ...
Jan 28, 2022
I think this anime works best if you know what to expect going into it. It's a story about the last people on Earth surviving and trying to find joy and purpose in their day-to-day lives. It's a combination of commentary about the bleakness of mass technological progress and its more negative implications for humanity, but at times it takes those aspects and praises them as well.
The characters find meaning and drive to continue for the same reason we do as the audience, curiosity, and amusement. They talk and mess around, they experiment and play, they find joy in the little things that we ...
Oct 24, 2021
Kaizoku Oujo (Anime) add
Fena: Pirate Princess is not a story about pirates or princesses. In fact, it is a story about nothing, nothing with any meaning at all. Rather, it is a bunch of concept art for a different beautiful fantasy show mashed together by a story with absolutely no sense or reason. It is an excuse to create serene scenes of beauty, mystery, and wonder. Which sounds okay, but when you consider the only way to watch these serene scenes is to waste around 4 hours of your life, it would suite your time better to go look at art on Pinterest.
When concerning the characters, the story ...
Jun 30, 2021
What disappointed me with the first Megalo Box was the main protagonist: Joe. His personality was underwhelming, his motivations were a dime a dozen. "I like fighting strong opponents because I like fighting at its core concept is the character archetype of a dozen different Shonen characters I have seen before who made up for their lack of interesting characteristics with a bombastic and theatrical personality. Joe had none of that, so it was up to the side characters to make up for his slack, which they did to a certain extent.

In Nomad, Joe undergoes an entire change. He is more dark, thoughtful, ...